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Pratyangiraa Devee-Hom
Taken from  Jyotish Remedies Group, by Arjun Pandit, on July 26, 21012

This week in Hyderaabaad, AP, there have been reports of a senior IPS officer organizing a Pratyangiraa Hom to do bad to the DGP and the local police after investigations let the Pratyangiraa Temple priests go scot free as evidence was not available for their alleged doing of a midnight Hom to harm the DGP. But blood and meat of an animal was used inside the temple as complained by a neighboring astrologer. Rationalists, TV channels and newspapers took this opportunity to put the priests and astrologers in bad light and hence let me throw some light on this subject for the academic knowledge of all members.

For all Saatwik purposes to destroy the enemies and get protection from the almighty, Sudarshan Hom is sufficient. For those who anticipate tougher fights with their enemies who are more powerful, they may go in for Chandee Hom. Pratyangiraa Hom is the ultimate means for self protection wherein the energy invoked and/or released, not only returns any black magic, evils or other Prayog done by the enemies but also goes and kill such doers. In Atharv Ved, this Pratyangiraa Deity is eulogized as the force invoked by gods. In Puraan there were narrations of how various gods and yester Yug kings did this.

one thing all common men shall understand is that this Hom is not contemplated with an objective of causing harm to an individual as wrongly touted by some media. Secondly, any temple which does Pratyangiraa Hom must not use blood and meat as such things are forbidden in the temple precincts. also no temple organizes any ritual for harming or hurting an individual; and members also should not seek such rituals and if any priest offers to do so, he does it at his own peril and the native too bears the brunt later.

Pratyangiraa is the most powerful Taantrik Deity in whose Hom red chilies are also used and hence common people shall go for simple, Saatwik rituals which have no side affects. Pratyangiraa Hom should at best be avoided except in rarest cases where a person is facing hardships and miseries due to evils or black magic or mysterious incurable diseases. There is a saying that immediately after Pratyangiraa Hom is performed, one must do Hari Naam Smaran and perform simple Saatwik worship of Lord Vishnu.

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