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From  Satee

Paaarvatee is the ame of Shiv's consort. Paarvatee literally means who is born from a Parvat (mountain). Since she was born to or is the daughter of Himvant Mountain, she is named as Paarvatee.

When Satee had immolated herself, Shiv Jee became like a Yogee and he went into Samaadhi. Long time passed. At the same time a Raakshas named Taarakaasur was born and with Brahmaa's boon he did so many atrocities on people, Rishi and Devtaa. When all became fed up with his atrocities, they went to Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee said - "I have granted him boon that he would be killed only by a 6-day old son of Shiv, so I cannot kill him, only Shiv's 6-day old will be able to kill him. Since Satee has gone now, and Shiv Jee is sitting in Samaadhi, I don't how Shiv will have a son?" So it was decided that Shiv should be awaken from his Samaadhi and got ready for marriage. Satee had already been born in Himvant Parvat's house as Paarvatee (or Umaa). How to wake up Shiv Jee? Everybody was aware of Shiv's anger.

Kaam Dev is Burnt
Indra suggested that he would take help of Kaam Dev in doing this. He called Kaam dev and told him the whole story and asked his help to Devtaa. First Kaam dev did not agree at this, but later he got agreed. So he went to Shiv with his army of Vasant Ritu (Spring Season), flower arrows, mango flowers etc. Shiv Jee was sitting in Samaadhi. He spread his army all around to attract Shiv Jee. He shot his best arrow at Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee opened his 3rd eye and his sight fell on Kaam dev. Kaam dev immediately burnt to ashes. Seeing her husband burnt like this, his wife Rati started crying. Then Indra and other Devtaa appeared on the scene and asked for Shiv's forgiveness. They explained the reason also to wake him up. They asked him to bring Kaam Dev to bring to life also. Shiv Jee got pleased and assured Rati that she will find her husband as the son of Vishnu's Avataar's son born in Dwaapar Yug. Till then he will act on people without his body. Satee went away hearing this.

Paarvatee's Tap to Get Shiv as Her Husband
On the other side, Hamvant's daughter Paarvatee was dong Tap to get Shiv as her husband. In fact once Naarad Jee came to Himvant's house and he showed his daughter's hand to him and asked him to tell her future. Naarad Jee told him describing Shiv's characteristics that she would get such a husband. Hearing this both Himvant and his wife Mainaa got very sad but Naarad Jee assured them that nobody could change whatever is written in one's fate. He also suggested them to send their daughter for Tap. Both parents were not ready to send their so young daughter for such a difficult Tap, but nothing could be done. They had to agree with Naarad Jee and they sent her for Tap. So when Shiv Jee woke up from his Samaadhi, Paarvatee was busy in dong Tap.

After Shiv woke up, he was told that Satee had taken birth in Himvant's house and was doing Tap to get him as her husband. Hearing this Shiv decided to test her love to himself. He called sapt Rishi and sent them to test her devotion to him. They went there and said to Paarvatee that why she was doing such a hard Tap? She replied to get Shiv as her husband. They said - "Why do you want to have only Shi as your husband? He lives half naked, as inauspicious guise, snakes as his ornaments etc etc. Better than him are Vishnu and other Devtaa. Why don't you choose any one of them?" Paarvatee Jee replied - "If you have come before i could have considered your advice but now I have already chosen him as my husband, so now I cannot change my mind. You may go and tell your stories to somebody else."

Sapt Rishi came back to Shiv Jee and told everything. Shiv Jee got very pleased with Paarvatee's devotion and he sent them again to Paarvatee that when her father comes to take her home, she should go home. So Sapt Rishi came to her and delivered Shiv's message to Paarvatee and went to Himvant and told him to bring Paarvatee home back. Later Himvant went to bring Paarvatee back, her marriage date was fixed and Shiv Jee arrived at Himvant's home to marry Paarvatee. All Devtaa joined his marriage procession to see his marriage. They were going a little separately because they did not want to mix up with Shiv's strange Gan. When Shiv's marriage procession arrived at Himvant's house, all ran away seeing his procession. Then Shiv appeared in a handsome form and then only all got pleased. Both were married and went to Kailaash Parvat.

Birth of Kaarttikeya
Now again many years passed and Shiv and Paarvatee did not have any child. Devtaa again went to Shiv Jee and told their problem. Then Shiv Jee had Kaarttikeya as his son and when he was 6-day old he killed Taarakaasur. Read his whole story at Kaarttikeya and Taarakaasur.

Birth of Ganesh
Paarvatee Jee had Ganesh as her son.

Stories about Shiv and Paarvatee
There are many Shiv and Paarvatee stories famous and popular in folk tales and in scriptures as well. They can be read in Shiv.

Paarvatee's Other Devee Roop
Her some Devee Roop (forms) can be found on Next Page, and on Index to Deviyaan page.



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