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Skandh 10:

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Raas Leelaa
These five chapters, 29-33, of Raas Leelaa of Bhagvaan are considered as five Praan of Shree Mad-Bhaagvat Jee. The root of "Raas" word is "Ras" and "Ras" is Bhagvaan Krishn Himself - "Raso Vai Sah". In whatever play, one "Ras" enjoys in many forms of "Ras", one "Ras" plays in all forms of play by appearing in a group of "Ras", that is called "Raas". In these five chapters, Vanshee sound, love with Gopee, their conversation with Shree Krishn, disappearing with Raadhaa Jee, reappearance of Krishn, sitting on the cloth spread by Gopee, reply of Gopee's deep questions, Raas dance, water-play and strolling in forests are described. Although they are described in human language still they are divine.

According to the time, human mind is also changed. Sometimes inner sight is chief, sometimes outer sight. Today's Yug is like that, in which leave alone divine Leelaa of Bhagvaan, people don't believe even Bhagvaan. In this situation, if people doubt in all this, there is no wonder, because this Leelaa can be understood only with inner sight. Whosoever fortunate people have understand this or experienced this they are blessed.

Physical body comes into existence because of the combination of three bodies - 
(1) tangible body (means the physical body which we can see), 
(2) minute body (inside the tangible body which we cannot see)  and 
(3) cause body (which is the cause of this minute body to take tangible body and come into the world). 

Until the "Cause body" is present there, one cannot be free from the tangible body. Our previous Karm and Sanskaar are the "Cause body" for our tangible body. Because of this "Cause body" , this Jeev is entangled in life and death cycle. Because of this Karm bondage one gets this five-Bhoot tangible body. All bodies in nature are made of the combination of Yoni and Bindu (point) whether it is produced by sexual activity or by Sankalp (intention) of a great man, or by looking at something. Bodies of Pitar, Dev etc are also physical though they are called divine.

Non-physical (A-Praakrit) bodies are completely different from them. They do not get destroyed even in Mahaa-Pralaya. Dev bodies are not made of bones, flesh, blood etc. When non-physical bodies are also not there, then Bhagavaan's Divine body could not be of bones, flesh, blood etc in any way. His all Indriyaan can act as all Indriyaan, e.g. His eyes can touch, smell taste etc. His beauty can attract even cow, deer, tree, creeper etc. Such beautiful body cannot do sex-like dirty action. 

Whatever a man eats that make his "Ras", flesh, muscle, bones etc and in the last semen. On the basis of this semen this body stays and this semen is used in the sexual activity. Bhagavaan's body is neither Karm-born nor sexual-activity born, nor Divine. That is beyond all this - all just Bhagavaan Swaroop and nothing else. And because it does not have flesh, blood bones, semen that is why imagining five-Bhoot body and sex in that body is difficult. That is why Bhagavaan is described as A-khand (unbroken or forever) Brahmchaaree. And then if somebody doubts that how did He have so many sons from 16,108 wives, so it was only Bhagvatee's creation. It appeared only from Bhagavaan's Sankalp.
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