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Introduction to Yog-4

Prashn Maarg, a famous treatise authored in South India in Middle ages, it says:

Prashn Maarg Annunciation following seven Yog, which lays down the basis of formation of Yog of all categories:  Chapter 9 - Shlok: 49-52:

There are seven varieties of Yog :
those formed by position - 1. Sthaan (sign), 2. Those formed by Bhaav (house), 3. Those formed by planets, 4. Those formed by Sign, Bhaav and Planets, 5. Those formed by Sign and Bhaav, 6. Those formed by Bhaav and Planets and 7. Those formed by Sign and Planets.

1. Sthana means 12 zodiac signs.
2. Bhaav (House) means Lagna, etc. 12 houses.
3. Planets are Sun to Ketu - nine planets.

The basis of Maran Kaarak Sthaan Dosh falls in the category of Bhaav Dosh only.

If a planet is afflicted , the Dosh becomes more pronounced and if in benefic influences аthe dosa becomes less harmful.
The following is the Maran Kaarak Sthaan Of Planets:
Sun in the 12th, Moon in 8th, Mars in 7th, Mercury, if alone, in 7th,
Jupiter in 3rd, Venus in 6th, and Saturn in the Lagna.

If these planets are in these houses and falling in debility, inimical sign ,
or being associated with or aspected by Malefics, these planets act like Maarak

A Maarak planet confers death like conditions which means one or more of the following :
1.Shame,  2. Disease, 3. Sorrow 4. Fear and Grief,  5. Miseries. 6. Humiliation 7. Calumny,  and  8. Death


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