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Panch Mahaapurush

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Paap Kartaaree Yog

When a Benefic planet is hemmed by two Malefic planets or on two sides of a planet, it is called Paap Kartaaree Yog - for example if Venus is in the 7th House, Sun and Mars in 6th and Raahu is in 8th House.

Panch Mahaa-purush Yog

Have you ever thought why Sun and Moon doesn't form Panch Mahaa-purush yog, however, they can form Raaj Yog.
Have you ever tried to differentiate between Raaj Yog with Panch Mahapurush Yog?
In Indian culture spiritually evolved people are supposed to be great, we never had materialistic idealism with us, the key to Panch Mahaa-purush Yog very much lies in Chakra of Kundalinee.

Shasha Yog, formed by Shani, indicates one's first current, one's first step in to path of spirituality, though lust and greed are still present in the hindsight, still, he moves ahead, you will find a struggle within the self in charts if Shasha Yog is present, final outcome to ascertain if one takes up divine path or not depends on auspiciousness of Konas and Kendras. Shasha yoga denotes Moolaadhaar Chakra. In fact, Late Bipin Bihari was the first person to notice this aspect of Shasha Yog.

In the process of Kundalini awakening tremendous energy is produced and the person having this Yog grows to have a royal status among kiths and kins. As he will have practical wisdom to solve the issues.

Next is, Mars, which forms Ruchaka Yog, linked to Manipur Chakra, the fire of Mars pulls one to a state of discernible Siddhi which Manipur Chakra bestows.

Buddha forming Bhadra Yog, linked to Anahat Chakra, thus, person has deeper liking for fine things, fine arts, clean idealism, understanding how the native advances from this state is wonderful because, Buddha makes one critic and criticism generates tons of negative energy, so, where the native is reaching should be ascertained by how Shashi, Shukra, and Guru are placed in one's chart and how are 4th and 10th Houses.

Shukra, who forms Maalavya Yog, hits 2 points, the Swadhisthaan and Vishuddha Chakra. the Saundarya Darshan transforming into inner peace, with the divine peace he sees the beautiful dance of Shodashee, uses melody to dispel malady of life, you can view it in the charts of most evolved personalities of the world, but, never forget that, this is mere a footstep on the path.

Guru, is the Kaark for Agya Chakra, the retro Guru, forming Hansha Yog, can give the native the tremendous energy to read the people, to understand the construct of the cosmos, both unblemished Shukra and Guru makes one highly intuitive as well as intelligent, both "Dhi and Vaachaa" Shakti. You can examine the Swami Vivekananda' s chart.

In his one of the works, Sri K.N Rao has suggested a sure shot method to see if you are born with a mission, you have to examine, unblemished 2nd the house of Niayati and 10'th the house of Karma and Agya, if there are Shubha Grahas placed or they are aspecting them and 10th from 10'th is also unblemished, means you are sent out to this world with a mission, you have to walk on fire to leave lessons for others to follow when you are not among them, he examined Swami Vivekanada, Yogee Arvindo and Swami Yoganada's horoscope (2nd has some blemishes, therefore, Yogananda's self spiritual progress was not as ripened as that of Vivekananda), Sri Golwalkar, Mahatma Gandhi and few other horoscopes, he though gave a method to ascertain the hidden mission, didn't link the Chakras with Panch Mahaa-purusha's Yogas which is done by great Bipin Bihari.

In our Jyotish from the beginning whenever Guru and Shukra are referred, they are categorized as GURUS, though one is Daitya Guru and other is Deva Guru. Both are Known benefic planets and their combination with other planets indicated Mahaa-purush Yog. Apart from them, Mercury, who is known to be neutral and has no character of his own; and Mars the malefic planet own two signs each in zodiac besides Saturn. All these planets constitute a royal cabinet headed by the two great visionaries to whom the universe accounts - the Sun and the Moon. The Yogas therefore arising out of the Sun and the Moon have a distinctive role as lords of their own Lagnas, other than the normal Lagna (Asc), where as Mahaa-purusha Yogas caused by the remaining 5 planets are also equally important as they cover for nearly 76 years of life span out of (96 years) excluding shadow planets and that of luminaries.

If the Sun and the Moon in the judgment of horoscope owe importance up to 66 years in two stages. Initially the Moon Lagna and the Sun, and so on so forth have impact on the going events of life in a native's chart.

These are very important considerations to judge a horoscope and the studies made in this regard have also focused on Lagna and visionaries as distinct from other planets which too have a definite role of progress in human life cycle.
Any original thoughts on why the Sun and the Moon are not considered in the Mahaa-purush Yogas?
Let me clarify, the reason why the Sun and the Moon are not included in 5 Mahaa-purush Yog. The Sun denotes hot Pingla and the Moon denotes cool Ida. The Sun and the Moon regulate the Praanik flow in these Naadees. A Mahaa-purush is blessed and born with his level of activation of Kundalinee in Sushumnaa as Bipin Bihari tried to state in one of his articles. He specifically did a good research on Shasha and Bhadra Yog's link to Kundalinee Chakras. Life's energy flows in Sushumnaa and the Sun and the Moon have no participation in Sushumnaa's functioning directly.

I focused on Hansha Yog, Hansha is a clean state of Yog it shows clean Praanik energy. As I got this Hansha Yog, I could understand it's functionality, I collected a few horoscopes having Malavya and other Yogas, interrogated people and no share with people what I have come to know.

Astrology is a study of life. Our great sages who knew the construct of our 3 bodies - Sthool, (Physical), Sookshm (Astral) and Kaaran (Causative) and were also aware of design of Divinity, have not included the Sun and the Moon in the formation of Panch Mahaa-purush Yogas Even they said if a Graha forming the Mahaa-purush Yog conjuncts the Sun, the Mahaa-purush Yog gets devoid of its strength. Reason is again simple, the imbalance of the energy's flow in this case due to Pingalaa's dominance, does not allow the person to have the qualities ripen in him to exhibit Mahaa-purush Yog.
Naadee Shodhan should be suggested in this case.

All, Astrology, Yog and Spirituality and Karm, are linked to one another, Life integrates everything. Do not expect anything from Srinivaas or similarities, You have not seen them writing anything on astrology, forget originality, you have not got even a copy and paste, sharing knowledge needs a heart and also a study which is not there, people who even do not understand what Gaj Kesaree Yog is, can't write anything themselves.  [Lalit]



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