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Miscellaneous Yog

Agni Maarut Yog
Mars and Saturn in 8th House.

Anabh Yog
It is caused by planets in the 12th from the Moon.

Anaph Yog
Anaph Yog is caused by Mars when he is excellent - the native becomes aggressive, with business talent, with beautiful body and highly skilled.

Asht Lakshmee Yog - Eightfold Prosperity Yog
If the North Node (Raahu) is in the 6th, and Jupiter is angular, then this Yog is formed This combination for Eightfold Prosperity. The Eightfold Prosperity, whose symbols are the Eight Lakshmee, the Asht Lakshmee, the Asht Vasus are (1) Dhan Lakshmee - Wealth as prosperity, (2) Dhaanya Lakshmee - Agriculture as prosperity, (3) Dhairya Lakshmee - Courage, (4) Vijaya Lakshmee - Victory, (5) Aadi Lakshmee - Power, (6) Vidyaa Lakshmee - Learning, (7) Gaj Lakshmi - Will Power, (8) Santaan Lakshmee - Children as prosperity. The native born under this Yog, enjoys the Eightfold Prosperity. Raahu and Jupiter should be powerful, however, to confer the full benefits of this Yog.
Shashth sthaan gate Raahu, Lagna Kendra gate Gurau  |  Ashtalakshmee samaayuktam Madhyavaan Keerthimaan Nar

Asur Yog
Asur Yog is formed when Raahu is with any benefic planet and generate self-centered nature (a person who may indulge in any action
for self benefit only or a person cares less for others).

Chatur Saagar Yog
Got the quote in Jaatak Sangraha. This should have been copied from another Jyotish text

Chaturshu kendra sanksheshu saumyah paap grahaah sthitah
chatursaagar yogotyam raajyado danodo bhavet

Minor copying errors can be there. If all Malefics and all Benefics are situated in all the 4 Kendra - 1, 4, 7. 10 Houses, it is called Chatursaagar Yog. It will give kingdom and wealth. Adhi Yog may be considered as a Raaj Yog or almost its equivalent. Chatur Saagar Yog is caused when all the Kendra are occupied by planets. Results. : : the person will earn good reputation, be an equal to a ruler, have a long and prosperous life, be blessed with good children and health, and his name will travel to the confines of the four oceans. Remarks. : According to the dictum, Kendra - planets disposed in Kendra add great strength to the horoscope. This is from net version of 300 important combinations written by BV Raman (see the site on Index Page)

Are Chatur Saagar Yog and Ikkavalee Yog the same? - if it exists, should it not be planets occupying all 4 Kendra unlike Ikkavalee Yog where possibility varies from - 1. All planets in 4 Kendra; 2. All planets in 3 Kendra; 3. All planets in 2 Kendra. Presence of Raahu or Ketu with any other Graha / LL /Kaaryesh is supposed to be bad as they are deceit or confusion planets, so for Iqbal Ji to be auspicious, it would be better if they are alone with no conjunction etc?
Ikkaavalee is corrupted name of Iqbal Ji Yog. These people who have this Yog are blessed, fortunate, bestowing etc. Maybe the same Yog is discussed in Vaidik astrology as Chatur Saagar Yog. All planets means, includes nodes also which can reduce the effect whereas when "all other planets except nodes" are there, is much better Yog.

Daanav Yog
The Daanav Yog are formed when either of the node is in any House with its Lord or House Karka Planet. In this case Raahu is with Sun and as well as Mercury. This Yog gives lot of strength to the native.

Dainya Yog
Exchange of 5th and 6th Lords - 5th Lord in 6th and 6th Lord in 5th.

This results when the 10th Lord is in the 12th. The native becomes unlucky as far as profession is concerned.
Kalyaan Sakat Yog - In the Sakat Yog, when Jupiter is angular, Kalyaan Sakat Yoga is caused. This is a positive Yog as it cancels Sakat Yog. The native is long lived and prosperous and handsome.

Graha Maalikaa Yog
If all the seven planets (excluding Nodes) are placed in consecutive 5 House, then this Yog is formed. Ramanujacharya in 'Bhaavaarth Ratnaakar' has suggested the use of nodes also.

Lagnaadhi Yog
What is Lagnaadhi Yog? There are three positions from Lagna for Benific planets to occupy to produce Lagnaadhi Yog. These positions are 6 -7- 8 counting from Raashi.
--A natural Benefic in the 6th House from Raashi confers long life (no sickness), can raise the native even to be a minister
--A natural benefic in the 7th House from Lagna confers popularity and fame and to be an acclaimed leader
--A natural Benefic in the 8th House from Lagna general disposition, to be the owner of wealth.

To actualize these beneficial results, the Lagna and its Lord must be strong and free from any kind of Malefic Sambandh. Their Result are during Dashaa and Bhukti.

Adhi here is for Adhipati or Lordship status. If the 6th, 7th and 8th houses are occupied by Benefics will confer power, status, valor, pr-ship, etc; but if they are occupied by Paap Graha, the result will be opposite and thus it will be called Paapaadhi Yog. These are counted from both Lagna and Chandra's Raashi position and Chandra has 50% strength in comparison to Raashi-bound Yog. And as rightly said it is the LL strength that matters here so too the Raashi Lord if from Chandra.

Lakshmee Yog
This is caused when the Ascendant Lord is strong and the Lord of Fortune, 9th Lord, is exalted, angular and powerful. One has appreciable affluence and is always above want. Respectable, learned, noble, wealthy, will be handsome in appearance and will possess all the comforts of life.
Moola kendra trikoneshu bhaagyake paramochake | Lagnaadhipo baladye cha Lakshmee yog udeeritah

One should not use Akshaya Triteeyaa as a Yog for marriage as people consider it.

Niswa Yog
This is caused when the 2nd Lord is in the 12th. This is a negative Yog.

No Child Yog
When Raahu and Venus are together, there may not be a child.
Navam Pancham Yog - either difficulty in having children or no children

When Moon and Saturn are together, it is called Lunar Eclipse.

[Phal Deepika, Ch. 18, Sl. 5]
If Venus and Saturn be together, the native will be short sighted. Such a person earns wealth and becomes prosperous through a young woman. He will be well versed in painting and writing.

[Saravali, Ch. 15, Sl. 22]
If Venus and Saturn are together at birth, one will be expert in breaking wood, be a barber, painter, or sculptor, boxer, be intent on wandering and be owner of quadrupeds.

[Horasara, Ch. 23]
Should Shukra and Shani be in Lagna, Putra, Dharm, Bandhu, or Karm Bhaav, one will be commanded by his wife, be a chief in royal service and wealthy.

Any Planet gives the result of that House in which he is sitting in after Bhaav Spasht, not of that House in which he is sitting in Natal Chart.

It is only when Ketu connects to Jupiter or its Raashi(s) that spiritual part of a person comes out, otherwise it is more to do with giving up and bursting out.

Four Raashi from Kumbh (Aquarius) and four Raashi from Vrishchik (Scorpio) belongs to Raahu and Ketu, respectively. If Raahu and Ketu are in any one of the aforesaid Raashi, the Dashaa will be productive of beneficial results. [Note: Raahu - four Raashi from Aquarius is Gemini, Ketu - four Raashi from Scorpio is Aries.]

Beneficial results of Raahu may be seen in Taurus, Aquarius and Gemini; and of Ketu in Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Raahu gives its effects of the House in which he is sitting, in the beginning of its Dashaa.

Panch Mahaapurush Yog

Ravi Pushya Yog

Sakat Yog
This is a negative Yog. When Jupiter and the Moon are in 6/8 or 2/12 positions, Sakat Yog is caused. Sakat means wheel and the native will have vicissitudes or cyclical upheavals like the wheel.
Upachaya Houses, that is 3, 6, 10 and 11 Houses are tenanted by Benefics.
Lagnaat Ateev Vasumaan Vasumaan Sasankat  | Saumya Grahe Upachayopagate Samashtai

Taajak Yog
Taajak Yog are useful in Prashn and Varsh Phal charts.
1. Ikkavalee Yog - When all the planets in the charts are placed in Kendra Houses (1, 4, 7, 10) and Panaphar Houses (2, 5,8,11), Ikkaavalee Yog is said to be formed. This is a Yog of good fortune. Its other names are - Ikkabaal Yog. What about Raahu or Ketu? Do they have to be in Kendra or Panaphar Houses?
2. Induvar Yog - When all planets are placed in Aapoklim (3, 6, 9 and 12) Houses, Induvar Yog is said to be formed. This is a bad Yog.

Vairinch Yog or Learning Yog
This is a philosophical Yog. Vairinch means Saraswatee and this is a Yog for learning. This Yog results when Jupiter and Saturn are powerful and angular and the Lord of the Ascendant is also angular and powerful. Expounder of Absolute Knowledge, genius, of the nature of Ved, jovial, never moving away from the Righteous Path, with disciples galore, gentle, with wealth and with luster, divine, long-lived, with mastery on sense organs, bowed by all, such is the Vairinch born.

Vasumat Yog
There is another Prosperity Yoga called Vasumat Yog. Vasu in Sanskrit means prosperity. Vasumat Yoga results when the 16 types of Raaj Yog are formed when Jupiter, Saturn and Mars gets exalted, in angles.
Swachchheshu Shodash Nrip Kathithaik Lagne !
Or when two of them are exalted and Ascendant Lord is angular and powerful
Dwi-akasirteshu tadai prathame vilagne  | Swakshetragye shashini shodash bhoomipasyu

Vipareet Raaj Yog
8th Lord in 6th House



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