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Ardh Chandra Yog
 In this Yog all the planets occupy the seven houses consecutively (and no house vacant in between - nodes are excluded). This Yog may commence from any house i.e. from Lagna, 2H.....or 12th House.

Asur Yog
If in 8th House there are more than one benefic with Jupiter then they make Asur Yog (But malefics should not be there)

Bhadra Mahaapurush Yog
This gives intelligence, interest in Yog, flexible mind, good communication, broad chest and Raaj Yog.

Dhan Yog
This Yog brings material wealth and money, because it links the money houses 2, 11, 5, 9 to the 1st . The combination of any one of these Houses combined with the 1st House ruler would bring wealth to the individual (1st house). But actually any combination of these houses would create a Dhan Yog. The 1st house combination is the strongest.

Example: Julia Roberts:
Born October 28, 1967, 12:16 AM, Smyrna, Georgia.

She has Moon, Jup, Venus in the 2nd in Leo. Ketu, Sun, Mer (RC) in the 4th in Libra. Mars in Sagittarius. Saturn in Pisces in 9th, and Raahu in Aries in 10th.

Traditional Analysis:
The lords of the 1st, 11th, 9th Houses all conjunct in the 2nd House forms Dhan Yog of the highest proportions since it associates with four houses that all represent wealth and opportunity. Additionally, the 2nd House represents her hair, face, teeth, and smile. Quite literally, Julia Roberts' face is certainly her fortune.

Her Raaj Yog (Moon, lord of the 1st house of destiny, conjoined with Venus, Lord of 4th Kendra house of fixed assets and happiness, and Jupiter, lord of 9th Trikon house of opportunity) confers elevated status and ability to succeed despite all odds, while her Dhan Yog (Moon, Ascendant lord, conjoined with Venus, Lord of the 11th House of gains, and Jupiter, lord of the 9th House, in the 2nd house of assets), gives her the distinction of being the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

While the Raaj Yog would have been even more powerful, had it fallen in a Kendra or Trikon House; it is still in the same House of the Moon, which means that they fall in the 1st House of Chandra Lagna (Moon as Ascendant chart).

2nd Analysis: Based on Harish Principles of DRL
Now rotating and reflecting from Raahu (Raahu in the 1st House - DRL) and applying "Harish Trivedi" Principles:

(1) DRL - Pisces
(2) Dispositor of Raahu is Mars and is placed 9th from Raahu ("Fortunate" position)
(3) Lets focus on the 2nd House -- The maximum traditional Dhan Yog combinations....The Planets occupying the 2nd House from Janm Lagna are all placed in 5th (Lakshmee Sthaan) from Raahu. The planets conjoining together in the 5th House from Raahu or in the 2nd House from Janm Lagna are "Jupiter & Venus & Moon) which are all Lords of (4,7, 9 & 12) when we take Raahu as the Focal Point (Raahu Sthaan).... Amazing.....
(4) However Guru is placed in the 6th House from DRL or 5th from Raahu Sthaan.
(5) AL for DRL is Capricorn which is "most powerful" Kendra for Raahu and 11th for DRL.

Summarizing: [DRL] Lagnesh and "Raahu Sthaanesh" (Dispositor of Raahu) are all in auspicious positions from Raahu Sthaan and conjunct with Kendra and Kon Lords (traditional 2nd House from Janm Lagna) with reference to Raahu Sthaan implying maximum Dhan Yog combos.

Dharm Karmaadhipati Yog (DKY)
"If Saturn, the Lord of 9th & 10th house for a Taurus ascendant, placed in 10th house creates Dharma Karmadhipatya Yoga?"
Yes it is Dharm Karmaadhipati but also can be troublesome for finishing projects (Baadhakesh) especially when aspected by malefics. House where Ketu is placed suffers.
The most celebrated Raaj Yog, the Dharm Karmaadhipati Yog (DKY). In the case of Taurus ascendant where the Dharm (9th House) and Karm (10th House) houses are owned by Saturn, any form of exchange, conjunction (in Kon or Kendra) or aspect cannot take place between 9th and 10th lords to confer the DKY as they are the same (Saturn!) - How does a DKY form (if at all it forms) for a Taurus ascendant?"
"DKY need not apply to all Lagnas and Taurus Lagna is an exception. Since Saturn owns both 9th and 10th Houses for this Lagna, 9th/10th Lord in 9th or 10th gives rise to a kind of DKY which has similar effects provided Saturn is powerful."
I have also read that in the case of Taurus Ascendant you mentioned Saturn must also be placed in a Dusthaan in debilitated state and I have a close person who has such formation his is Taurus Ascendant and Saturn in the 6th House (exalted though), now going through Saturn Mahaa-Dashaa. He started his own practice / business, yet to see his progress.



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