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Vaastu Shaastra

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Vaastu Shaastra

Vaastu Shaastra is related to the location and position of a house, its windows, doors etc for the benefit of the dweller in it. You might have seen that sometimes one building is very good for one person while the same building is very bad for the another, so much so that he may die there. Why? It is because Vaastu Shaastra or Vigyaan. Its rules are not always the person related, but there are some general rules also while choosing a house, or keeping things in it etc. Many bad things happening and many bad things improving have been noticed by observing these rules. So one must not ignore these rules. Architectural engineers are taught this science in India.

Scientific basis of Vaastu Shaastra and Ancient Indian Customs - A talk by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, 9th February 2011.
Vaastu Shaastra and other ancient Indian Customs and Their Scientific Basis.

Some general rules are given here --

Never ask or give salt - keep enough in your house

One should try to have food together with all the members of the house. It is good for everyone's health and increases the prosperity of the house.

The name plate outside one's main door should not have birds and animals design on it.

The bedroom door should open at least 90 degree, to fully allow positive opportunities to flow. Otherwise a door that cannot open fully, limits the support and prospects that life has to offer.

Stairs should be in clockwise (not anti-clockwise) direction in a house.

If one keeps shoes on top of each other, it invites bad health and problems in relationships in one's life.

In the living room the sofa sets should be kept against the south and west walls, but should not touch them.
--Do you mean the back of the sofa should facing the west/south walls with a space in between wall and the sofa? In effect the person sitting in the sofa would be sitting either facing east/north?
--Better direction is according to each chart's Ashtaang Varg.

There shouldn't be a temple in the bedroom, if there is space constraint then one should make sure that children or senior citizen occupy that room.

If there are red ants in the house then one should try to donate as much as one can to the poor and needy.

There shouldn't be a window behind the bed in the master bedroom to avoid tiffs and tensions between husband and wife.

One should never have any water body in front of any of the entrance of his house.
An example - In 1970s I changed a friend's name according to his birth and total numbers. By late 1970 he migrated to US. In US he started his own business - Cash Laundry and Pizza Hut and a small motel - one by one. By 2010 he had 30 Lakhs US dollars as profit. Then he built a posh house and in front of the house a pond and kept crocodiles in it. He became greedy . He took loan nearly 50 or 60 Lakhs and built a business plaza (in 2010). US economy went to worse. Illegal Mexican immigrants went back, no business in Cash Laundry and Pizza Hut. Unable to pay bank loan /mortgage. Now he is bankrupt and has sold out his house too.



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