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Some Notes

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Some Notes

(1) Varaah Mihir has given his date of birth as Chaitra Shukla Ashtamee of Yudhishthir Shak 3042 = 6-3-95 BC. Kaali Daas and others also have indicated him as one of the 9 Ratna under Paramaar King Vikramaaditya with capital at Ujjain. There is no method that he could have used Shaalivaahan Shak year started by the grandson of Vikramaaditya starting in 78 AD - about 90 years after the death of Varaah Mihir. In fact Varaah Mihir has clearly indicated that he was using the epoch of 612 BC. That was date of destruction of Assyrian capital Nineve by Chaahmaan King of Delhi, called King of Medes = Madhya Desh East of Indus in Old Testament in at least 5 places.

(2) It is similar to declaration that only Greeks started giving dates in Indian history. Then how Megasthenes could know that Christ would be born 326 years after invasion of Alexander? What Greek Alexander was used by him to know that first Greek attack was 154 generations and 6451 years 3 moths before Chandragupt I (son of Ghatotkach Gupta translated as Barber)?

(3) The Calendar used for this calculation must be prior to Parashuraam who has been stated to be 15 generations after Dionysus. It could be Vaivaswat Manu or more likely Ikshwaaku calendar. Eeraaq followed calendar of Ukusi (Vikukshi) son or descendent of Ikshwaaku.

(4) There has been firm policy of Oxford followers to deny the existence of any king who had even dared to start a calendar, because it is the basis of chronology. One Professor who studied Shoodrak's Mrichchhakatikam in BORI, Pune, did PhD on him in the same institute and teaching this book since 25 years in USA and Canada, claims to be ignorant of the name of Shoodrak because Shoodrak Shak had started in 756 BC as per Jyotish Darpan of Yallaya.

Col Todd also burnt all dated inscriptions and genealogy of Raajsthaan kings and showed their origin from 730 BC to make it different from Shoodrak Shak. One of his destructions was recovered in National History Congress of 1941.

(5) There is greater anger against Vikramaaditya because in support of Persian King Mitradatt, he defeated Julius Caesar in war at Sela (Xela). Will Durant and many others have stated this route to be sole reason of murder of Caesar by Brutus? Caesar was captured and brought to Ujjain. Due to mention of this incident in Jyotirvid Aabharan by Kaali Daas, all British slaves declare it as a fake book. All Roman historians have termed capture of Caesar as 6 month's missing period in Egypt. Denial of Vikramaaditya is most important matter for British who destructed Indian History as his Samvat is still followed in India and his family ruled India from 150 BC till 1192 AD.

(6) It is not important to see difference in position of planets from zero degree at Kali beginning. It is more important that all calculations of astronomy texts and Vaakya Karan from that epoch tally with observations. Many texts have given Dhruv (Polar Star) at Kali's beginning.

(7) Distortion of Mahaabhaarat date is equally important because Kali era, starting after 36 years, is used in all old inscriptions and it has be denied to destroy our history. Dragging Mahaabhaarat, 36 years after Kali Yug, instead of 36 years before Kali Yug, is one such method.

(8) The long eclipse at Kuru Kshetra before Mahaabhaarat war cannot be found there as per present formula. As axial speed of Earth was faster in past, the Earth rotated more than value calculated from current formula. That is called Delta correction. It has uncertainty of about 70 hours for 3100 BC. So we cannot say whether the Earth had made half rotation (making eclipse in Patala) or 1.5, 2.5 or 3.5 rotations.

(9) After about 10 models of correction, error can be reduced to about 22 hours. Main method of correction is to correct the formula to make it tally with historic dates or observation. Historic dates are not to be manipulated to make it fit with erroneous formulas. Even if Kaul assumes that method of calculating eclipse was not known, it could be definitely observed by any child also. However, visit of persons from Dwaarakaa to Kuru Kshetra for observing eclipse cannot be without accurate prior calculation.

(10) Despite 10 models for correction of Delta, it does not take into account change in Moon's orbit, its distance, speed, and inclination of orbit with ecliptic. It also does not cater to temporary slowing of the Earth rotation by glacial floods, which caused drowning of Dwaarakaa. There was increase in radio-active level at least 3 times the normal in about 3100 BC. It could be by Mahaabhaarat war or by natural cause like increase in solar activity.

Speed of Light, by Aachaarya Sayaanaa
Sayaanaachaarya was born to Maayaсhaarya and matdevee in Pampaa Kshetra (modern day Hampee) in a Braahman family around 1270 CE. He was one of the chief commentators on the Ved during his time and was a court advisor to the King of the newly established Vijayaa Nagar kingdom. More than a hundred works are attributed to him, among which are commentaries on nearly all parts of the Ved.
In a statement on the Rig Ved given by Sayaanaachaarya, he says - Tathaa cha smaryate yojananam sahastre dwe dwe sate dwe ca yojane ekena nimisardhena kramaman
Meaning - Thus it is remembered: [O Sun] you who traverse 2,202 Yojan in half a Nimesh. Here Yojan is about 9 miles as in the Arth Shaastra (and Mahaabhaarat Aadi Parv).

The measures of time are thus defined in the Puraan:
1 Day-Night = 30 Muhoort = 24 Hours
1 Muhoort = 30 Kalaa = 24/30 Hours
1 Kalaa = 30 Kaashthaa = 24/900 hours = 1.6 minute
1 Kaashthaa = 15 Nimesh = (1.6/15) min = 3.2 seconds
1 Nimesh = 3.2/15 = 0.21333... second
A Nimesh is therefore equal to 16/75 seconds. (0.21333)

If you calculate the value of the speed of the light is, (2202 x 9 miles)/((16/75)/2 sec) = 185793.75 miles per second
The currently agreed value of the speed of light is 186282.397 miles per second - that too being an approximation.
One thing we must notice here is that, Aachaarya Sayaana uses a word which means "remembered". This clearly shows that Sayaanaachaarya has not "discovered" the above value but is recalling the value which must have been said much before his time. This also clearly shows that Indian sages knew such sciences thousands of years ago and obviously way before Sayaanaachaarya stated it in his commentary.

What is even more interesting that in those days sunlight was the only prominent source of light and no sophisticated equipment existed to which the value could be attributed. Still, our ancestors were able to provide such an accurate value. Scientists today, even with all sorts of sophisticated equipment worth millions of dollars can give only an approximate value. Another interesting thing to note is that Sayaanaachaarya was the Poorv Aashram brother of Jagadguru Vidyaaranya who was the patron sage of the Vijaya Nagar empire and the 12th Jagadguru Shankaraachaarya of Sringeree Shaaradaa Peetham in conjunction with whom most of his works were written.



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