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By  GK Goel - This description is available in Jyotish Ratnamala of Pt Sitaram Jha. The book can be downloaded from the website-

Ownership of Signs
The ownership of zodiac signs were decided based on the orbits of the planets, and
the Lords of the days were decided based on planetary motion.
Sun is the star and Earth revolves round Sun, similarly Moon is the satellite of Earth and it revolve round the Earth.
The orbital distance of planets from Sun is in the following order:
Mercury, Venus, Mars , Jupiter, Saturn and (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto)

Thus Lordships of the signs was decided in following manner:
Leo (Sun) Cancer ( Moon)
Virgo and Gemini -------------- Mercury
Libra and Taurus -------------  Venus
Scorpio and Aries ------------  Mars
Sagittarius and Pisces--------- Jupiter
Capricorn and Aquarius ------ Saturn
Aquarius and Capricorn------- Uranus
Pisces and Sagittarius- ------- Neptune
Aries and Scorpio ------------ Pluto

Kaal Chakra is complete Leo to Aries - Nine signs, and
Cancer to Scorpio in reverse order -Nine signs - This is the method of counting in Kaal Chakra Dashaa

Lordship of Bhaav
Lord ship of Bhaav depend on the Sign occupied in it.
There is no independent Lordship of Bhaav, but each Bhaav has a permanent significator which does not change with the Sign occupied in it:

1st Bhaav - Sun ,
2nd Bhaav - Jupiter
3rd Bhaav - Mars,
4th Bhaav - Moon
5th Bhaav - Jupiter
6th Bhaav - Mars
7th Bhaav - Venus
8th Bhaav - Saturn
9th Bhaav - Jupiter,
10th Bhaav - Mercury
11th Bhaav - Jupiter
12th Bhaav - Saturn

Note the following facts about the allocation of Significators to the Bhaav:
1. The planets residing within the orbit of Earth are given signification to angular houses.
2 The signification of money giving (2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th) houses are given to Jupiter
3. The signification of Khal Bhaav - 3rd and 6th ones, are given to Mars and
4. 8th and 12th Bhaav are given to Saturn

Lordship of Planets
The Lordship of planets are not decided on the theory five elements.
The signs which are in Trine (120 degree) to each other are allocated Fire, Earth, Air and Water respectively.
No sign is represented by Aakaash element as these are encased within the sky.
Sun represents cosmic creative fire and Mars represents material fire.
Similarly, Moon represents cosmic creative fluid and Venus represents material water element.
Mercury represents Earth and Saturn represents Air.

Jupiter is Jeevaatmaa and as such it is also called Jeev (combination of Sun - Aatmaa and Moon - Manah).
This Jeev when has left the body,  a person is pronounced as dead. Thus Jupiter alone represents 'AAKAASH' element.
In Vinshottaree Dashaa, Jupiter represents 16 years. Sun (6 yrs) + Moon (10 yrs) = 16 yrs.
Thus Vinshottaree Dashaa holds the Key for salvation.

Lord ship of Nakshatra
These are placed beyond our planetary system far in the sky. No planet affects them but planets are got effected during their transit in a particular Nakshatra.
This is the reason that Nakshatra are represented by different plants in different Dashaa Systems.
As Vinshottaree Dashaa system is most popular, we assume that Ketu represents Ashwinee, Magha and Mool Nakshatra.
In other Dashaa systems, these Nakshatra will represent some another planets.
You may observe whereas Zodiac signs are not allocated to nodes but in most of Nakshatra Dashaa their affinity is shown to Nakshatra. In Vinshottaree Dashaa system, the nodes are allocated 25 years out of 120 years.

However, ownership of the Moon and the Sun is not explained, nor the fact that they are given only one House despite being the most powerful planets. Farming season and calendar of Nimi (s/o Ikshwaaku) starting with Shraavan month, is still continuing in Mithilaa. Nimi's eyelids were always open. Eye of world is the Sun. Its lids are equator to tropic of Cancer (upper lid) and equator to Tropic of Capricorn, the lower lid. Starting from upper end of eyelid means opening of eyes.

Just before the end of the eyelid, the Sun is in 4th sign - allotted to the Moon. After crossing Kark Rekhaa (Tropics of Cancer line), at start of Dakshinaayan, it is in 5th sign allotted to the Sun.
Both are months of rains, hence these signs are given to most powerful planets the Sun and the Moon. Mithilaa was center of agriculture, so the King Janak also ploughed ceremoniously and Seetaa is produced of that land as in Krishi Sookt of Atharv Ved.
Just before the start of rains in Shraavan Maas (the Sun in the 4th sign), we offer water to Shiv, water and Shiv - both are associated with Moon - Shiv is Somanaath.

When there is surplus of water in the second month of rains (Sun in the 5th sign), there was a system of fasting without water, to ignite fire in stomach. That continues as Ramadaan in Islaam, observed in the 5th month.
I am not sure about this assumption, but have no other explanation.
[Arun Upadhyay]



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