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4-Significations of Signs

Each Raashi/Sign is the consequence of the former Raashi and prepares the following sign. The sequence of signs and their significations/ meanings is coherent, consequent and logical. Each Raashi distributes the energies of the fixed stars it contains and spreads a very particular quality. The Mool-trikon defined above are directly related to the seven (or nine respectively twelve) planets and their specific energies.

RAASHI 1: ARIES/MESH (movable, fire)
the energetic impulse - initiating activities, projects; with most energy, force, strength, self-assertion; new strength and beginning after the inner spiritual withdrawal of Pisces

resulting in - energetic, dynamic, impulsive, aggressive, pioneering, self-centered, subjective, ruthless, fierce, competitive, passionate, independent, furious, headstrong, fighting spirit, innovative, logical, adventurous, courageous, directionless activities, violence

Mars and Pluto spread this energy in Zodiac.
Sun is exalted in Aries.
Aries is Moolatrikona of Mars and Pluto.

Nakshatra posited in Aries: Ashwinee, Bharanee, Krittikaa (1/4)
Their lords - specifying Aries' energies - are: Ketu, Venus, Sun

Upagraha Mritya is closely related to Mars and therefore to Aries as well.

the energetic impulse - conserving, maintaining, securing; fixing and securing the achievements of Aries' pioneering activities

resulting in - love for harmony, balancing, relationships, communication of feelings, stable, persevering, traditional, conservative, liking for beauty and form, comfort and luxury, inflexible, obstinate, opinionated, worldly and materially oriented, establishing family or own social group, deep belonging to this

Primarily Moon spreads this energy in Zodiac,
Secondarily Venus (if posited in Taurus or fully aspecting it).
Moon is exalted in Taurus and his Mool-trikon is here as well.
Raahu is exalted in Taurus.

Nakshatra posited in Taurus - Krittikaa (3/4), Rohinee, Mrigshiraa (1/2)
Their lords - specifying Taurus' energies - are: Sun, Moon, Mars

the energetic impulse - extending, exchange with surroundings, learning, communicating, informing; new experiences after the stable and securing phase of Taurus

resulting in - interest in new issues, curious, permanent exchange and inner/outer movement, innovations and trends, communicative, critical, chameleonic, miscellaneous interests, versatile, impulsive, argumentative, intellectual

Primarily Raahu spreads this energy in Zodiac,
Secondarily Mercury (if posited in Gemini or fully aspecting it)
Geminee is Raahu's Mool-trikon
Probably Uranus is exalted in Gemini

Nakshatra posited in Gemini - Mrigshiraa (1/2), Aardraa, Punarvasu (3/4)
Their lords - specifying Gemini's energies - are: Mars, Raahu, Jupiter

Upagraha Vyatipaat and Ardh Prahara are supposed to have his own Raashi in Gemini;
Parivesh is supposed to have his exaltation here.

RAASHI 4: CANCER/KARK (movable, water)
the energetic impulse - caring, receptive, susceptible, nourishing, socially oriented, feeling and loving; first deep contact with the inner world of oneself and others (mind, feelings, emotions) after intellectual and superficial Gemini

resulting in - openness, plainness, friendly, dedicative, devoted, emotional, sensitive, intuitive, passive in outer relations (outside own home and family), striving for popularity, timid, insecure, open to mass trends

Moon spreads this energy in zodiac.
Probably Neptune is exalted in Cancer.
Jupiter definitely is exalted in Cancer.

Nakshatra posited in Cancer - Punarvasu (1/4), Pushya, Aashleshaa
Their lords - specifying Cancer's' energies - are: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury

Upagrahas Indrachap and Upaketu are supposed to have their own Rashi in Cancer.

RAASHI 5: LEO/SIMHA (fixed, fire)
the energetic impulse - own self as the center of the world, wish that all others orbit around oneself like the planets around the Sun; fixing the inner world detected and experienced in Cancer and expressing it self-confidently outwards

resulting in - self-demonstration in world, strong character, establishing order and harmony around oneself, wish to be the center of attention, strive for prestige, fame and respect, dominating others, leading, strong life will, aristocratic, high standards for oneself, dramatic, ambitious, wish to be the only king or the leader, others have to serve, strong emotions, proud, vain

Sun spreads this energy in zodiac.
Leo is Sun's Mool-trikon.

Nakshatra posited in Leo: Maghaa, P-Phaalgunee, U-Phaalgunee (1/4)
Their lords - specifying Leo's energies - are: Ketu, Venus, Sun

Upagraha Dhoom is supposed to have his exaltation in Leo.

RAASHI 6: VIRGO/KANYAA (dual, earth)
the energetic impulse - ordering, analyzing and differentiating the world, purifying; getting self-critical after self-assured expression of own personality in Leo and wish to bring to perfection own personality and outer circumstances

resulting in - liking for details and forms, ability of adaptability, perfectionism, analytical skills, strong sense of discrimination, balancing body, soul and mind, good intellect, practically oriented (wish for results), healing qualities, sensitive, nervous, service oriented, wish for purity and dissociation, neurotic, changeful, teaching qualities

Mercury spreads this energy in Zodiac and practically applies
Moon's quality (the mind).
This is Mercury's Mool-trikon and exaltation.

Nakshatra posited in Virgo: U-Phaalgunee (3/4), Hast, Chitraa (1/2)
Their lords - specifying Virgo's energies - are: Sun, Moon, Mars

RAASHI 7: LIBRA/TULAA (movable, air)
the energetic impulse - relating to surroundings/ environment, socially oriented, reforming, leadership; gained new ideas and insights in analytical and discriminating Virgo period are now to be spread in outer world, therefore relating to outer world actively

resulting in - wish for balance, harmony and justice, activities directed fulfilling these ideals, reforming and ameliorating the reality, humanitarian, social, pushing ideas in society, charisma, liking for friendships, idealistic, fanatic, losing contact to reality, living in their own mind

Venus spreads this energy in Zodiac.
It is exaltation of Saturn and Mool-trikon of Venus.

Nakshatra posited in Libra: Chitraa (1/2), Swaati, Vishaakhaa (3/4)
Their lords - specifying Libra's energies - are: Mars, Raahu, Jupiter

Spica at 0 Libra defines the 7th Rashi of the Zodiac, in opposition to the first Rashi Aries.

the energetic impulse - explorative, detecting hidden sides of reality, intensive, Martian forces directed inwards own self ; after strongly relating to outer world and reforming drive going deeper into reality and look behind the scenes, discovering new deeper and hidden aspects of reality

resulting in - seeking for challenges, passionate, inner strength and willpower, sexually oriented, hidden, interest in unusual and forbidden taboo sides of reality, intelligent, analytical, introvert, hard workers, physical and mental force (or violence), angry, furious, obscene / perverse, self-destructive (for the need of all, the society), very emotional (deep hidden emotions and passions), self-centered

Mars spreads this energy if posited in Scorpio or fully aspecting it.
Pluto probably is exalted in Scorpio,
Ketu is definitely exalted

Nakshatra posited in Scorpio: Vishakhaa (1/4), Anuraadhaa, Jyeshthaa
Their lords - specifying Scorpio's energies - are: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury

Upagraha Mrityu is supposed to have his own Raashi in Scorpio,
Vyatipaat is supposed to have his exaltation here.

the energetic impulse - wish to understand the sense and the roots of the reality, wish to enjoy this world; after intensity and introversion of Scorpio phase new optimism, wish for (good) living and extension of own self

resulting in - optimistic, jovial, striving for extension, growth and abundance, philosophically and spiritually oriented, positive life attitude, liking for guiding others, liking for nature and sports, wildness and roots, adventurous, dignified, high ethical standards, difficult life experiences leading to spiritual turning back, self-pleased, arrogant

Jupiter and Ketu spread this energy in Zodiac.
Sagittarius is their Mool-trikon

Nakshatra posited in Sagittarius: Moola, P-Aashaadhaa, U-Aashaadhaa (1/4)
Their lords - specifying Sagittarius' energies - are: Ketu, Venus, Sun

The first Navaansh of Sagittarius contains the Galactic Sun, the root of the Universe, in Moola Nakshatra, first Navaansh. The Galactic Center's energies are therefore deeply connected with Jupiter's, Ketu's, Venus' and Sun's energies.

Upagraha Parivesh and Yam Ghantak are supposed to have their own Raashi in Sagittarius,
Indrachaap is supposed to have his exaltation here.

RAASHI 10: CAPRICORN/MAKAR (movable, earth)
the energetic impulse - wish for material and visible achievements, realization of individual power and discipline; the abundance of Sagittarius state now gets into a specific order, philosophical findings now are directed into practical achievements

resulting in - ambitious, hard-working, manifestations in outer world, perseverant, liking for order and discipline, working on long-term projects for long-term success, overcoming obstacles on the path, manifestation of principles in daily life, organization, dedicated to forms and rites, emotional problems, too self-centered, egocentric, conservative

Saturn spreads this energy in Zodiac if posited in Capricorn or fully aspecting it.
Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

Nakshatra posited in Capricorn: U-Aashaadhaa (3/4) /Abhijeet, Shravan, Dhanishthaa (1/2)
Their lords - specifying Capricorn's energies - are: Sun, Moon, Mars

Upagraha Dhoom and Kaal are supposed to have their own Rashi in Capricorn.

RAASHI 11: AQUARIUS/KUMBH (fixed, air)
the energetic impulse - neglecting own personality, serving, seeing needs of others, sacrifices; after the manifestation of the individual will and power in Capricorn period now there is need to include the needs of the society, of other people, of groups and to learn serving others

resulting in - subordination of own interests and person under the needs and necessities of others, balance own individuality with living in society or partnership, humanitarian, selfless, serving, self-negating, working for the benefits of others, progressive attitude, feeling guilty or worthless, lack of self-confidence, easy to manipulate, no charisma

Saturn and Uranus spread this energy in Zodiac.
Aquarius is Mool-trikon of Saturn and Uranus.

Nakshatra posited in Aquarius: Dhanishthaa (1/2), Shatabhishaa, P-Bhaadrapad (3/4)
Their lords - specifying Aquarius' energies - are: Mars, Raahu, Jupiter

Upagraha Gulikaa is supposed to have his own Raashi in Aquarius,
Upaketu is supposed to be in exaltation here.

RAASHI 12: PISCES/MEEN (dual, water/ether)
the energetic impulse - humanitarian, idealistic and spiritual attitude, Pisces contains all signs in it and their whole span of possibilities; the serving attitude and selflessness of Aquarius stage culminate in understanding and integrating the needs of the whole universe, resulting in final dissolution of own personality in Pisces and preparing the re-birth, the re-energization in Aries, where a new cycle begins

resulting in - liking for mystical, esoterical and magical themes, friendly, socially oriented, romantic and all-loving, intuitive, imaginative, emotional, deep feelings, amorph, dependent, unfathomable, nebulous, enthusiastic, creative, sentimental, not determined, living in the moment, let life and all things flow, passive, self-pitiness, creating a 'Maayaa within the Maayaa', living in an illusionary world or creating it, lack of self-awareness and self-confidence, addictions, escape from reality, easy to manipulate

Jupiter and Neptune spread this energy in Zodiac if posited in Pisces or fully aspecting it.
Venus is exalted in Pisces.
Pisces is Mool-trikon of Neptune.

Nakshatra posited in Pisces: P-Bhaadrapad (1/4), U-Bhaadrapad, Revatee
Their lords - specifying Sagittarius' energies - are: Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury



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