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Aghor Mantra

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Aghor Mantra

Here is the information you are looking for Aghor Mantra and specifics.

(1) Aghor Mantra is a very cool, peaceful Mantra. It is not an excitable or a hard Mantra. It is of the Aghor nature; that is, very simple.

(2) An Aghor Guru has charged the Mantra with Shakti. It has the capacity of being beneficial to everybody. He gives it to the disciple when the planets and constellations are in favorable positions. Such a Mantra is given for the benefit of all, but receiving it depends upon the feeling, faith and attitude with which it is accepted and practiced.

(3) If you do not remain excited and impatient all the time, and remain straight with yourself, that Mantra remains self-charged. You do not even need to charge it. Your success is indicated when you remain straight with yourself.

(4) The Mantra given by the Guru should be safely kept in secrecy. Though you may recite it with your voice, it is most beneficial if it is recited through the vibrations of your heart. It will then provide great equanimity, protecting you and guiding you in all things.

(5) The Guru gives you a friend in the form of the Mantra who is always ready to help you in times of strife, trouble and pain. It provides support when our life becomes sorrowful and seems to be disintegrating. This is the meaning of an Aghor Mantra. You feel great joy, inner happiness in meeting a true friend, and great pain on separating from him or her.

(6) Mantra are written in many books. But Mantra from books cannot be beneficial unless they are from the mouth of a knowledgeable person.

(7) Regarding initiation by Mantra, it is necessary to keep in mind through whose lips we gain this knowledge. Who will be auspicious and beneficial for us? To learn it from a person who does not know the path, has not walked on it, can never be beneficial.

(8) As far as your question about the Mantra of the Divine Mother is concerned, Mantra is always self-realized. You do not have to charge it. What is important is that one should make himself conducive to that Mantra. One should follow the vow he has undertaken, and remain simple and straight. This is the simple answer. One should remain straight with oneself. Because when you recite your Mantra, perform worship, undertake spiritual practices, that divine shadow hovers around you. If you remain steadfast in your word, nothing remains impossible for you.

(9) Your Guru has asked you to keep your Mantra and Isht (personal divinity) very carefully. Keep them with such care as a bird keeps her eggs. You may experience a little discomfort to the body, but even that will go away if what you keep gets pleased with you.

(10) Taking an interest in the Mantra fills it with unfathomable Shakti, divinity, strength and ability. It releases divine rays into your body, those supercharged, divine rays that give you everything.

(11) It has been said, "Guru's Mantra is like a sharp sword." This sword in the form of the Mantra cuts down the enemies residing within your own body, and provides a happy, healthy and peaceful life to you as well as to those who come in contact with you.

(12) The molecular power of the Mantra is such that it leads to accumulation of many minuscule power particles in our speech as we keep reciting it, and has a very deep effect. At that time one should be very careful not to use wrong words, for these words can have an instantaneous effect on those at whom they are directed.

(13) The power of Mantra remains great as long as they are not traded, bought or sold.

(14) When we perform Jaap with beads (a rosary), our thoughts are prevented from running away with us and are brought back to the Self. It does not matter if you voice the Mantra aloud or not. If your attention to what you are doing remains unbroken, that flow does not break.

(15) Misuse or faulty use of the Mantra given by the Guru can have adverse results. Therefore one should be very careful about its use.

(16) The very moment you sit to do Jaap with a clean and yearning heart, the divine energy begins to saturate your body and fills you with indescribable luster. Being vibrationless, receive it, store it.

(17) Mantra Jaap cleanses our Naadee (channels through which Praan flows in the body), purifies the mind, destroys the three Dosh (ills). By itself, the mind begins to be quiet.

(18) Our speech should be so pure that when we voice our Jaap, the Jaap should sound appropriate to that Divinity. We should voice it with the correct tone of voice. Then our voice will instantly find its object. And the Divinity, attracted by it, will turn to us. If it turns to us, and we are not in the appropriate Yantra, or attitude, then instead of helping us it can also have an adverse reaction. We could become confused or aggressive.

(19) A rosary has 108 beads. Eight of those represent what we owe to our Guru, to our mother, to our divinity, to our father, to the ruler of the country, to the lineage and family in which we are born, and to the person from whom we receive our food. We are left with 100 beads that we count however many times we have promised ourselves to count them, while repeating the divine mantra given to us by our Guru.

(20) This "word" (Mantra) that is emanating from within you, emanating by itself from your pores, is not to be spoken aloud. The word-is happening. The word is happening within, by itself. As we are thinking of it, focusing on it, our senses are getting disciplined. Keep your attention focused on that.

(21). As you meditate and repeat the Mantra, let the Mantra resonate in your Praan (being, life-force). When energy awakens in your Praan the seed of divine characteristics will be sown. If you let Jaap continue with the resonance of your heart, it will be very good. When you have enough practice, the whole process will begin as soon as you close your mouth. From your toes to the top of your head, all your body-pores will begin to resonate with its sound. You should try to hear that resonance, and the waves of joy produced by it.

(22) Dispelling lethargy, yawning and dullness, we sit on the Aasan with alertness, with pure intention. The very moment remembrance of name (Mantra) comes to our mind, we can recite it thousands of times in a flash of a moment. Every single pore of our body begins to echo that sound, the heart begins to vibrate, a strange kind of sensation permeates the body. Such a Jaap is termed as Amogh Jaap, the unfailing Jaap. A place where this happens becomes a charged place, an awakened place, and we ourselves become the seat of spiritual strength.

(23) The very moment your heart begins to resonate with the sound of your Mantra, the ether takes shape in the form of your Isht Dev. With practice you can see it. You may even see your Isht in different Mudraa (poses) such as granting you fearlessness, victory, bestowing boons, etc etc. The whole atmosphere seems to be charged with radiance.

(24) In this age of science, sound emanates and spreads in the whole solar-system at once. Consider Mantra knowledge to be the same. Consider posture knowledge to be the same, consider ritual and Yantra knowledge to be the same. Look at it yourself, in reality.

(25) Dissolve the Mantra in your mouth and experience the joy in your seclusion.

WARNING : Please do not do anything specific without consulting.

The best is 'Maa Lakshmi Stambhan', an Aghor Vidhi. Within a night, the Saadhak can become a multi-millionaire, he can even sleep on money, distribute the money with open hands and money never ends.
The negative part is, Saadhak himself cannot use it for his personal needs, and dies with lots of pain and diseases.
By Satyendra Gupta  in issplist Group, on Sep 14, 2011



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