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I was reading Lomash Sanhita. The chart of a twin birth given in that ancient text caught my attention. Who are these Vaidik or Pauraanik twins who took birth in BCE 3897 and one of them died in a battle in BCE 3827? Any idea?

इत्युक्त्वा धरणीनाथः सुतयोर्जन्मपत्रिके॥18॥
तान्मुनीन्दर्शयामास कालज्ञानविशारदान्।
[Having said this, the king showed the two birth charts of his sons to those sages who were adept in the knowledge of time.]

तदा ते मुनयः सर्वे दृष्ट्वा कुंडलिके शुभे॥19॥
ग्रहराशिनवांशाद् यान्वर्षमासादिकासमान्।
पत्रिकः पत्रिकाँज्ज्ञत्वा जनस्यैकस्य भामिनि॥20॥
[O beautiful woman! Then all those sages, after seeing the two auspicious charts, planets, signs, divisions like Navaansh etc which were identical with respect to year, month etc they thought them to belong to one individual.]

मीनांगे तत्र जीवेंदू मेषे भौमो घटे शनिः।
सिंहे सिंहाधिपो जूके भार्गवो मिथुने तमः।
चंद्रात्मजे मदस्थाने सकलादीसभागगाः [VK1] ॥21॥
[In them Jupiter and Moon were placed in the ascendant Pisces, Mars in Aries, Saturn in Aquarius, Sun in Leo, Venus in Libra, Raahu in Gemini and Mercury in the 7th house with all planets in identical Navaansh.]

Here a complete chart is given - Pisces Lagna, Sun in Leo, Moon in Pisces, Mars in Aries, Mercury in 7th house in Virgo, Jupiter in Pisces, Venus in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, Raahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius. The question may arise to which period this chart belongs to? The answer is, that it does not belong to any period. It is just an imaginary chart that can indicate a twin birth. Note that the Ascendant is a duel sign, aspected by a duel planet mercury, placed in another duel sign, and the Lagna Lord Jupiter is also placed in a duel sign - i.e. Pisces. Out of the 9 planets and Lagna listed, 6 are in duel signs and obviously it indicates a twin birth. If someone what to assume that it is a real chart and search for a date in which it would be true, then he may find that BCE 3897 Jun 11th at 9 PM is the only date that can get most of these placements right. But still Raahu-Ketu and Venus would be off by a sign. The chart for the said date is given below.

Please note that for the given date almost all the positions match except that Rahu-Ketu and Venus are off by a sign. But if the degrees are considered it would be clear that they are off by just 6 degrees only, a calculation mistake possible considering the undeveloped state of astronomy in the past. Thus it becomes clear that it is about this particular ‘back calculated chart’ itself that the discussion is happening. (Anyone can use JHora to check the accuracy of the above chart for the above date) I wonder which is the famous Pauraanik twins who are thought have taken birth during this period! Even Mahabharata war  is said to have taken place  in BC 3100, and this date is approx. 900 years before that! May be some forefathers of Kuru kingdom should be tracked to this date I hope - who knows!

तेन जातो गुणाढ्यश्च मतिमान्कीर्तिमान्बली।
चक्राधिपो धनेशश्च सर्वसत्वानुकंपकः॥22॥
राजराजो धनुर्धारी सर्वशत्रुविनाशकः।
गौरांगो धर्मशीलश्च दीर्घः स्थूलः सहायवान्॥23॥
व्रतबंधोऽष्टमे वर्षे विवाहो द्वादशे भवेत्।
अष्टाविंशे सुतो सप्तिर्महायुद्धं रणे भवेत्॥24॥
तत्रैव मृत्युमाप्नोति तेन स्वर्गे गमिष्यति।
माघे मासे सिते पक्षे द्वादश्यां रविवासरे॥25॥
सूर्योदये कुवे राश्ये(राशौ?)[VK2]  कालास्त्रेण मरिष्यति।
इत्युक्त्वा मुनयः सर्वे तूष्णीं ते बभूवुस्तदा॥26॥
[“One with this configuration will be endowed with virtues, will be intelligent, famed, physically strong, a Chakravartee king, wealthy, compassionate to all beings, a king of kings, a wielder of bow, destroyer of all enemies, of fair color, shall have a conduct in accordance with Dharm, tall, healthy and shall help others (or shall have many helpers).

He will have the thread ceremony at the age of eight, marriage at the age of twelve, son at the age of twenty eight. At the age of seventy there will be a huge war in the battlefield. There itself he will die and because of this attain heaven. In the month of Maagh, on the twelfth day of the bright fortnight, on a Sunday, when the Sun will rise in the sign of Capricorn he will die by the weapon named Kaalaastra.” Having said this all the sages then became quiet.]
Year of death = -3897 + 70 = -3827
Month of death = Maagh,
Tithi = Shukla Dwitiyaa
Day = Sunday
Lagna = Capricorn
And wow! We find that it all comes  true correct for 6th Nov 3827 BCE, except that the day is off by a single day - i.e. it is not Sunday but Saturday. Quite impressive!

मुनीनां वाक्यमाकर्ण्य तानुवाच तदा नृपः।
एकस्येदं फलं सौम्या नान्यस्य घटते फलम्॥27॥
[After hearing the words of the sages the king then spoke to them them, “O Saumyas! This result pertains to one son. It does not apply to the other.”]

कारणं तस्य मे ब्रूहि वर्षमासादयः समान्। द्वितीयस्तु महापापी दुःशीलो रणकातरः॥28॥
विद्याविरहितः क्रोधी श्यामो ह्रस्वोऽतिनिर्घृणः। एतद्विचार्यतां समयग्भवंतो बुद्धिशालिनः॥29॥
[“Tell me the reason for that. The years, months etc are identical but the second son is very sinful, of a bad character, a coward in battlefield, devoid of knowledge, short tempered, dark in color, short in height and extremely merciless. All you intelligent sages should think about this properly.”]

इति वाक्यं समाकर्ण्य नृपस्य मुनयस्तदा।
ऊचुस्ते पृथिवीनाथं नृपस्य परितोषणं॥30॥
[Hearing these words of the king the sages then spoke to him words for his satisfaction.]
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Love and regards,

Accurate dates of Soorya Vanshee kings are not available.
In Chandra Vansh branch of Uparichar Vasu (forefather of Jaraasandh of Magadh), grandfather of Uparichar Vasu was king from 3826-3788 BC.
His son Krimi or Kriti could have been born in 3827 BC. He was the father of Uparichara Vasu.
Kings before Prateep (3370- 3310 BC) in main line of Chandra Vansh  are not known. They could be Janamjaya-1 or Pareekshit-1.
In Soorya Vansh, Raam was born on 11-2-4433 BC. His sons Lav and Kush were famous twins, but much before the dates of this horoscope. None of them was killed in war.
Kings counted from Raam are - Among the list of 28 Vyaas, Jaatukarnya (26th Vyaas) is shown in period 3820-3460 BC by Kunwar Lal Jain.
(70) Raam was his most famous son (4433-4372 BC) who killed Raavaņ and set up the world empire. His rule is still considered standard for propriety.
(71) Kush, (72) Atithi, (73) Nishadh, (74) Nal (different from famous Nal of Nishadh), (75) Nabh, (76) Puņdareek, (77) Kshemadhanvaa, (78) Devaaneek, (79) Ahinagu, (80) Ruru, (81) Pariyaatra, (82) Shal, (83) Dal, (84) Bal, (85) Uktha, (86) Sahastraashwa, (87) Chandraavalok, (88) Taaraapeeɖa, (89) Chandragiri, (90) Bhaanuchandra, or, Bhaanumitra, (91) Shrutaayu, (92) Ulook, (93) Unnaabh, (94) Vajranaabh, (95) Shankhan, (96) Vyuşitaashwa, (98) Hiranya-naabha - He learnt Yog from Yaagyaavalkya and spread it. (99) Kaushaly, (100) Brahmişţha, (101) Putra, (102) Punya, (103) Arthasiddhi, (104) Sudarshan, (105) Agnivarn, (106) Sheeghrag, (107) Maru, (108) Prasushut, (109) Sandhi, (110) Pramarshan, (111) Mahaswaan, (112) Sahaswaan, (113) Vishwabhav, (114) Vishwaswa, (115) Prasenajit, (116) Takshak,
(117) Brihadbal - He was killed in Mahaabhaarat war (3139 BC) by Abhimanyu, son of Arjun.

Kings of Nepal (see also  Nepal kings) in that period are known - Gopaal Vansh -
(1) Bhuktamaanaagata Gupta (4159-4071 BC),
(2) Jaya Gupta (4071-3999 BC),
(3) Param Gupta (3999-3919 BC),
(4) Harsh Gupta (3919-3826 BC),
(5) Bheeshm Gupta (3826-3788),
(6) Mani Gupta (3788-3751 BC).



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