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Marriage-3 - Match Making

Marriage Match-Making Process
On the previous page we saw that how to proceed for match making process. Many families are very particular about horoscope matching. Here are some more points to pay attention before marrying the girl and the boy.

Importance of Star / Taaraa in Marriage
see Vedh Star for more explanation
This information is related to star and it is not written in any book. I have observed these things during the last 20 yrs.---

In marriage compatibility
--Avoid immediate, 3rd, 5th and 7th Taaraa. 3rd and 7th are more important than the 5th one.
--If the Birth Star of the boy is immediately 3rd Star from the girl's Birth Star, better avoid this marriage - Third is Vipat Taaraa
--What about the 5th Star? If the Nakshatra of the girl is immediately 5th from the boy's Nakshatra, their life passes in sorrow.
--If the girl's or boy's birth star Lord is in 2nd or 7th or 11th House...  this too gives some sort of attraction.
--If the birth star Lord is in Dusthaan House (6, 8, or 12) then marriage remains with problems / fight.
[Sarsalai Siva - Sivagnanalingam]
[It is my non-professional opinion that even the 23rd Taaraa should also be avoided as it is Vainaashik star.]

One minor point based on Naadee Granth --.
You should take Raahu and Ketu as in one axis.
In one horoscope Mars and Venus are in one side.
In the other horoscope , Mars and Venus are separated by Raahu Kethu axis.
This is not so good. ??

Boy is Maghaa and the Girls is Shravan
Asterism Shravan is a male star, besides tt has two more associated constellations of minor significance in Shravan that makes it to appear as sea blue color and gives appearance of a fish. Since the Sign is of Saturn's, Capricorn, it possess best compatibility with Revatee (Pisces) of Mercury and with Dhanishthaa (of Capricorn). Between Maghaa and Shravan, the compatibility is not bad but it is on borderline only, with 30-34%. 100 percent is Revatee for male. Maghaa scores with Shatbhishaa of Raahu .The percentage is around 69% from marriage/ relationship context.

Maghaa is a fierce Nakshatra while Shravan is soft. Maghaa is Adho-Mukhee and Shravan is Oordhwa-Mukhee. Magha Nakshatra person may try to dominate in the relationship, due to which, it may not be smooth.

An Example
Boy  -   DOB = 04-Aug-1982,   POB = Nellore,                               TOB = 7:20 am
Girl  -  DOB = 15-May-1986,   POB = Ieeja, Mahaboobnagar, AP.   TOB = 00:45 am
According to North Indian Koot matching Gun matching shows 24 out of 36. According to South Indian system it is 31 out of 48, so both way Koot matching exist.

But it is not enough. One is required to check, longevity, prosperity, Upa-Pad, Santaan Sukh and other factors also.
The essential factors indicate that match is not auspicious. Why?
Mathematical Upa-Pad of male falls in Virgo. Mathematical Upa-Pad of female falls in Aries. These both are 6/8. This is serious .
Look further, Male Mathematical Upa-Pad Virgo is occupied by Saturn and aspected by Ketu. These factors may indicate extreme caution in choosing life partner.
Female Mathematical UL (Upa-Pad) is in Aries. It is occupied by Raahu and Mercury. Also aspected by Saturn and Jupiter.
Male chart has MUL Lord Mercury in Kendra to female MUL Lord Mars.
Female chart has FUL Lord Jupiter in 3rd / 11th House.
Therefore Marriage is not recommended .Marriage is not likely to sustain.



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