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When planets are very bad, more stringent measures of propitiation are needed. Bad planets not only cause prevention or delay in marriage, even if marriage takes place, life becomes hellish. Hence, it is better to propitiate bad planets as soon as possible.

As per Bhrigu Naadee, Saturn and Jupiter if conjunct in any house, destroy the Aries sign of the chart. Here Aries is 7th house, so my view is either the native is unmarried or if married, marriage will not continue for long.

Venus in Pisces -
will not give a happy marital life and the native's physical compatibility with spouse will always be on negative side.

Sun and Venus
Sun and Venus, conjoined in any house, will either delay marriage, or may destroy the marital life.

Sign Vichaar
If in a woman horoscope, if Janm Lagna and Chandra Lagna fall in female signs (even sign) she has more womanly look / appearance and it is good for her marriage life's happiness. Even if she lives in a hut .. possibly for marital happiness. If in a woman chart, if Janm Lagna and Chandra Lagna fall in male signs (odd sign) then she may has manly appearance and marriage life may not give much happiness.

In a man's chart, if both Lagna (Janm and Chandra) are female signs, then this man looks like a woman. Womanly appearance under this circumtance, depositors also play important role. Having the above info , study the Moon's position in all houses from the Lagna. If Lagna has got Moon, then Lagna got more strength. Lagna is Dhee .... intelligence ..

Moon is Manas ... If both, Ascendant and Moon are together .. then Dhee (Kaarak Sun = Aatmaa)
and Moon = Manas Kaarak .. will cooperate WELL with each other.
The KP System inventor Sri Krishnamurthu's Janm Lagna and Chandra Lagna are same .. Makar (Capricorn).>
So his intelligence worked very well and he provided a system named Krishnamurthy Paddhati.
7th House cusp of bride should match with Lagna cusp of groom and vice-versa. If they are not matching marriage can not happen.
Inder Vohra

Sex Life
A good sex life is necessary for a successful marries life...
(1) If the Native's Soorya is in Aries, or Leo, or Sagittarius (Sun Signs), he is oversexually active
(2) If the Native's Soorya is in Taurus, or Virgo or Capricorn, he is sober in his sex behavior
(3) If the Native's Soorya is in Gemini, or Libra, or Aquarius have secret living for their sex life
(4) If the Native's Soorya is in Cancer, or Scorpion or Pisces are not very sex-oriented, but show highly passionate feelings

Second Marriage

(1) Its a good practice to see if the marriage is promised at all. If yes, then, if 7CSL becomes the significator of 2H or 7H or 11H , then marriage is promised.
(2) Second, for 2nd marriage.. there are 2 conditions that must be simultaneously satisfied.
--the 7CSL is either mercy or a planet deposited in a dual sign or 7CSL is in the constellation of a planet in or owning a dual sign or Mercury.
--the 7CSL must be a significator of either 2H or 11H.

Further to this, the second marriage is seen from the 2nd House (8th from the 7th which is the death of the first marriage).


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