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About Showing Gratitude

Every planet has different style and ways for expressing gratitude.

--Mars is thankful to authority [Sun, or Moon or Jupiter] instinctively.
--Mercury is thankful for future gains.
--Jupiter is thankful for moral and religious reasons.
--Venus is gratuitous by habit and manners. Always thankful with sweet words.
--Saturn is thankful as after hard work it got the things right so is thankful by heart so that he should not suffer again.

But most of the time reality is grey. There is no pure Saturn or Venus. It is always mixture of shades (or consciousness).

Sun will go from regal to lack of confidence
Moon, the mother, will similarly swing from generosity and giving to apathy
Mars would swing from brave to coward.
Mercury will go from curious to mean politics
Jupiter will go from ethical and wise to immoral and foolish
Venus is love and in the positive expression would represent more unconditional love, while in negative, it will create possessiveness, lust and jealousy (love distorted!)
Saturn will swing from hard working to indolent and Kaamchor (who does not want to work)
Raahu will go from spiritually connecting to intriguing and paranoid
Ketu will go from otherworldly spiritual to charlatan (Paakhandee)

Kaarak give the characteristics of any planet. It has never been seen that Jupiter is immoral and foolish. Planets have some basic characteristics given as Kaarak and these get modified as per their placement in signs and houses. So Jupiter has some basic permanent characteristics and these get modified as per sign or house. Feeling of gratitude may be Lagna related Kaarak and there can be infinite variations with signs or houses or placements etc.



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Created on 05/18/2008 and Updated on 06/24/2012