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Predictions - General

Find out your plants which are either weak (to strengthen them) or important (to appease them) and recite their Beej Mantra.
Or Neechaa (Debilitated) to find their Bhang (breaking)

Saptaansh and Dwadashaansh Charts are for Lineage.
The 1st House represents you - the native, the 4th house is about house and home, the 5th House is about children, etc.
What house would be about son-in-laws and what house about grandchildren?

Check 5th from Char Putra Kaarak for your first child in D7 as well as in D12 chart.
Accordingly their spouse - 7th therefrom.
And their children's or your grand children from the 5th, 7th or 9th Houses therefrom depending upon the total number of children.

Prediction of Taantrik Food by Prashn Chart
If Gulikaa or Raahu or both are in 4th, 5th or 7th House, Taantrik Bhojan should be suspected. If the 6th Lord is also placed in one of these houses, the Taantrik Prayog should be declared as done by enemies, otherwise it is destined by Almighty. Further, the Sambandh between Baadhaa Lord and 6th Lord plus the first condition should be considered even a better confirmation of this affliction. The above is to be considered in Prashn. It need not be the case in Jaatak, so don't start checking the birth charts.

Native's Gender
--In KP system - note the Sub-Lord of the Ascendant's Sub-Lord - its placement in a Male or Female indicates Native's gender.
--Lagna in a female Raashi - Navaansh in male Raashi; and  Moon also in female Raashi - Navaansh in female Raashi - should be a female.

Fate and Free Will
If Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10) and Trikon (6 Houses) can be separated and form a team! Let us give them a name: FATE or Destiny if you prefer.
And the remaining 6 Houses, somewhat disjointed form the other team. Let us call them Free-will!
The 'test-match' between these two teams: Let us call that Life-time of a Nativity!

Then we weigh-in with the factors such as Shad Bal, Vinshopak Bal, Rashmi, Isht-kaashthaa, Avasthaa and other weights and handicaps according to Paraashar (The best coach, ever! Even if not perfect perhaps). Some see it as Maa's Play (Maayaa Match), while others simply call it Jyotish. Once we all can figure out the RULES and play a FAIR and FRIENDLY GAME....
[Rohini Ranjan]

The scope for self improvement and bliss and happiness are provided from the trine of 1st, 5th and 9th Houses in astrology. Rest every thing is fixed and destined and cannot be changed.
[Inder Vohra]

Raahu in the 5th House

When to Travel

Wealth Factors Governing Horoscopy
The Lords of 2nd, 5th, 9th and 11th rule wealth;
6th, 8th, 12th Lords cause ruin and misery; they generate fear of enemies during their reign.

The Rays of the 9th Lords from Ascendant and Luna (Moon) - add these two to get the Total Ray Strength
Take remainder from 12the Sign from Moon - that Sign is Dhana Lagna or Wealth Ascendant called.

9th Lord from Ascendant - MOON
9th Lord from Moon - SATURN

Of wealth beyond the dreams of Avarice know wealthy the native becomes based on strength
Of Dhana Lagna; if it be powerful and benign result is positive; else predict Negativity.

If Wealth Ascendant is tenanted by Benefics, Millionaire the native becomes; or
if a malefic, choose to occupy Ascendant Wealth a Lakhier (holding a laakh Rupees)
Again a millionaire if the malefic be exalted

2nd Lord From Dhan Lagna: VENUS
5th Lord from Dhan Lagna: SATURN
9th Lord from Dhana Lagna; VENUS
11th lord from Dhana Lagna; MOON

Wealth Percentage : 66.5



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