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How the Forecasts Are Told

Now a days most newspapers, magazines and even TV programs carry monthly or weekly or even daily forecasts. How these forecasts are done?
Daily forecasts are made by the movements of the Moon.
Weekly forecasts are made by the Gochar (transits) of various planets, and
Monthly forecasts are made by the movements of the Sun.

All planets move with their own speed, but among all the planets, the Moon's speed is the fastest, that is why he is known as "the mind"

But whatever is forecast is made, its basis is wrong. Because it is made on the basis of the Moon, not on your Lagna, that is why when their basis is wrong, its results are also wrong. When we are born, we are not born only because of one planet, but because of the combination of the 9 planets. This is another thing that they are at different places at every birth.

So every planet has his own speed - one planet crosses one Sign in 30 days, another in 11 days only, yet another planet takes 12 months to cross a Sign, but whatever chart is drawn at the time of our own birth, our future is seen against only that same chart; not against that time's transit of planets. The world's population is almost 600 billion, it is foolish to distribute all the people among the 12 Signs.

If there is any planet Malefic in your birth chart, he cannot give you benefic results in your GOchar (transit) even if it is the most benefic in your transit chart, although its Malefic effects may be less intense.

Then what is the use of seeing this forecast? Whoever astrologers are forecasting weekly and daily forecast on the basis of the Moon Lagna they are fooling you nothing else.



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Created on 05/18/2008 and Updated on 01/13/2013