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About Education

"Education yields humility. Humility bestows ability. Ability or skill brings money. Money helps you to do religious deeds and your religious deeds bring lot of happiness to you."

In a horoscope, 4th house is the Kaarak house of education and 5th House is that of intellect. As 2nd House is the House of speech and goddess Saraswatee so this also can be considered as house of education and erudition. For making achievement in the field of higher education 9th House is important and 10th House is the Kaarak House of name and fame from education. There is very close relationship between education and intellect. Similarly there is close relationship between 4th and 5th houses.

All the planets are associated with different genres of education. For example,
Sun represents administrative education, medical and philosophy.
Moon is auspicious for medical, poetry, astronomy, spiritual and astrological education.
Mars gives the ability to rule and to fight against injustice. It is the chief Kaarak of art of warfare.
Mercury is significator of mathematics, financial management and medical.
Jupiter is the chief Kaarak of Ved, philosophy and astrology.
Venus is auspicious for music and effective interpretation.
Saturn and Raahu are chief Kaarak of foreign education.
Jupiter and Moon in 9th House are the chief Kaarak of spiritual education.

In a horoscope the grasping power and the ability to acquire education is studied from Mercury whereas
Jupiter is the chief Kaarak of one's educational upgradation.

Intelligence :
If the Lord of 5th House Mercury is conjoined with any benefic planet and gets aspect of a benefic planet. If 5th House Lord is in conjunction with benefic planets, Mercury is exalted, Mercury placed in the 5th House or the Navaansh Lord of 5th Lord is well aspected by a benefic planet in Kendra. If any of the above be the case, the native would be intelligent.

When Mercury is in its own house or in a Kendra from the ascendant or remains in a trine the native gets flourished with high education, vehicles and property.

If Jupiter is well aspected by Venus and Mercury in the 9th House the native is complete erudite.

If Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are in the 9th House the native is renowned scholar.
The combination of Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn in the 9th House equips the native with complete erudition and eloquence of speech.

The native is very intelligent if 5th lord is hemmed between benefic planets or if the Lord of the sign where 5th Lord is placed gets auspicious aspect from a benefic planet.

The intellect of native is very sharp when 5th House is in between two benefic planets, Jupiter is in 5th House and Mercury is un-afflicted.

If the Lord of the 5th House is in conjunction or aspected by a benefic planet or the 5th House is occupied or aspected by a benefic planet or if the Lord of the 5th House from Jupiter is in Kendra or Trikon the native is blessed with sharp memory.

Computer Programmer
Venus, Mercury, Mars and Saturn must have connections in birth chart with Houses 2,6, and 10 to make one a computer professional. Jupiter plays a crucial role to the above four Planets. Moon will add strength in that profession for natal. As you all know one's service is related to 2nd, 6th, 10th and 11th Houses, and these Planets must have close knit influences to this house to make one a computer expert.

Mercury is for intuition, Mars for logical analysis, Saturn for undistorted concentration and methodology (ie. Computer) Venus is the KEY planet for computer software. Venus and Saturn are for "drawing", Mars and Mercury for electrical machinery/machines; Venus and Saturn are for computer graphics. Further, Moon and Mercury combine for learning computer knowledge and grasping expertise, and Jupiter for knowledge, application, and for intuition.

If powerful Jupiter and the Lord of the 2nd House are aspected by Sun and Venus, the native can be an efficient grammarian.
The conjunction of powerful Jupiter with 2nd Lord and Sun also proves beneficial to be good in grammar.

It is important for the Jupiter to be in the center and Mercury should be the Lord of the 2nd House or Venus should be exalted or in its own house. Because of this combination the native has deep interest in mathematics.

If Mars is in the 2nd House with a benefic planet, or aspected by Mercury, or Mercury is in Kendra, the native becomes a mathematician.

If Jupiter is in Kendra or in Trikon, Venus is exalted, Mercury and Mars in the House of wealth or in any Kendra aspected by Mercury the native becomes a very good mathematician.

If Moon and Mercury are in Kendra or in conjunction with 3rd House Lord Mercury, or Mercury is in 6th House from Saturn and Jupiter in the 2nd House from Lagna the native is very expert astrologer.

Eloquence of Speech:
If 2nd House Lord Jupiter occupies 2nd House, the native can become a full time public speaker and expresses his opinion effectively in his lectures provided it is not aspected by any malefic planet.

Un-afflicted Jupiter and Mercury in 2nd House can enable the native to become extremely efficient in interpretation.

If Mercury and Jupiter occupy or aspect powerful 3rd House, or are in Kendra from it, the native has very sweet voice.


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