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About Diseases

The 1st house - reveals general well being of a person
The 5th house - tells whether you will be cured from diseases or not
The 6th house - represents your health and physical fitness
The 8th house - indicates chances of accidents, surgery, etc.
The 11th house - mentions total cure from all diseases.
The 12th house - indicates chances of hospitalization

To Check the Disease in the Natal Chart of a Child ---
1. When the the child is born and the birth chart is ready, you can trace what 'inherent' ailment is with the child and at what stage in life.
2. When this will become 'exposed or prominent, or hampering normal life' in a natal's life?
3. Which Dashaa / Bhukti / Antar-dashaa could cause such 'exposure' and till what time (period)?
4. Will it 'subside' to gain and lead normal life or become severe to adversely effect life.
5. Could 'Gochar' movements of Planetary positions would contribute to accelerate such ailments or subside the results to gain good health.
6. Could such ailment lead to mortality and when?
7. Could Planetary influences in stages or permanently get the satisfactory results by medication etc?

It is a disease of metabolism. Liver plays an important role in this disease. A disturbance of the normal balance of factors regulating Carbohydrate metabolism is the main cause. The rapid increase in the prevalence of obesity, type-2 diabetes and associated complications (diabesity) is a major global health problem. The Diabesity project brings together basic and clinical scientists and aims to identify new genes implicated in obesity and to develop strategies for validating these genes as targets for future pharmacological manipulation. We will study how these genes interact with hypothalamic pathways that regulate appetite and metabolism using multiple approaches to establish the functional role of genes in regulating metabolism, body weight and composition. Many diabetic patients do not die directly of diabetes. They die from complications like Cardiovascular and renal through sclerosis’ – hypertension; cerebral hemorrhage and renal failures – the terminal conditions could be Thrombotic or non-bacterial Endocarditic.

The sign Cancer rule pancreas and any affliction of Cancer is one of the indications for diabetes. Pancreas is disturbed by over eating of savory food. Taking food is governed by 2nd house –‘Jaatak Paarijaat’ (2nd house deals with wealth, eye, happiness, speech, family and food among many). The term in Sanskrit is ‘Madhumeh’ for diabetes. Passing of excessive urine and extra thirst were cause as said by Aretus – a great Greek author in early Christ era. Jupiter governs liver. Jupiter is responsible for production of bile. Proper function of lever is essensial for burning up its intake of sugar, starches and carbohydrates.

When the planet Jupiter, if afflicted in Libra (Tulaa) or Scorpio (Vrishchik) Diabetes appear in our body. (Pl. Check the ‘Gochar’ to find these effects at the period in contention):
1. Venus and Moon are afflicted by Mars or other malefic planet/s in a watery sign - Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) the native may be attacked with Diabetes. Lagna, 6th Bhaav, and their Lord in the combination of Venus and Moon either in Lagna or 6th Bhaav could result in diabetes. There are more and many combinations to point the incidence of Diabetes in a Natal Chart.
"He who practices medicine without the benefit of the movement of the stars and planets is a fool". - "Hippocrates"
Hippocrates is known as 'The Founder of Medicine', the greatest physician of his time. (460 BC)

He noted there were individual differences in the severity of disease symptoms, and that some individuals were able to cope with their diseases and illnesses better than others.

He says - "Touch not with iron that part of the body ruled by the sign the Moon is transiting", - "Hippocrates"
His observation states that one should not perform a surgical procedure with a knife (iron) on any part of the body which is ruled by the astrological sign in which the Moon is moving through at the time.
For example: When the Moon is in Taurus (ruler of the neck and throat), one should not perform a tonsillectomy.
If the Moon is in Capricorn (teeth) or Aries (head), one should avoid dental procedures, or any surgery related to the head.
If the Moon was passing through Scorpio (reproductive organs), one should never have a hysterectomy or prostate operation.
According to Hippocrates, this would be explain why common surgeries can be fatal; or at the very least cause unusually slow healings or painful recuperations, as well as resulting in complications, like infections.

Why the Moon?
The Moon has the power to move the tides of every ocean and body of water on Earth. The Moon also controls the timing of the opening and closing of oysters, as well as the monthly menstrual cycles of women (the Moon takes approximately 28 days to orbit the Earth, which is no coincidence). The Human body is made up of 70% water, and so the Moon also controls our bodies, as well as our emotions. Medical technology and procedures are crucial; but surgery is still an unnatural process which interrupts the body's natural tidal flow, by opening it up and exposing it to air. Therefore, if the part of the body being operated on happens to be an organ ruled by the sign the Moon is passing through, it will be highly sensitive and susceptible. To find out what astrological sign the Moon is in, you can look in an Ephemeries or a Farmer's Almanac. The Moon will stay in an astrological sign for about 2 1/2 days.

Please Note:
Both, the phase of the Moon, as well as its current Zodiac sign, contribute to the results we achieve through surgery. The Full Moon, for example, is the most inopportune time to have a surgery. Our body's fluids are the highest during a Full Moon, so we will have a greater chance of swelling, hemorrhaging, and other adverse effects. Try to avoid scheduling a surgery 5 days before or after the Full Moon. The New Moon, however, is the best time to have an operation. The body's fluid levels are the lowest, and there is less of a chance of swelling or complications.

Helpful Tips For Planning Surgery:
--Try to plan an operation when the Moon is transiting through a FIXED sign (Taurus, or Leo, or Scorpio, or Aquarius). The surgeon's hands should be steady, and no further complications should arise.
--Avoid surgeries during a Mars retrograde or a Mercury retrograde. Mars is the planet that rules surgeons, so when it goes retrograde, the surgeon may not be at their steadiest or performing his best. A heavy loss of blood can occur during a Mars retrograde. Mercury is the planet of communication, so when it goes retrograde, it can mean confusion, miscommunication, mistakes, and mix-ups.
--Re-schedule an appointment if it falls on a Moon's void-of-course day. (I know this one from personal experience.) The Moon is void-of-course when it has left one sign and has yet to enter another. It is NOT a day for action; nothing will happen. You will end up having to go back and re-do it, something will end up getting in the way, or at the very least- nothing will come of it; no result. If you start a project during this time, it may not succeed or ever develop. The Moon needs to be in a sign in order for action to take place; no sign means no action.


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