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About Children

The Hindu religion and culture accords the highest place and regard, after God the Creator, to parents and teacher (Guru).

Jupiter in the 5th House gives mostly daughters eg
Jupiter in watery signs gives mostly daughters,
Jupiter in fiery signs give male births.

Santaan Deepikaa (Uttaraardh) in Poorv Parasayam : :
(1) Shlok 15: If Mithun, or Kanyaa, or Makar, or Kumbh - any one of these Raashi is in the 5th House and if Saturn is parked in that House in the birth chart; that Jaatak (Father or Mother) will adopt a child born to another couple.

(2) Shlok 16: If Mandee (Saturn) is in Kanyaa Raashi and if the 5th House be the House owned by Saturn, that natal will certainly adopt a child.  If either Saturn or Mandee has aspect from Jupiter that natal could have a child of his own also.

5th house is quite afflicted as Sun and Moon are together making it weak. It must be an Amaavasyaa birth or Shukla Pratipadaa and in both cases Moon has no strength. Two fiery planets with two watery planets are making progeny a serious issue. More to it, 7th Lord is in 5th House and as per great B V Raman, such person normally doesn't marry and if one gets married, the native will have no issues.

Saptaansh and Dwadashaansh Charts are for Lineage.
The 1st House represents you - the native, the 4th house is about house and home, the 5th House is about children, etc.
What house would be about son-in-laws and what house about grandchildren?

Check 5th from Char Putra Kaarak for your first child in D7 as well as in D12 chart.
Accordingly their spouse - 7th therefrom.
And their children's or your grand children from the 5th, 7th or 9th Houses there from depending upon the total number of children.

The following planetary positions could indicate the childlessness, if found in either horoscopes of a married couple:
1. The Lord of Lagna and Mercury occupy the 4th, 7th and / or 10th Houses;
2. Mars placed in the Lagna, Saturn in the 8th House, and Sun placed in 5th House to Lagna;
3. If the 5th, 8th and the 12th Houses from Lagna are parked with Malefic planets ;
4. If Venus occupies 7th House; Moon occupies the 10th House and malefic planets occupy the 4th House from Lagna;
5. If the malefic planets, not aspected by Benefics, occupy the 8th House from the Moon;
6. If the 7th House is occupied by Venus and Mercury, 4th House by Malefics and Jupiter is in the 5th house;
7. The Moon occupies the 5th House and Malefics occupy the Lagna, the 7th, and the 12th House (he will neither have wife nor children).
-- Pathi

According to BV Raman, if the 5th Lord is in the 7th house, the native either doesn't marry anyone or if marries, he/she will have no issues. As per Shukra Naadee, if the Sun is in 7th house and is aspected by Saturn, one must commit adultery and will be later face defamation from his/ her spouse.

If Lagna Lord is in 12th House, he always creates problems in having children - less attitude for children/progeny


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