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As per Shukra Naadee, if the Sun is in 7th house and is aspected by Saturn, one must commit adultery and will be later face defamation from his/ her spouse.

Jupiter with Ketu-Spiritual Part of Life
It is only when Ketu connects to Jupiter or its Raashi(s) that spiritual part of a person comes out, otherwise it is more to do with giving up and bursting out.

Venus in 12th House from Sun means one will have lots of luxuries and will have many relationships. Now excess relationships may prevent one from getting married as the person will not be able to get committed with one person. But again several other factors need to be looked in the chart.

The boy's 7th Lord from Lagna is Saturn and he is in his 12th House so naturally he is taking a girl older to him as his life partner.

Saturn is the primary planet to look for health problems. Also look for two other houses too - 6th and 8th as the two health houses. My Saturn is in the 7th House with Sun. Since both are inimical to each other, there should be health problems.

Santaan Deepikaa (Uttaraardh) in Poorv Parasayam : :
(1) Shlok 15: If Mithun, or Kanyaa, or Makar, or Kumbh - any one of these Raashi is in the 5th House and if Saturn is parked in that House in the birth chart; that Jaatak (Father or Mother) will adopt a child born to another couple.

Raahu in 10th House is not good.
[Priya = Keep Jau in a black cloth for all your life]

Raahu if during his transit conjuncts Lagna, he can cause adverse effects.

Debilitated (Neechaa) Planets
Debilitated planets create lots of problems. A good astrologer must check for any debilitated planet in a chart and try to find a solution to it if there is any. Take the following steps

--First determine the degree of Neechaa of the planet. For example, Moon at 5 deg Scorpio is really catastrophic. While Moon at 25 degrees Scorpio is much much less severe.
--Second, determine if the fall has been broken by another planet (Neechaa-Bhang). For example, Moon would be uplifted from fall if Mars, the Scorpio owner, is in a Kendra from Lagna or Chandra. There are some other rules also for Neechaa Bhang, a good astrologer should immediately consult these rules upon spotting debilitated planets.
--Third, if the fall WAS broken by another planet - that planet holds the key to how you can help your child overcome the debilitations. If there was no savior and the planet is truly fallen, then you must analyze the strengths in the horoscope, consider how they relate to the weakness of the debilitation and apply your love, intuition, and intelligence to implement a remedy based of counteracting the weakness with the strength.

Planets Dosh
(1) If your Mars is in the 1st, or 2nd, or 7th, or 8th, or 12th House, your astrologer might fool you with "Mangal Dosh" - in many conditions Mars is no harmful as astrologers tell you.
(2) If your Sun is with Raahu or Moon is with Ketu, you will be told "Grahan Dosh".
(3) If your Jupiter is with Raahu, you will be told "Chaandaal Dosh.
(4) If your all Graha are between Raahu and Ketu, you will be told "Kaal Sarp Yog".
(5) If you have Raahu in your 7th House, you will be told to pacify Raahu.
(6) If you have Ketu in your 4th House, you will be told to pacify Ketu.
(7) If you have Saturn and Moon together, you will told that your Saturn is not good.
(8) If any Graha is in debilitated condition, you will have to make it Uchch.



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