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Age (Aayu)-1

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Predicting Age or Aayu-1

Longevity combination is possible only when the Sun is in 10 degree Aries, I assumed that the years mentioned for the Sun is only for deep exaltation of the Sun. That is why I asked for the longevity of the Sun if it is exalted in Sun instead of deep exaltation. If the Sun is in 28 degree Aries, then with Mercury in 25 degree in Taurus, the distance between them would be 28 degree.

Then you need to calculate the longevity provided by the Sun. How? The Aayurdaya provided by the Sun in deep/peak exaltation is 19 yrs. If it is in deep debilitation then the Aayurdaya provided by the Sun is half of it - i.e. 9 yrs 6 months. If the Sun is placed anywhere in between, then calculate the longevity provided by the Sun based on the rule of proportion (Tri-Raashika Kriyaa)

Prediction of Death-Dattaatreya Mahaa Tantra
From the Raashi Chakra, with 12 petals, we can have an idea bout the time of death. For that,
--First write the numbers of months starting from the month of Chaitra in each petal.
--In each of the petal place signs starting from Aries.
--Now, as per current planetary position write down the names of Graha such as Sun, Moon etc in the Raashi Chakra.
--If the Mrityu Kaarak Graha (Saturn?) aspects (Drishti) the Lagna (Lagna star?) or Moon sign then it is death time.
If Vedh is present,
then for the Sun - sadness,
for Mercury - happiness,
for Jupiter - pilgrimage,
for Moon - happiness from sexual acts with women,
for Venus - gain of land results.
This type of prediction can be done every month"
Some interprets that the Shreepati's system of Gochar-Vedh is mentioned here (?!).
They also argue that if Nakshatra Vedh and Raashi Vedh are present at the same time then for sure it is time for Kaal Mrityu (Ultimate or Sure chance of death)

The length of life under Astrology rules are as follows: (1) Nisargaj; (2) Pindaj; (3) Anshaj; (4) Rashmij; (5) Chakraj; (6) Nakshatraj; (7) Daja and (8) Ashtak Varg Aayur.

The calculations are so complicated under each rule, it will never be possible to accurately arrive at age and time of the natal to ascertain when his end would come. Here again, the ailment causing planet could also extend the period for end, while mostly the choice would go for inferring the reactions of Planetary radiations (Gochar) at the time of end. Out of the above Ashtak Varg Aayur would be only an approximate pointer of the age and time of death. This of course involves the distance from beginning of Mesh along with various positions of Planets from the point of Lagna at Birth and other details.

Normally these calculations would be skipped by all Astrologers and thus the astrologers are not able to decide the Life span of a natal, as it is time consuming and short of accuracy under various hidden factors for count.
[Venkatachal Pathi]

Normally Aayurdaya concept in Jyotish is well explained. Jamini Sootra are more meaningful in this regard. It is better to consider longevity is a God blessed gift to one and all of us to live as much as one can and contribute positively to promote his Aayu. Better we do not involve in guess work and estimates. Every person during his life span faces Apa Mrityu moments which are unpredictable. They are said to be Mrityu-tulya conditions in one's life.

Rohinee Nakshtra of Moon is considered good and it falls in earthy sign Lorded by Venus and is Sthir. The longevity indication comes from 8th House as well as from the 8th to 8th House that is the 3rd House. From these it is certain that native enjoys Madhya Aayu and can always with his Sat-Karm overcome uncertainties to live up to 80 years.
[Vattem Krishnan]



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