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Malefic Planets (Graha)
[From Rohini Ranjan]

Amongst the army of seven, sending away the lunar nodes on their well-deserved vacation for the time being, it seems that the erudite view is that there are only
--two obligatory Benefics: the two 'Guru' - Brihaspati and Shukra, and
--three obligatory Malefics: Saturn, Mars and Sun and
--two facultative see-saws: Moon and Mercury who can be either, depending on associations or something else etc
--the two shadow planets (Raahu and Ketu) are the mix (my recommendation would be to add those to the 2 V (Variable) because my contention is that the nodes (love'em or lump'em) are like mirrors. They reflect the image of who they are with (associations etc) and hence belong in the 'Variable' group.

Negative or Malefic planets are Kroor. They do not drop one with ease. Their impact is known without not knowing! Here, the nature of the impact must be seen as different.

Mars being surgical, tends to bring on changes suddenly, sharply and the loss is often sudden and leaves a sharp pain (not literally or to the body alone), Mars can cause accidents to some but can cure major body health problems through surgery. Both way it is cruel.

Saturn's impact is more ongoing, crushing, compacting, confining as if the oil-filled seed is gradually being crushed in the mill (hence the Hindi saying: Shani tel nikaal detaa hai jab dabochataa hai).

Sun, burns away when it shines malefically.

In a sense, all three rid the nativity of what is unwanted, burdensome and in that sense: dross! Such 'processing' opens up the spiritual eyes of the nativity and as if scales fall off one's eyes. Inner eyes and insight emerges and evolves.

Who is a Benefic?

(1) Natural Benefic
(2) Functional Benefic
(3) Defined by Relationships - Shatru-Mitra-Sama - (naturally / Panchadha Sambandh)
(4) Positional Benefic
(5) Avasthaa

(1) Natural Benefic - Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and strong Moon
(2) Functional Benefic
(1) Lords of houses who are not lords of 6th, 8th & 12th house
(2) Planets defined as benefic for each Lagna as per Laghu Paraasharee
(3) A planet could become a benefic by its association with Benefics, Yog Kaarak etc
(3) Defined by the Relationships
A planet is benefic if its is a friend (of Lagna Lord, Dashaa Lord, Bhaav Lord etc)
(1)There are natural Satru-Mitra- Sama relationships
(2)The relationship gets modified due to position of planets defined by Panchadhaa Maitree concept
--(Tatkaalik Mitra :- planets in 12, 4, 2, 10, 11 and 3 ) or (Tatkalika Shatru:- 6, 7, 8, 1, 9)
व्ययाम्बुधनखायेषु तृतीये सुहृदः स्थिताः
तत्कालरिपवः षष्टसप्ताष्टैकत्रिकोणगाः॥ सारावलि
vyayaambudhan khaayeshu triiteeye suhridaH sthitaaH
tatkaal ripavaH ShaShT saptaaShTaik TrikoNagaaH || Saaraavali
दशबान्ध्वाय सहज स्वान्त्यस्थास्ते परस्परम्
तत्काले मित्रतां यान्ति रिपवोऽन्यत्र संस्थिताः॥पराशर होर
dashabaandhvaaya sahaja svaantyasthaaste parasparam
tatkaale mitrataaM yaanti ripavo.anyatra saMsthitaaH. .paraashara hora

Accordingly, Tatkaalik Mitra are same as stated in Saaraavali.
The Tatkaalik Shatru differs slightly :- ripavo snyatra means all others are Tatkaalik Shatru.
Thus we have to add planets in the 5th too the list provided by the Saaraavali. In fact Saaraavali Aachaarya might have meant both the 5th and 9th Houses when he mentioned Tri-kon.

Panchadhaa Maitree:
Natural relationship + Tatkaalik Relationship
Mitra + Mitra = Ati Mitra
Mitra+Shatru= Sama
Sama + Mitra = Mitra
Sama + Shatru = Shatru
Shatru+Mitra= Sama
Shatru + Shatru = Ati Shatru

(D) Positional Benefic
(1) A planet could become a benefic due to its position in the chart like -  Exaltation, Own house etc
(2) A planet could become a benefic due to its Varg positions like above
(3) A planet could become a benefic due to its position in sign of natural Benefic in maximum number of Varg (in the Varg of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon)
(4) Avasthaa
(5) A planet could become benefic due to Avasthaa defined by various methods

Apart from the above there is a school of thought even in ancient times that planets having strength are beneficial planets. Are they?
It is my understanding that strength alone does not make a planet beneficial.
The benefic should be understood as a planet that helps a person in his pursuit of Chaturvid Purushaarth: - Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh.
A planet that helps him maintain his Dharm can be said to be beneficial to him.
A Planet that helps him to gain wealth for the sustenance of his family can be said to be beneficial to him
A Planet that helps him to keep away diseases and make his body necessary to fulfill the requirements / the purpose of this birth can be said to be beneficial to him.
A planet that helps him in his pursuit of happiness without forcing him from the path of Dharm can be said to be beneficial to him
A planet that helps him to maintain a respect in the society in a good and just way can be said to be beneficial to him.

This also has another side to it.
A planet that prevents him from going in the wrong path even if he wishes to can also be said to be beneficial to him.
Thus we can see that the role of a benefic planet is not just positive but also prevents the native from being negative too.
The strength is only a characteristic of the so called Benefic or Malefic planet.

In the sense, a Benefic planet should be strong enough to do what was intended from it. Otherwise the quantum of goodness derived from that planet shall not be as expected. The same can be said to be true in the case of malefic planets or to be precise INIMICAL planets :- the planets that are opposite to all the above.

God has created this universe with those elements in a perfect balance, which is why it has sustained for millions of years and shall remain so. In the same manner each of the entity in this universe also maintains it own balance. The same is true with each and every human being. Every human being has a level of elements that balances it in a particular manner in tune with many factors like his living environment etc.

The food that is taken by an Indian is digested faster (due to the higher level of certain enzymes) than a person born in colder regions. The slower digestion produces more fat in his body which accumulates to give him the fattiness that is required to combat the extreme cold. See how the nature creates the balance. The same species, same food, but creates a different level of balance due to the variation in the living condition. So what is good for one person need not be good for another. Even in this backdrop of Desh-Kaal-Paritasthiti (place, time, situation), we need to find / understand the supportive and oppressive planets in a chart and for each Bhaav
(By Vinay Jha)
Planets seated in following houses give good results in the following order, goodness decreasing and maleficness rising as we go rightwards in the following list :    1, 9, 5, 10, 4, 7,,,,,, 3, 11, 2, 6, 8, 12

Lords of the following houses make the planets Benefic and Malefic in same manner, left to right :   1, 9, 5, 10, 4, 7,,,,,, 2, 8, 12, 3, 6, 11
Both lists are 75% identical, only three houses (3, 6, 11) change their places in the order.

It is a general rule, but for specific topics this general order needs to be changed. For instance, 2H and 7H are malefic for health, 11L is malefic for all topics, but 2H and 11H are good for money/wealth/ income.

Exalted planets are hugely benefic if they are functionally benefic too.
An exalted planet is most strongly Malefic if it lords 6H and 11H.

Strength of Planets :
The principal STRENGTH of any planet is to be measured in the following order :
1 - exalted
2 - in Mool Tri-kon
3 - in own sign
4 - in fast friendly sign
5 - in friendly sign
6 - in neutral sign
7 - in inimical sign
8 - in bitter inimical sign
9 - in debilitation

This is the chief scale, each ladder on this scale almost doubles the strength. If two planets having same strength on this scale are competing for supremacy, we have to look into Shad Bal (otherwise Shad Bal should be overlooked). In Shad Bal scaling, the weak planet has almost half the strength of the strongest planet. Hence, Shad Bal scaling shows the finer strength within two levels of the chief scale shown above.

Combust planets get the traits of the Sun and lose their own strengths ;
debilitated planets in relation with strong planets also lose their own properties and get the qualities of strong relatives and behave likewise.
That is why combust or debilitated planets sometimes give excellent results.

Avasthaa, Bhaav-Sandhi, etc give finer shades. An exalted planet in Mrit Avasthaa is not Mrit.
Any conclusion must be based on taking into consideration all factors.



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