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Planets (Graha)-Gun
[From Dhirendra Nath Misra]

Sri Bhadra Dasi Ji says that the planets themselves are not auspicious or inauspicious, but they are indicators of our past activities. We have the potentiality to be CAUSE over the planets we have in our natal chart, or we can be effect of them. The position of the planets and their aspects are directly our responsibility. We have heard many times someone saying "I do this, or this happened to me, because I have Saturn (or any other planet) in such house and sign". This is an example of how astrology is used to justify our lack of responsibility.

What is our situation in this universe? There are three Gun or modes of material nature: Tamo Gun (the mode of ignorance), Rajo Gun (the mode of passion), Sattwa Gun (the mode of goodness), these modes indicate how much free will we have, as well as our likes, thoughts, food habits etc. Example: When we are under the influence of ignorance, is like if we were using black glasses not allowing us to perceive many aspects of the reality. When we are under the influence of the mode of passion, it is as if we were using red glasses, and when we are under the influence of the mode of goodness is like if we were using transparent glasses. This mode allows us to see things as they are and so, to act accordingly. In the mode of goodness or Sattwa Gun, one searches and accepts the truth (even if it not pleasing). Under the influence of passion, one asks a question desiring to hear a determinate answer, and in Tamo Gun, neither one asks nor listens to the others.

It is impossible to be situated under the pure influence of one mode only, in this material universe these modes are combined in infinite combinations, nonetheless one of them is predominant in us. In the measure we go up toward the mode of goodness or Sattwa Gun, we have more freedom to use our free will. For example: A dog is in the mode of ignorance, and he has also free will, but the rope to which is bound allows him to move only until some extent. In the mode of passion, Rajo Gun, self centered interests are imposed and one is selfish.

If we elevate ourselves up toward Sattwa Gun (the mode of goodness) we are cause more and more, but if instead we go down to Tamo Gun (the mode of ignorance) then in that measure we are effect (passive) of our planets. Here we have a gradient scale composed by levels with their own characteristics which are manifested in a progressive manner (from A to I, ). These qualities are indicating some general symptoms of how is the influence of the corresponding planet or, at which level we are using the planets that are related to specific realms in our life.

In different periods of our life or, even in our day time, we are acting on a specific level which can be easily ascertained by many symptoms. This is the range in which this gradient scale is related with the Gun (modes of material nature):

A is Sattwa Gun (mode of goodness)
B is Sattwa Gun mixed with a little Rajo Gun
C and D are Raajasik Gun (the mode of passion) mainly
E and F are Rajo Gun mixed with Tamo Gun
G, H and I are in Tamo Gun (the mode of ignorance)

Gradient scale of the Gun related to the planets.

Gradients scale of Venus (Shukra).
This planet rules over love and affinity. We can define this word as a consideration of distance, of how much we feel near or far from a person. This obviously does not mean physical distance for we have seen many times that people which is physically "near" are not so near in reality.

(A) On this level one is able to express love and to receive it freely and not maliciously.
(B) Here the person is tolerant, he accepts (until some limit) the advances offered by others but does not readily make such advances himself.
(C) In this level the individual is negligent toward people in general. He tries to avoid them.
(D) At this level the persons feel anger or irritation caused by the advances of other people toward him, displays of love are received with suspicion.
(E) Here are hate or violent acts.
(F) At this level the person, no longer, dares demonstrate hate as such. This is the level of covert hostility, this person may claim to love others or to act for others good, but, consciously, his acts are meant to injure, manipulate or damage the others, is like an actor, all manner of subterfuges may be resorted to.
(G) Here the person is in fear and he will attempt to buy off the imagined danger by propitiation (the act of appeasing).
(H) In this level the individual is in grief, his desperate efforts to win support by tears, supplications, pleas for pity, strange perversions of truth intended to achieve the pity and win support of others.
(I) On this level there is no real attempt to contact one's self and no attempt to contact others, this level is on the threshold of death.

Gradient scale of Saturn (Shani).
This planet rules over reality.

(A) Here is the person who accepts as a fact of love the reality and confronts it as it is. He can search different viewpoints and thus he can broaden his own reality. He has a complete flexibility and understanding in relating and evaluating different realities.
(B) This level is characterized by moderated flexibility about realities brought to view, without eager search for new ones, or he will try to reconcile his own reality with conflicting realities.
(C) Here the person is aware of the possible validity of diverse realities but he will not relate this to his own reality.
(D) At this level the individual is indifferent to polemical realities, and his attitude is: "maybe" or "who cares?"
(E) Here the person attempts to undermine the reality of others, is critical, he wants the destruction of opposing realities, by denial
or violence, verbal and even physical; refuses to accept conflicting realities without trying to fight back.
(F) On this level the person has insecurity, or attempts to gain reassurance from others.
(G) Here the person has strong doubt of one's reality and thus is not able to act within it. He does not act without others telling him what to do. Fear of acting on himself.
(H) On this level there is denying the conflicting realities and total refuses to acknowledge the existence of any reality but one's owns, in which one is rigidly locked.
(I) At this level, the only reality is death.

Gradient Scale of Mars Kujaa).
This planet rules over confrontation.

(A) At this level the person have high courage level.
(B) Here the person has moderate displayed of courage when the risk is small.
(C) Neither courage nor cowardice but a definite neglect of danger.
(D) Instead of courage we have "bravery"
(E) Here we have cowardice implied in covert hostility. Complete cowardice. Defeat.



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