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The scenario of Taurus Lagna and Jup+Sat in Lagna.
1. Baadhak Saturn is exalted.
2. 8/11L Jupiter is in 6th, another bad house.

We have to resolve basic issue :
(1) The planets give good and bad results according to their placement.
(2) If a planet(s) are placed in 3, 6, 8 and 12 Houses, they suffer some infirmity. (Dosh)
There is no two opinion about this. Now there are rules which help us to find to overcome such infirmities if they are obtained by a planet, a Dosh can not be eliminated completely) . Let us take the case of Vipareet Raaj Yog. The native will enjoy the fruits of this Yog , but at the cost of some loss. This is not the win-win situation (as in the case of Sambandh in Angular and Trinal Lords ,and provided they are placed in these houses) In Vipareet Raaj Yog may benefit you in material upliftment but, say, health may suffer..
(4) Similarly, if a planet is the Lord of a Baadhak house, it suffers some infirmity.   ..Many Saavants have given weight to this. As Raamaanujaachaary in his well known treatise says - that in case of 'Taurus' ascendant Saturn (Lord of 9H and 10H) can give Raaj Yog results if in conjunction with Mercury (Lord of 5H) or Sun (Lord of 4H). Saturn, being Lord of most powerful Angular and Trine house , needs further prop to give Raaj Yog results, Why?.

In my opinion this is to over come by association of another Lord of angular or Trine House. Though, Venus is Lagna Lord, it is not favored as it already suffers two infirmities :
a. Being lord of 6H
b It suffers Kendraadhipatya Dosh.

(5) If a planet is also the Lord of 3, 6, 8, and 11th houses , it obtains Dosh but
a. If two Angular and Trinal Lords are making a Yog and they are simultaneously are the lords of 3rd and 6th house , the infirmity caused by these Lordships will be over-come , and above Raaj Yog will flourish.
b. If those Yog- Kaarak planets are the Lords of the 8th or 11th or both Houses, even if Raaj Yog may start but will not flourish a over long period.

Now take the specific case of Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn placed in 6th house in Libra for Taurus Lagna . This should be accessed in two main parameters:
(1) On account of placement
a. As Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct , Saturn is disposed to give good results.
b. Saturn in exaltation , it will promote the good results of 6H (Provided Venus is well placed)
c. Jupiter is forming Vipareet Raaj Yog , as such signification of Saturn (natural as well as acquired by way of lord ship of houses will suffer in Jupiter Dashaa - but to lesser extent for 10 house.
d. This combination is in Upacahya Houses and formed by two planets who are the Lords of Upachaya House - this is a good Yog for material propriety. at the cost of health and other problems.

(2) On account of Lordship of houses
As Saturn is in conjunction with Jupiter which is the Lords of both 8H and 11H, and Saturn is also Baadhak Lord, the native will suffer losses in Saturn Dashaa and which will bring lot of mental agony being Lord of Baadhak House. The mental agony will bring even some diseases if Lord of 4H, Sun and Moon, are also afflicted.
If Jupiter is in malefic influence, then the significance of both father and wife will suffer, otherwise both them may enjoy good life.
Lal Kitab says that native should marry after the age of 28 years (Mars house is Kark) otherwise the native may suffer on account of progeny.
In any case, if this disposition in 6H is auspiciously placed, the native will lead a comfortable and easy going life.
[GK Goel]



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