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Moon is associated with Ganesh
Moon with Gauree
Ketu is more commonly associated with Ganesh
Mercury is associated with Vishnu  and
Mars  is associated with Skand

The Sun means Bhairav worship and
The Moon is Ganesa and
Mars means the Mother of the Universe.
Mercury is Saraswatee
Jupiter is Rudra
Venus represents devotees of the Sun and
Saturn represents Hanumaan.
The Crow is the worship of the ancestors.
Planets do not indicate a single deity alone but a host of them. Check Prashn Marga itself to get a beginning on this.

Graha Governs
Surya is the soul of all.
Chandra is the mind.
Mangal is one's strength.
Budh is speech-giver, while
Guru confers knowledge and happiness.
Shukra governs semen (potency), while
Shani denotes grief.

Graha Cabinet.
Soorya and Chandra are of royal status, while
Mangal is the Army chief.
Budh is Prince-apparent
Guru and Shukra are Ministers
Shani is a servant.
Raahu and Ketu form the Graha Army.

Gender of the Graha
Soorya, Mangal and Guru are males.
Chandra and Shukra are females, while
Budh and Shani are neuters.

Primordial Compounds
The Panch Bhoot - space, air, fire, water and earth, are, respectively, governed by Guru, Shani, Mangal, Shukra and Budh.

Castes of Graha
Soorya is a royal Graha
Guru and Shukra are Braahman.
Chandra and Budh belong to Vaishya caste
Shani rules the Shoodra (4th caste)

Gun of Graha
Sun, Moon and Guru are Saattwik Graha,
Shukra and Budh are Raajasik, while
Mangal and Shani are Taamasik Grahas

[Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, Ch. 3, Sl. 12-15, 19-22]

Who Denotes What
The Sun denotes soul and character
The Moon denotes Antahkaran (mind),
Mercury stands for intelligence, Judgment, an open and amusing nature,
Jupiter denotes Samyak Gyaan.

Under an affliction
Afflicted Moon may give a perverted outlook and evil habits.
Afflicted Mars is adamant, ill-tempered, murderous, furious and stubborn.
Afflicted Mercury agonizes under similar conditions indicate selfish and mean motive, a peevish nature.
Afflicted Jupiter by Mars-Saturn-Raahu indicates shrewd intelligence, ignorance, overindulgence and complacence.
Afflicted Saturn denotes mean and leading character and inclination towards illegal acts in a personal secret way.
Afflicted Raahu is vindictive, ferocious, violent, jealous, a smuggler, lustful and reckless in mood.
The nature of afflicted Ketu is to causing harm without reason, finding fault with others and always wanting to go ahead with secret plans of an obnoxious kind. When the 1st, the 4th, the 5th, the 9th and the 10th houses are involved under such malefic afflictions and the Kaarak planets are evilly disposed without any neutralizing effect, the person may turn into a liar, cheat, criminal, ill-tempered, sensual, a thief, hypocrite and an out and out imposter and murderer. Afflictions on the 7th, the 8th or the 12th Houses may cause a corrupt sex life.

> the central (all other planets/topics evolving around it), strong sense of own individuality
> the eternal Soul (on a higher level), the ego (on a lower level)
> leadership, dominance, power, authority
- aristocratic, proud, vain, pride, demand respect, egocentrism and egoism, high standards
- active, energetic, working (but prefers to let others work for himself)
- father
- Mool Trikon: Leo;  Nakshatra: Krittikaa, U-Phaalgunee, U-Ashaadhaa

> mind, mentality, consciousness, attitude
> manifestations (of our mind and Soul)
> feelings, emotions, inner peace, dependent on changing moods
- powerful inner world, strong imaginations, intuitive
- appreciation of contacts and relationships, social nature, service oriented
- receptive, passive
- material wealth (Taurus is Mool Trikon)
- home, own country, nearest surroundings
- beauty, popularity, masses
- mother, caring, nurturing, devoted
- Mool-trikon: Taurus;  Own Raashi: Cancer;  Nakshatras: Rohinee, Hast, Shravan

> energetic, impulsive, quick, dynamic, competitive, much initiative, always on the move
> strength, courage, loyalty, force, independence, adventurous
> liking for initiating, inventions, development of new ideas
- very self-centered, individualistic, critical, opinionated
- anger, aggressiveness, violence, enemies
- male sexuality, sexual intercourse with many women
- organizational, scientific and logical capabilities
- siblings

> deep emotions, feelings, very passionate
> exploring sexuality and the hidden/deeper/ taboo sides of reality
> extremely intense, liking for extremes, enormous inner strength and power
- attached to their ideas and opinions, their life philosophy
- discovering the truth behind the superficial things, profound, secretive, hiding
- interest in mystical and spiritual knowledge
- liking for physical and mental exercises (e.g. yoga)
- Mool Trikon: Aries (Ashwinee);  Nakshatra: Mrigashiraa, Chitraa, Dhanisthaa

> communication, contacts
> information, learning, expanding knowledge, wide-spread interests, curious, exploring
> looking for change, exchange, permanent mental and physical motion, need stimulation
- intellectual, speech and rhetoric qualities, authors, journalists
- adaptability, mobile, see the duality of life (all has its two sides)
- nervous, restless, exhausted

> lower intelligence, analytical capabilities, intellectual, discriminating nature
> perfecting qualities and oneself, liking for details and detail work, self-discipline
> obtaining - analyzing - proving - teaching knowledge and information
- practical, fact and reality oriented, wish to put into manifestation
- medicine, healing qualities
- nervous, sensitive, changeable
- arts
- Mool Trikon: Virgo;  Nakshatra: Aashleshaa, Jyesthaa, Revatee

> outer growth, expansion
> abundance, richness
> higher intelligence, higher knowledge, wisdom, positive and optimistic attitude
- ethics, noble qualities, good behavior
- strong sense of principles, justice and universal laws/harmony
- philosophy, spirituality, religion, faith
- liking for nature, sports, animals (especially horses)

> the Raashi of all possibilities and opportunities
> expansive in general, inner growth in particular, expansion of inner treasures
> social, communicative, helping and serving others, altruistic
- introverted, emotional, sentimental, melancholy, dependant
- lack in boundaries, difficulties to draw limits and restrictions, all-flowing
- imaginative, great ability of inner visualization
- spirituality, psychic abilities, connection to higher realms
- Mool Trikon: Sagittarius (Moola);  Nakshatra: Punarvasu, Vishaakhaa, P-Bhadrapad

- material wealth and prosperity
- acquiring accumulating luxury and comforts, possessive
- sensuality, sexuality
- beauty, harmony, music
- cars, vehicles, conveyances
- young women
- relationships generally, contacts in society, marriage
- communication of feelings, seeking for balance, harmony and justice
- activities related to wish fulfillment in outer world and society, charisma
- strong sense for forms, poetry, softspokenness
- liking for taste, refinement and grace, devotional to their beloved
- 'cruel or insensitive to those outside of their circle of association' (DF)
- holy deeds, celebrations
- Mool Trikon: Libra;  Nakshatra: Bharanee, P-Phaalguni, P-Ashaadhaa

> energetic materialistic drive, very actively engaged in projects
> desire to achieve great accomplishments, putting concepts into manifestation
> strive for power, status, authority, very ambitious
- great organizational skills, liking for order and formalities
- hard working, great perseverance, disciplined

> limitations, restrictions, separation
> sorrows, problems, obstacles, inner and outer enemies
> high social engagement, serving other people and the society
- longevity
- self-negation, self-sacrifice, selflessness (opposite rashi of Leo)
- Mool Trikon: Aquarius;  Nakshatra: Pushya, Anuraadhaa, U-Bhaadrapadaa

> intensifying and highly increasing/exaggerating all he touches
> worldly oriented, extremely materialistic; gives or take away
> striving for material and worldly goals: fame, status, riches
- extremes, extreme experiences, extreme sensuality and sexuality (Kundalini energy)
- pressure, force, greed, too ambitious
- technical capabilities

> intensifying and highly increasing/exaggerating all he touches; gives or take away
> integrating new experiences, learning tasks in life
> striving for goals in and for society or other persons
- extremes, extreme experiences
- pressure, force, greed, too ambitious
- harmony with collective/mass trends
- Mool Trikon: Gemini (Aardra);  Nakshatra: Aardra, Swaati, Shatabshishaa

- separation factor, separating from persons and objects
- obstacles, hindering, sufferings, doubts, anger, critics
- hiding, secrets, self-isolation
- interest in occult matters and in mystic/spiritual themes
- seeking the true and authentic origins in all matters
- healing capacities
- separation from worldly things, endings, fulfillment of themes
- seeking for Moksh, final spiritual emancipation, searching for enligtenment
- concentration, contemplation, meditation, spiritual exercises
- healing qualities (high energetic healing, vedic remedies, homeopathy)
- Mool Trikon: Sagittarius (Moola);  Nakshatra  Ashwinee, Maghaa, Mool

The successful integration of Saturn's qualities and attributes enables a person to experience and integrate consciously the qualities and attributes of the outer planets. Without this integration of Saturn they are passively experienced.

> higher level (higher octave) of Mercury
> sudden breaks in life, unexpected events, sudden events, planet of surprises (both good and bad)
> eccentric, outsiders, totally independent thinking, progressive
- (higher) intuition, giving sudden insights (for conscious and mental high-leveled, mature people)
- Mool Trikon: Aquarius (Shatabshishaa)

- higher level (octave) of Venus
- dissolving what he touches, planet of material dissolution
- mystic, esoteric, seer, psychic abilities, spirituality, link to beyond, to higher realms (for conscious people)
- inspiration
- Mool Trikon: Pisces (Revatee)

- higher level (octave) for Mars
- extreme transformation and experiences
- huge energy potential (like a atomic bomb), planet of extreme energy
- most extreme experiences and changes in life
- Mool Trikon: Aries (Ashwinee)

Benefic and Malefic Planets

According to BPHS, Ch. 34 there is following distribution of malefic and benefic Planets:
(27-28) Graha and Kark Lagna.
Shukra and Budha are malefic,
Mangala, Guru and Chandra are auspicious.
Mangala is capable of conferring a full-fledged Yoga and giving auspicious effects.
Shani and Soorya are killers and give effects, according to their associations.

Functional Benefic are Lords of Trikonas (1st, 5th, 9th) and (generally of) Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th):
1st House, Lord Moon (Moon with full Graha Drishti)
4th House Lord Venus
5th house, Lords Mars, Ketu (Mars with full Graha Drishti, Ketu with Raashi Drishti)
7th house, Lord Saturn (Saturn with full Graha Drishti)
9th house, Lord Jupiter (no full aspect of Jupiter to Pisces, 9th House)
10th house, Lord Mars

Functional Malefic are Lords of Upachayas (3rd, 6th, 11th, but not 10th house) and Maarak (2nd, 7th):
3rd house, Lord Mercury
6th house, Lord Jupiter
11th house, Lord Venus (Rashi Drishti of Venus to Taurus, 11th house)
2nd house, Lord Sun
7th house, Lord Saturn (Saturn with full Graha Drishti)

Other planets are neutral. Note: Raashi Drishti are always full aspects.

Venus due to his Raashi Drishti on Taurus, becomes full influence on it and obtains malefic lordship of 11th House. Due to his Lordship over a Kendra (4th) Venus is mixed in effects.
Note: Planets in 11th are normally auspicious, but Lord of 11th is inauspicious!

Moon is Lord of Lagna and of 11th (Moolatrikona Rashi, Taurus), same situation as for Venus: mixed effects. As Moon is waning, he even becomes more a malefic. (Moon waxing is benefic, Full Moon is most auspicious.)

Mars is Yog Kaarak, Lord of a Kendra (10th) and a Trikon (5th), most auspicious planet.
Ketu has lordship over two Trikonas (5th and 12th) if we believe
Pisces is second Raashi of Ketu - this would make Ketu as well a Yog Kaarak Graha.
Same applies if we suppose Aries as second lordship - lordship over Trikon (5th) and Kendra (10th).

Saturn is Lord of 8th (Dusthaan) and 7th (Kendra, Makar), Makar
Lordship (Saturn has full Drishti on it) makes it inauspicious.
Lordship over Kendra would lead normally to mixed effects (in combination with Makar) but lordship over 8th makes it more inauspicious.

Sun as Lord of other Makar (2nd) is able to produce evil as well, but 2nd is house of wealth as well, therefore we can suppose mixed effects.

Jupiter is mainly Lord of 6th (Dusthaan, Upachaya) and secondarily of 9th (no full aspect on it), therefore inauspicious.
Mercury is Lord of 3rd (Upachaya) and 12th (Du-sthaan), inauspicious.
Raahu is Lord of 12th (Du-sthaan) and 8th (Dusthaan), therefore very inauspicious.

So, we finally arrive at the following conclusion:
Benefics: Mars (Yog Kaarak) , Ketu (Yog Kaarak)
Malefics: Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, (Saturn), Raahu
Mixed: Venus, Sun, (Saturn)

Note: BPHS, in Ch. 34, obviously takes both lordships of a Graha as equal, Phal Deepikaa emphasizes Mool-trikon sign. BPHS is written by at least two authors which is easily to prove (the second author is coming from Jaimini school) and it is sometimes not clear which teaching is truly of Paraashar and which one is from the second author. One has to make a decision, and this time I follow Mantreswara:
The second lordship of a planet only has 50% importance than the first lordship, which is based on Mool-trikon. Therefore the difference between 'my' results - based on Mantreswara' s teachings and the teaching in BPHS. In my view the second author of BPHS is not as reliable as the main author: Parashara himself (or one of his scholar spreading his teachings). For example, taking Jupiter as 6th Lord as auspicious planet is hard to believe. We have to consider, BPHS speaks in this case in very general matters without considering all the other important factors (we are supposed to do this).

Important: Even benefic Planets can produce evils in their Dashaas, malefic can produce good effects in their Dashaas. We have to include the placements of all given planets from Moon, Sun and special Lagnas (AL, HL, GL) as well! Furthermore we have to look at the transits: if Jupiter posited in Pisces or giving full aspect to Pisces it gets more auspicious (even with minor 25% Drishti from Capricorn his effects would get better).

Raahu known as Shani vada and Ketu as Mangal vada give effects the same as these two planets give.
Of these if Mangal happens to be energy giver, Shani happens to be energy taker and conservator.
Interestingly both happens to belong to the parentage of the Prime Planet: Sun, the Royal King.



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