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Baadhak is one of the blemishes which a planet acquires. It gets intensified on account of malefic influences, and mitigated by benefic influence. Every nativity has Baadhak Planet in his chart, but they give the results in their Dashaa period.

Bhavarth Ratnakar in chapter on Taurus Ascendant says; Saturn gives Raj Yog results if conjunct either with Mercury or Sun. Saturn can not give Yog results alone  because it is Baadhak Lord. If  it is conjoined with a angular or Trinal Lord, its blemish is reduced and becomes Yog Kaarak.

Similarly, Jaatak Paarijaat says ; if Baadhak is also the dispositor of Mandee or Khresh, it gives added adverse results. This dicta does not mean that 'being Baadhak is no Dosh.
Similarly, BPHS says ; if Ascendant and Baadhak places are occupied by Malefics, Baadhak gives very adverse results.

Why go that far - Maarak places are 2H and 7H and also their Lords. They becomes Maarak, if associated with Malefics. Otherwise 2H and 7H and their Lords control very important and essential significations which are very essential for sustaining as well as enjoying the life. 7H is the route from where all the paths of progress of life have to pass through.

Similarly, consider following planets:
1. Kaarak in their own houses adversely affect the signification of the house.
2. Planets in Mrityu Bhaav
3. Planets in Maran Kaarak Sthaan like Saturn in 1H, Raahu in 9H etc

Their ill effects will be considered in the same manner as this is not the absolute blemishes, and such planets have to perform other roles also. If they get additional blemish, they become very bad. On the other hand if they get benefic association, their blemish will either be removed or reduced. As an example - Jupiter in 3H , aspects 7H, 9H and 11H. Jupiter in 5H, aspects 9H, 11H and 1H.Though Jupiter is in Maran Kaarak place or in Kaarak house, it has to play many other roles also, and its aspect on other houses gives benefits to native. A proper assessment of blemish is very necessary.



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