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Gand Mool

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Gand Mool Vichaar

Gand Vichaar (consideration) is necessary as this period is considered very inauspicious. Therefore it is necessary to know about it.

Tithi Gand
The last Ghatee of the 5th, 10th, and 15th Tithi;  and the 1st Ghatee of 1st, 6th and 11th Tithi are called Gandaant Tithi ans are inauspicious.

Lagna Gandant
The last 1/2 Ghatee of Kark (Cancer), Vrishchik (Scorpio) and Meen (Pisces) and the beginning 1/2 Ghatee of Sinh (Leo), Dhanu (Sagittarius) and Mesh (Aries) are called Lagna Gandant - they are also inauspicious.

Nakshatra Gandant
The last 2 Ghatee of Revatee, Aashleshaa, and Jyeshthaa;  and the beginning 2 Ghatee of Ashwinee, Maghaa and Mool Nakshatra are Gandaant and are inauspicious.

At the time of birth, Bad Kaal,  Tithi Kshaya, Vyatipaat Yog,  Vyaaghaat,  Vaidhriti,  Shool,  Gand,  Ati Gand,  Paridhi,  Bhadraa,  Yam Ghantaa,  Kaal,  Mrityu,  Dagdhaa,  Yog,  Krishn Chaturdashee,  Amaavasyaa,  Birth star of father of brother,  etc are also called Gand.

According to Jyotish Kalpdrum,  3 Ghadee of the beginning of Ashwinee,  3 Ghadee of the beginning of Maghaa,  9 Ghadee of the beginning of Mool;  11 Ghadee of the end of Aashleshaa,  5 Ghadee of the end of Jyeshthaa,  12 Ghadee of the end of Revatee,  in the end of the Sootak, or on the 12th day,  or at the time of on the next birth star,  one should do the remedy of this Gandant.

Jaatakaabharan says - whichever child is born on the Krishn 3rd on Tuesday;  Krishn 10th on Saturday;  Shukla 14th on Wednesday with Mool Star,  he destroys his whole family.

Bhadraa Kaal Vichaar

Bhadraa is the daughter of Soorya and the sister of Shani Dev. Her nature is also said to be Kroor (cruel) like Shani Dev. Because of this Ugra nature, Brahmaa Jee has given her a special place in Kaal Gananaa (Panchaang). Here her name is Vishti Karan (see Karan). During Bhadraa Kaal some auspicious work, travel, and production are prohibited; while Tantra activities, court activities, political election work are good to take up.

As all the five parts of the Panchaang (Tithi, Vaar, Yog, Nakshatra and Karan) are seen, in the same way Bhadraa Yog is also considered. A Tithi's half part is known as Karan. Thus there are two Karn in one Tithi. There are total 11 Karan. Bhadraa Yog is present

2nd part of Krishn 3rd and 10th; and Shukla 4th and 11th
1st part of Krishn 7th, 14th;  and Shukla 8th and Poornimaa

When Bhadraa is in the 1st part of the Tithi, it is called Day Bhadraa; and
When Bhdraa is in the 2nd part of the Tithi, it is called Night Bhadraa
If Day Bhadraa comes in the night time;  or the Night Bhadraa comes in day time, it becomes auspicious

Marriages, Mundan, House entering ceremony, Yagyopaveet, Rakshaa Bandhan or any other new work should not be started
Surgery, court cases, cutting something, doing Yagya, buying a vehicle, women are all auspicious during this time

If Bhadraa falls on Sunday, or Tuesday or Wednesday,  it is called Bhadrikaa;
If Bhadraa falls on Monday or Friday it is called Kalyaanee
If Bhadraa falls on Thursday, it is called Punyavatee
If Bhadraa falls on Saturday, it is called Vrishchikee  - If Bhadraa falls on Saturday, it is considered inauspicious



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