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Paap Naash

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Paap Naash in Raameshwaram
Sarasalai Siva wrote the following in a Group message (JR Group, Apr 29, 2012) -

"More than 20 yrs back I read (in Tamil ) a remedy recommended by Jaimini Maharshi. The remedy is :
Suppose a person is born in Chaitra Maas / month - Sun in Aries sign in natal chart,
When the Sun traverses in Hast Nakshatra in Chaitra month, if the person takes sea bath /dip in Raameshwaram sea, his all previous birth sins will vanish."

I started to think for many years why Jaimini recommended only one day in a year?  - only one day traverses Sun in Hast Nakshatra. During that day the sea changes to that person as Gangaa.

Recently Guru Sanjay Ji told that our Aatmaa carries the sins from its previous birth and transfers /passes them to our mind / body - so we suffers. Oh, now I got it when I correlated and compared that why Great Rishi Jaimini recommended this particular day?

SUN = Atha (carries our sins) then passes it to the Moon - when body comes out,
Moon = Manas / mind
Hast Nakshatra Lord is the Moon
When the Sun traverses in Moon Nakshatra, Dip in Raameshwaram Sea.
Jaimini is a Mahaa Muni. I have an idea to visit Raameshwaram temple during this particular day of my natal Sun month.

When the Moon traversing over the Hast Nakshatra (Hast star day) and the natal Sun's month (Hast star comes each month) Our natal chart's Soorya month.
Why Rishi selected Hast star only, why not Rohini or Thruvonam? - Unable to find the logic.
Jaimini signifies Ketu (Moksh)
There is a saying in Tamil ... for Ketu Dip in Setu Samudra is best. (Raameshwaram).
In Setu Samudra, three seas are meeting (could watch 3 color of waters, Tri-Shool)



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