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This is the lowdown on the Kalp ----

The Vernal Equinoctial Point was found to precede one degree in every 72 years.
Hence, as one Zodiacal Sign is 30 degrees in length, 2160 years (30 degrees x 72 years) is the duration of an Age Cycle.
We are at the moment undergoing the Piscean Age which will give way to the Aquarian in 2444 AD. It is called the Piscean Age because the Vernal Equinoctial Point is passing through Pisces and is at the moment - 06 degrees 40 minutes 24 seconds in Pisces.

Age Cycle                (72*30) = 2160 years
Precessional Cycle    (72*360) = 25920 years --- ( as the Zodiac is 360 degrees )
Equinoctial Cycle     (2000*2160)  =  4,320,000 years
Cosmological Cycle   ( 2 million*2160 )  =   4.32 billion years

One Cosmological Cycle (Brahma Kalp) was considered to be one Brahmaa's Day and another 4.32 billion years was considered to be one Brahmaa's Night. One Cosmological Cycle was 1,000 Equinoctial Cycles (Chatur-Yug) or 2 million Age Cycles!

The Vaidik Calendar - Based on Equinoctial Cycles

An Equinoctial Cycle comprises of 4 Ages.
Satya Yug  =  800 Age Cycles
Tretaa Yug  = 600 Age Cycles
Dwaapar Yug  =  400 Age Cycles
Kali Yug  =  200 Age Cycles
------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- -----
Mahaa Yug  =  = 2000  Age Cycles (Equinoctial Cycle)
Source :
(1) Ling Puraan
Refer to the 55th chapter Shlok number 22-23-24 of Ling Puraan. The following is a comment is based on the same - (Source: sig=AWXpO1U14AJrYADzYdEvqtbbJz0&hl=en&ei=p23sSfG_LMuUkAXe7JyoCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3#PPA39,M1)
Ref to page 39.
The above link provides the following info from Ling Puraan
"According to this account (Ling Puraan) Madhu and Maadhav are the months of Greeshm, Shukra and Shuchi of Varshaa, Nabh and Nabhasya of Sharad, Eesh and Oorj of Hemant, Saha and Sahasya of Sheet Ritu and Tap Tapasya of Vasant"

(2) Taitireeya Braahman
According to Taittireeya Braahman Madhu-Maadhav are the months of Vasant, Shukra-Shuchi of Greeshm, Nabha-Nabhasya of Varshaa, Eesha-Oorja of Sharad, Saha-Sahasya of Hemant and Tapa-Tapasya of Shishir

The above two accounts one from Ling Puraan and the other from Taittireeya Braahman associates different months with the same seasons; a clear evidence to prove that those months are sidereal in nature and that the seasons are moving through those sidereal months!

Now I am equipped with the following info These Vedic months starts with Eesha (since it is the only month in the sequence with the meaning repeating or beginning)  - These Vedic months are sidereal in nature.

SN      Ishadi      Gregorian Date (approx)       Tulaadi
1           Isha           Oct 14 Nov 14                  Tulaa
2          Oorja         Nov 14 Dec 14                  Virschika
3         Saha           Dec 14 Jan 14                    Dhanu
4         Sahasya      Jan 14 Feb 14                   Makara
5         Tapa           Feb 14 Mar 14                 Kumbh
6         Tapasya      Mar 14 Apr 14                  Meen
7         Madhu        Apr 14 May 14                  Mesh
8         Madhav       May 14 Jun 14                 Vrishabh
9         Shukra        Jun 14 Jul 14                   Mithun
10        Shuchi         Jul 14 Aug 14                    Kark
11         Nabh          Aug 14 Sep 14                   Sinh
12        Nabhasya     Sep 14 Oct 14                  Kanyaa
There are mainly only two types of months known to all ancients, including Indians before the period of Ptolemy. They are - (1) Months having alternate 29-30 days and (2) Months having 30 days each. The first type of months are based on Moon, but should be treated as Luni-solar because of the insertion of Adhik Maas (extra month) every 2.5 years or so to make them in tune with the solar year. Whether it be Indian Chaitra etc months or the Babylonian months, or the Gaulian months, it remains the same.

The second type of months are based on the Sun, but they are Sidereal solar because they are all having 30 days each, and an adjustment is made every 5 years or so to make them in tune with the solar year. And mainly only one type of solar year they all knew, the return of the Sun to the same point in sky; sidereal solar year.



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