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Lunar Eclipse

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Lunar Eclipse on 8/16/2008
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There is a partial Lunar eclipse on 16th August. There was a Total Solar eclipse on 1st August also. Two eclipses in one calendar month are not good for most people. This time the combination of Saturn and Mars is not good, few time back the combination of Mars and Raahu was not good. If the position of Mars or Raahu or both is not good in the horoscope then it gives more trouble to the person. The effects upon zodiac signs are as :

Aries : Very Bad
Taurus : Good, give financial profits
Gemini : Not very good, give financial loss.
Cancer : Very bad, related to health
Leo : Very bad
Virgo : Normal
Libra : Give uncertainties in business/professions
Scorpio : Bad
Sagittarius : Normal
Capricorn : Bad
Aquarius : Bad
Pisces : Normal

The eclipse will effect those persons more, which have weak Mars and Raahu or the Sun and the Moon are placed with Raahu or Ketu.

Remedies :
Chant Mantras :
One can do the Pooja Archana of Shree Hari Vishnu Jee by chanting Mantra
"Om Namo Naaraayanaaya"     OR "Om Namo Bhagavatey Vaasudevaaya"   OR "Om Namah Shivaaya"

Donate things : It is good, if one do the Tulaa Daan of wheat. (According to the weight of the person)
If this is not possible, then (1.25 kg each wheat and rice to poor people)

Throw 9 coconuts into the running water. It is better if you do it in any holy river and pray. If the Eclipse is not visible in your area (because it is daytime) you may do this Upaaya during the Eclipse time; otherwise if it is night, one should this Upaaya next day morning when the Sun is up.

For Financial gain : Take a white cloth, like a size of big hand-ker-chief, make the sign of Swastik on it, write Jaya Lakshmee Maataa, place it flat at that place, where you are doing Poojaa, or in your temple at home. Put flowers and rice on the cloth, Chant this Mantra " "Om Namo Bhagavatey Vaasudevaaya" 108 times during the time of eclipse.
Moon is considered to be eclipsed in the company of Ketu, and depressed in the company of Saturn or Raahu. Therefore all those with the permutation combination of these planets in any house of their horoscope need to do a remedy on the next day of the lunar eclipse.

The Lunar eclipse will be on the night of 16th / 17th August therefore the remedy is to be done on the 17th of August any time after sunrise.
[1] The Lunar eclipse Upaaya should be done next morning any time after sun rise.
[2] Normally the eclipse Upaaya should be done when the eclipse is visible in that area.

Those who have either of the following planetary formation in any house should throw the things, listed against the combination, into a river / canal / or sea the next morning any time after sunrise and before the sunsets.

[1] Moon + Ketu :
a handful of Til {sesame seeds}
tamarind {Imalee }
lahasun {garlic}

[2] Moon + Rahu :
a handful of Jau {barley}
sarson {black mustard seeds}
kachcha koyalaa {wood charcoal}

[3] Moon + Saturn :
a handful of saabut badaam {whole almonds with shell}
saabut urad {whole urad}
mustard oil

[4] Moon + Saturn + Ketu
You need to have three items. Choose at least one item each from the Moon + ketu and moon + Saturn combinations.

[5] Moon + Saturn + Rahu
You need to have three items. Choose at least one item each from the moon + rahu and moon + Saturn combinations.

Even for those where the eclipse is not visible there is no harm in doing this Upaaya but they should do the Upaaya again whenever a lunar eclipse is visible in their area.
[from Lal Kitab]

All mothers to be {ladies in their family way} have to take a few precautions at the time of any eclipse; be it lunar or solar.

[1] Take a piece of Kalavaa {Maulee, or the red Poojaa thread}, long enough to go round the waist. Take this Kalawa {Maulee} to a temple, place it before Ganesh and pray that this Kalavaa be the 'Rakshaa Kavach' for the child in her womb. Come back home and the mother to be should tie this thread round her waist. After the  eclipse is over, she should take it off and leave it at the temple after thanking Lord Ganesh to have protected her child from all the ill effects of the eclipse.
[2] Should not come out in the open at the time of the eclipse, nor watch it.
[Bhooshan Priya]
Most of us would be obviously sleep during the Lunar Eclipse, but for those who are awake and wish to take advantage - Keep a jug of water near you, be seated on an Aasan , and recite your Guru Mantra (Mantra given to you by your Guru). If you have not yet received a Guru Mantra, then you may recite whatever Mantra you like, and do Jap. The Catholics may do their recitations on the rosary. Power of recitations (Jap) Important The number of times you recite a Mantra normally, whatever benefits may accrue, remember when you do the same number of recitations (Jap) sitting in a temple, near the seashore, in Teerth Sthaan, and during the eclipse, the same number of recitations is multiplied tens of thousands multifold , and so is he benefits accruing consequently. Remember not to eat during the eclipse. Not to even drink water during the eclipse. Not to touch any thing during the eclipse period. Pregnant women must mandatorily not go out. Do not look at the sky. Have a bath immediately after the eclipse.



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