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keeping temple in house created a flood of if/but/how/can be/cannot be. To clear all the doubt, I am giving below few calculation (very simple), members are requested to kindly go through this and post your comments, experiences, this contributions of yours may lit a light of hope among all of us.

This calculation is based on your birth chart, placement of Brihspati,
How to Calculate.
a) House no:: placement of Brihspat in your birth chart.
b) Year of age: the running age of yours

Say the command says "House no 1==years 7/19/31/43/55
Now the question is if your Brihspat is in House No 1 of birth chart, what was the condition of Fathers health/monetary situation/marriage conditions of children in the years when your age is/was 7/19/31/43 or 55 years

(i) House no 1==years 7/19/31/43/55
(ii) House no 2==years 8/20/32/41/
(iii) House no 3==years 9/24/36/48/53
(iv) House no 4==years 10/22/34/46
(v) House no 5==years 11/23/35/47
(vi) House no 6==years 2/14/26/45/52
(vii) House no 7==years 12/13/25/37/
(viii) House no 8==years 1/15/27/38/57
(ix) House no 9==years 3/17/28/42/51
(x) House no 10==years 4/16/44/50
(xi) House no 11==years 5/21/29/40/54
(xii) House no 12==years 6/18/39/56      Just write Good Bad Average……… happy brain storming

In files section Varsh Phal chart fantastic handbook is given. simply write House No against planet given as per your birth chart, then type your running year, Varsh Phal chart will be displayed.

Then study the Varsh Phal chart as we read birth chart things will be cleared. but while suggesting Upaaya for Varsh Phal please give preference to birth charts critical Upaaya which are to be done on yearly basis. i.e. 8 kg Urad for 8th Saturn, 4 kg lead + 4 coconut for Raahu in 11th House etc.

If we see the Vaidik rules the temple should face EAST. Can we maintain that? What about Praan Partishthaa and cleaning of air with Shlok 10 millions of Jap before keeping the temple. Water from 7 places etc.

Secondly do you recommend that if Jupiter is in 12th House of Jaatak, can he keep temple in his house, Even Pooja is banned for him except Chup Samaadhi.

Thirdly, if the combination planets placed in 8th and 12th House are of Nakas nature, the Jaatak should not touch Moorti in temple otherwise the bad effect of all the combined planet will come up, whereas we may be touching Moorti daily in our house with this bad combination.

There is hairline difference between Poojaa Sthaan and Poojaa Sthal. Pooja Sthaan is an auspicious area where we can do Poojaa, and the Poojaa Sthal is the area which is also auspicious but we make it Pavitra (holy) by doing lot of things as it will be visited by all the people of village etc.

Raam's Kundalee
1. The birth occurred in Chaitra Maas on the Tithi of Navamee
**In Chaitra Maas Soorya would be in Pisces
2. The birth occurred in Punarvasu Nakshatra
**we consider the Sun is in Mercury Nakshatra and Moon in the Punarvasu.
3. The Lagna is Cancer
**Cancer rises in afternoon in Chaitra, Sun then will be in 9th House in Pisces. Please confirm whether the birth is of afternoon.
4. Moon is in Lagna -
**Yes, it would be

The following two points are to be discussed.
(1) Here, the planet with which Moon is there, is said to be Vaakpati. Is it Mercury or Jupiter? Obviously, he is Jupiter since Mercury could not be with Moon on a Navamee day.
(2) The five planets mentioned here are either in Swa (own) or Uchcha (exalted) positions. It should not be taken that there are five planets which are in exaltation, which seems to be popular refrain
(3) These five planets are Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. While the Shlok fixes the places of Moon and Jupiter, the other three planets places can be fixed only by discussion.
(4) Clearly, the Sun can not be in exaltation when Moon is in Cancer on a Navamee day. The distance between Moon and the Sun should be more than 108 degrees, hence, the place of the Sun also can be fixed to Pisces. Thus, the place of Mercury is to be bound by three Raashi - Aquarius, Pisces or Aries.



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