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Introduction Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is not a benchmark or the standard of anything Vaidik, it is like cross between Persian and Vaidik astrology you can see some of the remedies nowhere else as the tradition was in any Vaidik period.

The starting lines of 1941 edition are;
Arz (Request to Readers)
Kyaa huaa thaa, Kyaa bhi hogaa, Shauq dil mein aa gayaa;
Ilm Jyotish Hast Rekhaa, Haal sab faramaa gayaa.
(What happened and What's likely to happen, Made by mind curious;
Gave me all knowledge of Astrology and Palmistry)

Lal Kitab warns the reader as to not to experiment upon - rather even analyze his own horoscope.

On a professional note - I recently met an astrologer who is adviser of an influential and a large business group (the directors seek his advice for Muhoort, remedies etc). I asked him as to Why he is underpaid for his consultations? His reply was - "I am just doing my Karm. Tomorrow if by chance Mr Ambani comes to consult me - It would be my folly to think that by remedies I can become like him. Karm, Destiny, Diyaa Tale Andheraa (Darkness under lamp).

One remedy most and suits me is that "Ketu in 12th with Moon in 2nd" - daily worshipping of Durgaa helps"

It is very interesting to note that Lal Kitab considers Sun as Lord Vishu and the first House as Pakkaa House. Sun exalts in Pakkaa House, where as the 7th House is for family affairs. As per Lal Kitab "The native gets ground between the earth and the sky for food." This they express Aakaash (Sky), Zameen (Land) and Rizue (Income) and Aqal (Intelligence)

Stalward in World of Lal kitab
Umesh Sharma - He is the most practical astrologer as far as I know and one of the best in Lal Kitab field. Anybody concerned with Lal Kitab knows his name. His videos on youtube titled "lalkitab workshop" and "lalkitab seminar" by ptumeshsharma are more than enough to teach what volumes of books cannot.
watch and 45 other videos
This video has the basics -

Shri Yograj Prabhakar Ji - He put Lal Kitab - 1941 edition on net for free download.
Shri DS.Thakur Ji also has vast knowledge of Lal Kitab. They too are the Masters of Lal Kitab.



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