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31-Questions Answers

Ketu in the 6th House in the Varshphal in a woman's chart means that it is malefic even though in the Varshphal her Ketu is in the 9th House . Does a miscarriage mean malefic Ketu?
Generally, if a planet is moved in a malefic house during Varshphal, it is considered remediable (although a lot of other things are also taken into account while deciding this). Miscarriage is the result of Saturn's wrath where Ketu becomes a scapegoat. Study the chart in totality rather than concentrating placement of a single planet.

If some one has to do the Upaay for Saturn for property matters, then one must feed black dogs or black and white dogs?
Reference from LK?

Does feeding of black and white dogs is an Upaay for Ketu?
Yes, feeding dogs apart from other things is for Ketu.

If one cannot keep dogs at home can they hang the picture of that color dog or keep a stuffed toy.
Toys are Mercury whereas Dog is Ketu. Think yourself about the result.

I am concerned about that whether it is okay to keep stuffed toys of animals at home or not. Does it have any bad effects? Also does the type of animal also have any good or bad effect.
Toys come under the items of Mercury. So one should first be sure of the nature of his/her own Mercury and the direction in which these toys are (or suppose to be) kept.

Saturn+Mercury+Venus is a good combination. It is the sun which might be the cause of spoiling this combination. Since your Sun is placed in a close proximity to Saturn it could be more as a result of helplessness." So do you think reading Aaditya Hridaya Stotra on Sunday will help me?
Sure yes, if you have the time to recite it, otherwise the Stotra for the Sun could be equally useful.

Rahu Ketu in their Dashaa or Antar-dasha do bring a possibility of marriage. Therefore to believe that Rahu or ketu will be against marriage possibility may not be the correct assessment.

Since fortune of all the people is decided by almighty God (Qalam Vidhaataa), then why specifically Saturn in 9th house is said "Qalam Vidhaataa". Whether Saturn in 9th house is considered good or bad.
A Saturn in the 9th is considered well placed. Qalam Vidhaataa means God's own pen which writes our destiny. Therefore a Saturn placed in the 9th becomes a significator of destiny unless it is made malefic through our own actions.

It is a dictum that those with close impact of Rahu and the lord of the 12th House in their birth charts should always go in for secured investments. Your 12th lord Mars is with Rahu in the 2nd House. Therefore you can gain from secured investments only.

I have come to know that if 3 planets namely Sun, Mercury & Venus are sitting together in any house then that fellow establishes physical relation in one's neighbor in one's 16th year of the fellow having this combination. To avoid this type of relationship one has to get the remedy for these planets in the 15th year of his life . The concerned fellow is having this type of combination in the 1st house of her horoscope and she is born on 28th April 2007 at 12.30 pm at Kalaka (Haryana). And moreover there are extra marital relation of anyone of the family member in the house and such a combination makes the Yog of 2nd marriage of some of the fellows in the house . If no such situation is prevailed in the house then there is Yog of 2nd marriage of the fellow having this combination. Kindly tell me what remedies do u suggest for this type of combination in the horoscope?
[1] Saturn is placed in the 9th house [ Bhaagya Sthaan] of your Janma Kundali. A Saturn placed here is called as 'Qalam Vidhaataa' - God's own decree, God's pen he writes our destiny with. Therefore eating meat would have turned this well placed Saturn into a malefic. You can eat eggs if you like, but not the fish. Fish is an object belonging to the Saturn.

[2] It is always good to feed the birds. Birds are a Kaarak object of Mercury. Mercury is your Lagna lord [Lord of Ascendant] and the Lord of the 10th house [a house of profession]. Therefore it is always advisable to keep the lagna and the 10th lord appeased. Therefore continue feeding birds, crows or kites.

[3] You should not feed wheat grains to fish. If ever you get an opportunity to feed fish, then feed them Saabut Urad [maah].

[4] Have I suggested some Upaaya for progeny? Because in your horoscope the Sun and the Venus are in the same house [after Bhaav Spasht]. For the Sun and Venus combination the Lal Kitab says :
"santaan janma mein jab ho deri, Ketu paalan shubh hota ho" (If there is a delay in progeny then having a dog as a pet would be the best remedy.) In the case of your wife's horoscope too there are two afflictions regarding progeny.

So she should :
[a] Keep in her ancestral home [where her parents live] a little rice tied in a white silk cloth.
[b] Take a fruit each of 7 different varieties, wash them first with goats milk, then buffalo's milk and finally with the cows milk. After washing them with these three kinds of milk, bury the 7 fruits in a barren place where nothing grows. She should not bring back home the digging tool.

For the sun in the 6th house it is said that Mandir mein daan kee huyee cheez apane paas rakhe. One of the Upaaya suggested is to keep a copper paisa without a hole offered by some one else at a religious place.
The 6th house is considered as the “˜Paatal kaa ghar”{ house representing paatal}. “Paataal” is the under-world; like the heaven is up above the sky, similarly the Paatal is a world of dark forces and is considered deep down the earth. In that deep down world the Sun loses its luster; and all the qualities the Sun stands for, get hidden or over-shadowed in that darkness. In the 6th house the Sun no longer remains the King, it becomes a subordinate or a servant {6th house represents subordinates / servants}

Therefore the Sun has to be brought out into the light so that it acquires its lost luster and regain all the qualities it stands for. In other words the Sun has to be retrieved. The Sun is copper color, round and represents the stately power through the state insignia. A copper coin {without a hole} represents the Sun, because it is of copper, it is round and has the seal of the state marked on it.

Keeping a copper coin, irrespective of the fact whether it has been offered at a temple or not, would have retrieved the Sun from the deep down world of “Paataal”.

But the Upaaya suggested is to keep a copper coin which had been offered by some one else at a religious place. In order to reveal the qualities of the Sun the help of Jupiter is solicited. Jupiter is not only a friend of the Sun, but a planet which represents divine goodness too. Jupiter is the Kaarak of Dharm-Sthaan - a religious place {2nd house} . Therefore it is believed that a thing offered at a temple is blessed by Jupiter and sanctified by the presiding deity of that temple. In this way the Sun {a copper coin offered} will get strengthened and sanctified.

Therefore keeping it on the person means that the blessed Sun is not only retrieved it is also established [Sthaapit] in the 1st House which will help the Sun to reveal its qualities. The Sun in the 1st House is considered as exalted. Thus the Sun strengthened by Jupiter and blessed by the presiding deity of that temple will regain its lost glory which it might have lost by being in the dark world of “Paataal”

But why a coin offered by some one else and not your own coin which could be offered at a temple and later taken back and kept. The reason is that any thing you offer at a temple, only a part of it can be taken back by you as Prasaad. You can not take back the whole of what you have offered.

What is the reason that Upaaya are recommended for 43 day – 40 days + 3 Riyaayatee days figure.
Lal Kitab gives two reasons for this - 1952 Urdu ed: page 36 note # 2 says " choonki ginatee ke lambe hisab ko is ilm mein udane ke liye 28 nakshatra aur 12 raashiyon ko baad mein chhor hi diya jaataa hai isliye dono kee jamaa 28+12 = 40 din kam se kam ya jyaadaa se jyaadaa 43 din riyaayatee tak upaaya ka asar pooraa hogaa." The same as above has been said on page 85 / lines 3&4 of 1942 Urdu ed. Therefore the first reason to get the Upaaya done for a minimum of 40 days and a maximum of 43 days is the number arrived at by adding the number of 28 constellations and 12 zodiac signs. Three days have been added as Riyaayatee [on concession].

The second reason for the Upaaya to be done for at least 40 days is : The 1942 edition while discussing the years of deceit [dhoke ke saal ] during the Mahaa-dashaa period claims that there will be 40 such years in a life time. The 40 days of Upaaya is for these 40 years. "In hee 40 mande saalon ke dhoke ko kholne ke liye 40 din riyaayatee¦. [1942 urdu ed: page 76 / line 16 ] "40 saal ke dhoke vaale asar ke liye 40 din ka aam Upaaya yaa chalees riyaayatee ka arasaa manaa hai" [1942 Urdu ed : Page 80 / line 26].  Therefore the second reason to decide upon 40 days Upaaya is based on the concept of 40 years of possible deceit during the Mahaa-Dashaa.

What is the logic behind keeping few rice washed in milk and continue the Upaaya from where he has left. If you can not continue it for 43 days or you have any apprehension for non–continuity of any Upaaya
When there is an apprehension that the continuity of Upaaya might get broken for some reason then there is a Vidhaan [procedure] of keeping rice rinsed in milk by way of 'Sankalp'. This is a traditional form of making a 'Sankalp'. In this case the 'Sankalp' is that you will complete the Upaaya as soon as it is possible. Traditionally people keep either a Haldee Gaanth or a little rice at home when they make a mental 'Sankalp' to do complete some religious vow. You might have noticed that when people declare their Sankalp to make an offering to God equal to that of 101 Rupees , they keep the money aside right at that time. That too is a way of 'Sankalp'. Therefore keeping rice [moon] rinsed in milk [moon] is symbolic that "you swear by moon to complete the Upaaya later" or Moon is the witness of your vow.



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