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2-Basics of Lal Kitab

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2-Basics of Lal Kitab

The first part of this great treatise contains the principles and Sutras for interpretation of horoscope, termed as "Vyaakaran". The birth chart of an individual is prepared like the traditional Paraashar principles, but the only important difference is that the Raashi are not considered or taken into account for predictive astrology and, therefore, the digits indicating the Raashi in a traditional birth chart are scrapped. Secondly, for predictive purposes the ascendant is treated as the first house and it is regarded as the house of the first Raashi, ie Aries and counting progressively in a sequence up to the 12th house being that of Pisces.

[1] In the LK system it is the Bhaav [house] which is important and not the Raashi.
[2] Therefore the Upaaya are to be done according to the placement of the planets in the house and not in the Raashi.
[3] The Upaaya are done only if it is verified and made certain that a planet is acting malefic. There would be no use of doing an Upaaya for a planet which is already behaving like a benefic.
[4] Lal Kitab does not consider any planet as inherently malefic or benefic. Each planet can give benefic or malefic results. Therefore the Upaaya depends on the nature of the planet.

Theory Behind LK - First of all I will tell you that in LK theory----

There are two types of Upaaya, one is for your birth chart which are permanent in nature, and second one is on the basis of year chart wise (Varsh Phal).
(1) Birth chart - there are two types of planets in chart, one for which results are fixed (Graha Phal waley) like Saturn in 10th house etc etc. For these types of planet no Upaaya are available in system. You have to live with these planets results.
(2) Second one are Raashi Phal waley where it says you can take advantage of benefit of doubts, ie Saturn in 9th house.

Now we have to follow this,
(1) First of all we should do Upaaya of our birth chart (only for Raashi phal waley), like Sun in 8th, raat ko choolhey ki aag dhoodh se bujhaaeei jaaye, or burning of copper coin for whole night and next day morning throwing that coin in river etc etc.... These Upaaya are for Raashi Phal waley Graha only.
(2) Secondly we should do Upaaya of our Varsh Phal, (year chart).

This the main nerve of system. Say, Sat is in 10th house in birth chart which is Mooltrikonasth and is of Graha Phal means you do not require any Upaaya for this. Know if he comes in house no 8 in Varsh Phal, then you must be requiring Upaaya to control its bad effects. Majority of problems lie in Varsh Phal as it is a temporary factor of one year and 43 days.

Next there are plenty of reasons where your good stars also start giving bad results, like if Sat is good but persons drinks alcohol, or your Moon is good but you give charity of milk etc or your Sun is in 11th house but the person eats non-veg etc etc. For these type of problem where the star was good but it is giving bad effect due to your Karm LK recommend theory of "Pitra Rin". LK says you cannot completely change the effect of your stars either you make your self strong to fight its bad effect or you change your route so you cannot come face to face with problem.

One more thing the Bhed (secret) of LK lies in itself only. Say one person's birth chart says that he cannot have male child, "I said birth chart", then search for his year chart (Varsh Phal) and find out in which year Ketu is well placed and it can bless the Jaatak with male child, because LK says... bury "Phal ko tabdeel karnaa Insaanee taaquat ke baahar hogaa parantu...."
[From Lal Kitab Discussion Group, by Leekhas]

In LK there are too many ways to make Kundalee, it can be through your house, from your date of marriage, from birth of your male child etc, there is one more method, where you can not find your date of birth but year will help you a lot in getting remedies for present or future.
Which is the authentic Lal Kitab software to make horoscope?
*Lal Kitab doesn't require a comprehensive software. Though you can use or  for making Lal Kitab kundalee. In my opinion, any software is good enough, if one has basic understanding of Lal Kitab.

There are no Raashi, Nakshatra and Mahaa-Dashaa and Gochar in LK system,

About Houses
1st House   --  Ascendant
2nd House
3rd House
4th House
5th House
6th House
7th House
8th House
9th House   --  Bhaagya Sthaan - If Saturn is there, he is Qalam Vidhaataa, don't make him angry
10th House  -- Profession House
11th House
12th House

About Planets
Mercury - Birds are Kaarak of Mercury, so feed them as often. He is the Lord of Asc and 10th House, so it is always good to appease him, as the Lord of Asc and Lord of the 10th House of profession,

Bathroom toilet belongs to Raahu and wall belongs to Saturn, is this right?
what is your point of view about Saturn in 6th house and bathroom constructions?

One person reported that he had a death in his house, but a LK astrologer said "There is no such Yog in your family." Then he asked - "But if the person has broken a wall, or broken or leveled high the floor of a bathroom, or buy a Bike or car, it might be possible." He said "Yes"
Saturn placed in the 8th house, in Varsh Phal Kundalee or Janm Kundalee, along with any of its enemy planet can cause such tragedy, if through our own actions we turn the Saturn into a malefic [mandaa]. I will not consider the 6th house because the indication of a mandaa Saturn in the 6th will be only the loss of Saturn Kaarak Vastu (thing). In the case you quoted he bought a car/cycle, therefore I assume the Saturn + an enemy planet is placed in the 8th.
-- Varun Trivedi

What is the meaning of "tax of the 8th house should be paid"?
The word tax is used in the figurative sense. It basically means that we should fulfill the obligations towards that house. In the case of the 8th house it basically means that whenever we go past a cremation ground or a cemetery we should throw into it a coin or two. Similarly, the tax of the 4th could mean paying respect to your mother, and so on. At one place the book mentions about paying the tax of the 10th house if the sun is placed there by throwing a copper coin into a river for 43 days.
--Varun Trivedi

According to Lal Kitab (192, Urdu, p 169) when the following Graha will be sitting in any Khaanaa together, the opposite Khaanaa number will have the Mandaa (low) effect and will last long. :-

Graha                              Khaanaa Number
Soorya, Mangal ............................  1
Shukra, Brihaspati   ..................   2
Budh Mangal  ..............................   3
Mangal Shukra ..........................    4
Soorya Brihaspati .......................  5
Budh Ketu  .....................................  6
Shukra Budh  ...............................   7
Mangal Shani Chandra .................  8
Budh Shani (Jaati Swabhaav) ..... 9
Shani  ...........................................   10
Brihaspati Shani ........................    11
Brihaspati Raahu .......................    12

DO NOT FEED WHEAT GRAINS TO FISH, feed only whole Urad.

Bhaagyesh - Kismat ka Graha
Karmesh - Lord of Profession



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