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3-6-11 Houses - Tripuraasur, Shiv and Saturn
by BP Malviya (an ex-student of KN Rao)

Astrology as per the general trend prevailing today is taken to be a Vidyaa for predicting the future course of life i.e. gain and loss .pleasure and pain and so on in this worldly life alone. Whereas our great seers the Rishi made a latent approach to go into the inner secrets of human life, the Adhyaatm, the ultimate goal of life elevation of the self.

Laghu Paraasharee Shlok 6 runs thus
The Lords of the trines are auspicious but those of Trisha-daya are inauspicious and that too relatively powerful. Lust, Anger and Greed. Trisha-daya Houses (3/ 6/ 11) are the Houses of Kaam (desire), Krodh (anger), and Lobh (greed).

Geetaa, 16:21 says:
Tri-vidham narakasyedam Dwaram naashanam aatmanah
Kaamah,Krodhas tathaa lobhas Tasmad etat trayam tyajet
[Desire, anger and greed the triple gate of hell brings about the ruination of soul. Therefore one should avoid all these three.]

The question is how the reality of life, very root of our existence and sustenance can be dismissed so vehemently but at the same time how can what Geetaa says go wrong. In the above Shlok of Geetaa "ruination of the soul" are the keywords wherefrom the true implication of Trisha-daya can be traced. The three houses are extremely bad spiritually. But they are the most acceptable trios in the worldly significance - 5/ 9/ 12 Houses (Bhakti, Vivek, and Gyaan) - the three tenets of Mukti Maarg. These three Houses fall opposite to Trisha-daya Houses. Tulasee Daas says - "Night and day cannot exist together and therefore so long as there is Kaam or Vaasanaa or desire in oneself how is Raam's realization (Bhakti) possible in one's self i.e. Aatmaa?

Kaam is at the very root of creation. Desirelessness is a must for absolute freedom.
Krodh in this world has its positive aspect as without it banner against injustice and atrocity cannot be raised and evil forces cannot be fought. But Krodh has an inherent tendency to ruin others and being the root of all sins has two offshoots - "I and mine" and "You and Yours" - (Dwait Buddhi) which has taken all the  living beings into its grip. Thus without annihilation of Dwait Bhaav which is the culmination of Gyaan, gateway to liberation or Moksh, (12th house) is not possible.
Last of this trio, but the most powerful, is Lobh. Any control over the Lobh is possible only by contentment which has its root only in Vivek, represented by the 5th house. Vivek is the beacon light of life.

Kroor (natural Malefics) Graha have best position in 3/6/11 Houses because they have potential to channalize and control the evil effects of these houses. Saumya (natural Benefics) Graha, on the other hand, when posited in 3/6/11 Houses have the tendency to prop up the inherent potentialities of these houses and thus provide imbalance.

For example, Jupiter or Venus posited in 5th or in 11th aspecting 5th makes one selfish, ambitious, greedy and cloud the Vivek while Malefics in these positions provide the balancing force and of all, the two planets Mars and Saturn are relatively more powerful, the most powerful being Saturn.

The world is a mental asylum where madness for wealth and women is prevalent leading to confrontations and the Tripuraasur (Man - the
mind) running after these respectively. The Vishnu Puraan says about three types of struggles of life - Aadi-bhautik (the physical), Aadi- Daivik (mental), Adhyaatmik (spiritual). Bhaagvat Puraan says human life is a Badvaanal (huge fire).

The Tripuraasur in us (3/6/11) is man's chase after physical and sensual pleasures which is destroyed by Shiv who acts through these opposite houses (5/9/12). Shiv destroys Tripuraasur with one arrow, runs the well known Pauraanik story. That one arrow must be Saturn, a planet about which years ago KN Rao told me that Paraashar has emphasized the role of Saturn even for Yog Siddhi. The story of Saturn in the Brahm Vaivart Puraan portrays Saturn as a recluse, as a Tapaswee. The melancholy that Saturn represents is the beatitude of melancholy, in a metaphysical sense born of disillusionment with all that is dross and gross, sensual and unstable in human life.

If Saturn destroys the Tripur Raakshas, he must occupy in a horoscope a place from where he can destroy the abodes of Tripur. This happens when Saturn occupies the 9th from where he aspects the 11th, the 3rd and finally the 6th one too. Alternately if Saturn occupies one of these three houses - 3/6/11 with Raahu in any of the two houses, not covered by Saturn and the third abode of Tripur has no planets and no aspects of planets it works. Around the three pivots (3/6/11) of a horoscope Maayaa dances her bewitching dance of enticement and around the three pivots (5/9/12) and the grace of Shiv helps us to transcend Maayaa, opens unto us the gates of liberation.

11th House
Planets in 11th House are normally auspicious, but Lord of 11th is inauspicious!



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