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Vinshottaree Dashaa - Example

Vinshottaree Dashaa (started from Moon):
Mahaa Dashaa Jupiter: 2007-05-04 (0:02:12) - 2023-05-04 (2:26:55)
Antar-Dashaa Jupiter in this Mahaa Dashaa: 2007-05-04 (0:02:12) - 2009-06-22 (11:58:21)
Pratyantar Dashaa in this Antar-Dashaa: Ven: 2008-05-21 (11:32:35) - 2008-10-01 (15:11:02)
Sookshm Dashaa in this Pratyantar Dashaa:

Venus: 2008-05-21 (11:32:35) - 2008-06-12 (17:47:28)
Sun: 2008-06-12 (17:47:28) - 2008-06-19 (10:43:52)
Moon: 2008-06-19 (10:43:52) - 2008-06-30 (15:14:26)
Mars: 2008-06-30 (15:14:26) - 2008-07-08 (11:12:51)
Raahu: 2008-07-08 (11:12:51) - 2008-07-28 (14:20:10) (current SD)
Jup: 2008-07-28 (14:20:10) - 2008-08-15 (9:54:38)
Saturn: 2008-08-15 (9:54:38) - 2008-09-05 (9:58:45)
Mercury: 2008-09-05 (9:58:45) - 2008-09-24 (0:40:40)
Ketu: 2008-09-24 (0:40:40) - 2008-10-01 (15:11:02)

Step 1: Natural Significations of Dashaa Lords
Look at the natural Kaarak (significations) of
Jupiter (MD Lord),
Jupiter (AD Lord),
Venus (PD Lord),
Raahu (SD Lord).

Step 2: Functional Significations of Dashaa Lords
Jupiter is the lord of 12th/Moon, placed in 5th/Moon (and lord of 3rd/Moon);
Venus is the lord of 10th/Moon, placed in 7th/Moon (and lord of 5th/Moon),
Raahu is the lord of 6th/Moon and 2nd/Moon, placed in 10th/Moon.

As stated above, Mars and Saturn have the same longitude, 10: Mars is 10 09' Leo, Saturn is 1054' Cancer. Therefore 8 Charak Kaarak Scheme must be applied here due to Parashara's rule.

Jupiter is Dar (fear) Kaarak, Venus Gnati Kaarak, Raahu becomes Maatri Kaarak.

Step 3: Nakshatra Placements of Dashaa Lords
Jupiter is placed in Krittikaa (lorded by Sun), Venus in Pusyha (lorded by Saturn), Raahu in Swaati (lorded by himself).

Step 4: Raashi Placements of Dashaa Lords
Jupiter in Krittika, Taurus Rashi, 11th Bhaav/Lagna;
Venus in Pushya, Cancer Rashi, Lagna/1st Bhaav;
Raahu in Swaati, Libra Raashi, 4th Bhaav/Lagna.

Jupiter is posited in Taurus Raashi, 11th/Lagna (lording 6th from Lagna with 100% and 9th from Lagna with 50%).
Jupiter is Yuti with Indra Chaap, Upaketu;
Aspected via Raashi Drishti by Cancer (Venus, Saturn, Mrityu); Libra (Rahu, Uranus, Gulika); Capricorn (Moon);
Aspected via Graha Drishti by Neptune (100%); Uranus, (Rahu) (75%);
Moon (50%); Mars (25%).

Venus is posited in Cancer, Lagna (lording 4th from Lagna with 100% and 11th from Lagna with 50%).
Venus is Yuti Saturn and Mrityu;
Aspected via Raashi Drishti by Scorpio (Neptune, Kaal, Dhooma);
Aquarius (Parivesh); Taurus (Jupiter, Indra Chaap, Upaketu);
Aspected via Graha Drishti by Moon (100%); (Ketu) 75%; Neptune (50%);
Jupiter, Uranus, (Raahu) 25%

Raahu is posited in Libra, 4th Bhaav/Lagna (lording 12th from Lagna with 100% and 8th from Lagna with 50%).
Rahu is Yuti Uranus and Gulikaa.
Aspected via Raashi Drishti by Aquarius (Parivesh); Taurus (Jupiter, Indra Chaap, Upaketu); Leo (Mars, Yam Ghantakaa, Vyatipaat, Ardh Prahar);
Aspected via Graha Drishti by (Ketu) (100%), Saturn, Venus (75%);
Sun, Mercury (50%); Moon, Mars (25%)

1. I do not use Graha Drishti of Raahu and Ketu due to their particular nature, other astrologers have another opinion on that topic.
2. Other references - Moon (given in step 1), Arudhaa Lagna, Sun, Horaa Lagna, Ghati Lagna - are significant as well.

Step 5: Lordships of current Dashaa Lords over Nakshatra
Jupiter is lording
(a) Punarvasu Nakshatra, in Gemini and Cancer Raashi;
Gemini is 6th Bhaav/Moon, 12th Bhaav/Lagna, 3rd Bhaav/AL,
Cancer is 7th Bhaav/Moon, 1st Bhaav (Yuti)/Moon, 4th Bhaav/AL.
Sun and Mercury are placed in Punarvasu.

(b) Vishaakhaa Nakshatra, in Libra and Scorpio Raashi;
Libra is 10th/Moon, 4th/Lagna, 7th/AL,
Scorpio is 11th/Moon, 5th/Lagna, 8th/AL.
No Graha placement in Vishaakhaa.

(c) PBhaadrapad Nakshatra, in Aquarius and Pisces Raashi;
Aquarius is 2nd/Moon, 8th/Lagna, 12th/AL,
Pisces is 3rd/Moon, 9th/Lagna, 1st (Yuti)/AL.
No Graha placement in P-Bhaadrapad.

Venus is lording
(a) Bharanee Nakshatra, in Aries Raashi;
Aries is 4th/Moon, 10th/Lagna, Yuti AL.
Ketu in Bharanee.

(b) P-Phaalgunee Nakshatra, in Leo Raashi;
Leo is 8th/Moon, 2nd/Lagna, 5th/AL.
Yam Ghantakaa and Vyatipaat in P-Phaalgunee.

(c) P-Aashaadhaa Nakshatra, in Sagittarius Raashi;
Sagittarius is 12th/Moon, 6th/Lagna, 9th/AL.
No Graha placement in P-Aashaadhaa.

Raahu is lording
(a) Aardraa Nakshatra, in Gemini Raashi;
Gemini is 6th/Moon, 12th/Lagna, 3rd/AL.
No Graha placement in Aardraa.

(b) Swaati Nakshatra, in Libra Rashi;
Libra is 10th/Moon, 4th/Lagna, 7th/AL.
Raahu, Uranus, Gulikaa in Swaati.

(c) Shatabhishaa Nakshatra, in Aquarius Raashi;
Aquarius is 2nd/Moon, 8th/Lagna, 11th/AL.
Parivesh in Shatabhishaa.

Step 6: Current Dashaa Lords in Ansh of Raash9 (y means Yuti)
Jupiter (MD, AD Lord) in Ansh of Raashi:
(D-3, D-9, D-27, D-81) Jupiter in Taurus Drekkaan (y Moon), Capricorn Navaansh, Cancer Bhaansh (Yuti Mercury), Pisces Nava-Navaansh (y Mercury, Raahu)
(D-2, D-4, D-8, D-16) Moon's Horaa (y Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Raahu, Ketu, Lagna), Taurus Chaturthaansh (y Neptune), Sagittarius
Ashtaansh (y Pluto), Leo Kalaansh (y Pluto)
(D-30) Taurus Trinshaansh (Yuti Venus)
(D-12, D-60, D-40, D-45) Taurus Dwadashaansh, Gemini Shastiyaansh (y Mercury), Scorpio Khavedaansh, Virgo Aksh Vedaansh
(D-7, D-10) Scorpio Saptamaansh (y Mercury), Capricorn Dashaansh (y Uranus, Neptune)
(D-20, D-24) Sagittarius Vinshaansh (y Mercury, Neptune), Cancer Chathurvinshaansh (y Moon, Pluto)

Venus (PD Lord) in Ansh of Raashi:
(D-3, D-9, D-27, D-81) Venus in Cancer Drekkana, Leo Navaansh (y Ketu), Aries Bhaansh, Gemini Nava-Navaansh
(D-2, D-4, D-8, D-16) Moon's Horaa (y Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Raahu, Ketu, Lagna) Horaa, Cancer Chaturthaansh (Yuti Moon), Taurus Ashtamaansh, Gemini Kalaansh (D-30) Taurus Trinshaansh (yuti Jupiter)
(D-12, D-60, D-40, D-45) Leo Dwaadashaansh, Pisces Shashtiyaansh, Pisces Khavedaansh, Libra Aksh Vedaansh
(D-7, D-10) Capricorn Saptamaansh (Yuti Raahu), Aries Dashaansh
(D-20, D-24) Gemini Vinshaansh (y Mars, Pluto), Libra Chaturvinshaansh

Raahu (SD Lord) in Ansh of Raashi:
(D-3, D-9, D-27, D-81) Raahu in Aquarius Drekkana (y Sun, Mercury), Aquarius Navamsa, Scorpio Bhaansh, Pisces Nava-Navamsa (y Jupiter, Mercury) (D-2, D-4, D-8, D-16) Moon's Horaa (y Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Ketu, Lagna) Horaa, Aries Chaturthaansh, Leo Ashtaansh (y Moon, Raahu, Ketu), Sagittarius Kalaansh (y Moon, Mercury, Raahu, Ketu) (D-30) Sagittarius Trinshaansh (yuti Mars, Ketu) (D-12, D-60, D-40, D-45) Aries Dwadashaansh (y Sun), Aries Shastiyaansh (y Mars, Saturn, Pluto), Sagittarius Khavedaansh (y Mercury, Saturn, Ketu), Pisces Aksh Vedaansh (y Moon, Ketu) (D-7, D-10) Capricorn Saptamaansh (y Venus), Pisces Dashaansh (y Sun) (D-20, D-24) Aquarius Vinshaansh (y Sun, Moon, Ketu), Leo Chaturvinshaansh (y Ketu)

Note: Ansh placements of Upagraha, Raashi Drishti given to Ansh, Avasthaa of Graha in Ansh and Lords of Ansh with their Yuti are not included here but would give significant additional information.

Step 7: Strengths and Avasthaa
Jupiter Shadabal 114%, Vinshopak Bal 9.7
Venus Shadabal 120%, Vinshopak Bal 11.3
Raahu Vinshopak Bal 10.0

Jupiter in Mrit, Deen, Aagam/ Drishti Avasthaa, Naag Purush (4) in Shodash Varg
Venus in Mrit, Vikal, Khal, Gamana/ Chestha Avasthaa, Paarijaat (2) in Dash Varg, Kanduk (5) in Shodash Varg
Raahu in Yuvaa, Pramudit, Dukhit, Gamana/ Vichestha Avasthaa, Paarijaat (2) in Dash Varg, Kusum (3) in Shodash Varg

Note: The latter strengths are Vaisheshik Ansh strengths (in Ansh signs).

Step 8: (Current) Dashaa Lords - mutual relationship
Jupiter is MD and AD Lord - therefore Raashi/ Bhaav of Jupiter strongly emphasized.
Jupiter MD/AD Lord is 5th/Moon.
Venus PD Lord is 3rd from AD Lord Jupiter.
Raahu SD Lord is 4th from PD Lord Venus.

Note: Moon is main reference point for Vinshottaree Dashaa MD.

Step 9: Various References
Jupiter is 11th/Lagna, 5th/Moon, 2nd/AL, 12th/Sun, 10th/HL, 9th/GL, 5th/Lagna Lord (Moon), 12th/AK (Sun), 12th/AmK (Mercury) and 6th/Mool Trikon Sagittarius.
Venus is Yuti (1st)/ Lagna, 7th/Moon, 4th/AL, 2nd/Sun, 12th/HL, 11th/GL, 7th/Lagna Lord (Moon), 2nd/AK, 2nd/Amk and 10th/Mool Trikon Libra.
Raahu is 4th/Lagna, 10th/Moon, 7th/AL, 5th/Sun, 3rd/HL, 2nd/GL, 10th/Lagna Lord (Moon), 5th/AK, 5th/AmK and 5th/Mool Trikon (Gemini)

Yuti and Drishti are to be included as well, of course.

Step 10: Argalaa Analysis
Special rule from BPHS is to be applied - Virodh Argalaa (obstructive Argalaa) only in a particular quarter of Raashi with regard to the quarter of the Argalaa giving planet:

0 - 7.5 Argalaa -> 22.5 - 30 Virodh Argalaa
7.5 - 15 Argalaa -> 15 - 22.5 Virodh Argalaa
15 - 22.5 Argalaa -> 7.5 - 15 Virodh Argalaa
22.5 - 30 Argalaa -> 0 - 7.5 Virodh Argalaa

2nd/Jupiter: Sun 27, Mercury 24 (-)
12th/Jupiter: Ketu 15 (-)
> Ketu does not obstruct (Paap) Argalaa by Sun and Mercury (Paap Argalaa as well - Mercury is Malefic because of his association with a natural Malefic, Sun) because he isn't placed in the right quarter to do so.

1. As Sun/Mercury are within 22.5 - 30, a planet would need placement in 0 - 7.5 of Raashi for being obstructed by Ketu (or any other planet).
2. Nevertheless, Bhavat Bhavam principle applies - but Bhavat Bhavam by far does not obtain the decisive strength of Argalaaa.
3. It is an open question if transiting or progressing planets in respective quarters are able to give Virodh Argalaaa.

4th/Jupiter: Mars 10 (Yam Ghantakaa 24 , Vyatipaat 19, Ardh Prahar 0)
10th/Jupiter: - (Parivesh 19)
> (Paap) Argalaa by Mars not obstructed
- Yam Ghantakaa (related to Jupiter) is almost always auspicious.
- Vyatipaat has mixed effects in 4th
- Ardh Prahar (related to Jupiter) seems to be auspicious in Kendra (4th)
- Parivesh is auspicious in 10th, therefore supporting

11th/Jupiter: - (-)
3rd/Jupiter: Venus 4, Saturn 10 (Mrityu 7)
> no Argalaa
- Mrityu (related to Mars) is auspicious in 3rd

5th/Jupiter: - (-)
9th/Jupiter: Moon 10 (-)
> no Argalaa

2nd/Venus: Mars 10 (Yam Ghantakaa 24 , Vyatipaat 19, Ardh Prahar 0)
12th/Venus: Sun 27, Mercury 24 (-)
> (Paap) Argalaa by Mars not obstructed
- Yam Ghantakaa (related to Jupiter) is almost always auspicious.
- Vyatipaat is unfavorable in 2nd
- Ardh Prahar (related to Mercury) seems to be auspicious in 2nd

4th/Venus: Raahu 15 (Gulikaa 12)
10th/Venus: Ketu 15 (-)
> no Argalaa
- Raahu in 4th (Kendra) inauspicious
- Gulikaa in 4th extremely inauspicious
- Ketu in 10th (Kendra, Upachaya) mixed

11th/Venus: Jupiter 0 (Indra Chaap 10, Upaketu 27)
3rd/Venus: - (-)
> (Shubh) Argalaa by Jupiter, no Virodh Argalaa
- Indra Chaap is auspicious in 11th
- Upaketu is auspicious in 11th as well

5th/Venus: - (Dhooma 10, Kaal 25)
9th/Venus: - (-)
> no Argalaaa
- Dhooma in 5th is unfavorable
- Kaal in 5th as well (Kaal related to Sun and Raahu)

2nd/Raahu: - (Dhooma 10, Kaal 25)
12th/Raahu: - (-)
> no Argalaa
- Dhooma in 2nd is unfavorable
- Kaal in 2nd is unfavorable (Kaal related to Sun and Raahu)

4th/Raahu: Moon 15 (-)
10th/Raahu: Venus 4, Saturn 10 (Mrityu 7)
> (Paap) Argalaa by Moon is obstructed by Saturn (Virodh Argalaa by Saturn), Moon gives Paap Argalaa because as waning Moon he is a (slightly) Malefic
> Shubh Argalaa by Venus is not obstructed
- Mrityu in 10th is more favorable than adverse (Mrityu is related to Mars)

11th/Raahu: Mars 10 (Yam Ghantakaa 24,  Vyatipaat 19, Ardh Prahar 0)
3rd/Raahu: - (-)
> (Paap) Argalaa by Mars
- Yam Ghantakaa (related to Jupiter) is almost always auspicious.
- Vyatipaat is favorable in 11th
- Ardh Prahar (related to Mercury) seems to be auspicious in 11th

5th/Raahu: - (Parivesh 19)
9th/Raahu: Sun 27, Mercury 24 (-)
> No Argalaa
- Parivesh in 5th Bhaav is favorable

- Short Explanation of Argalaa -
2nd Bhaav is wealth and prosperity, sustenance with regards to a Bhaav, 4th Bhaav is fortune and prosperity, 11th Bhaav gains of all kinds and 5th Bhaav gives luck factor and success derived from own intelligence and abilities. This all related to the matters of the analyzed Bhaav.

Similar to Vipareet Vedha (see transit rules) there are Vipareet/ Virodhee Argalaa places:
- the 12th Bhaav is Virodh Argalaa for the 2nd Bhaav
- the 10th Bhaav is Virodh Argalaa for the 4th Bhaav
- the 3rd Bhaav is Virodh Argalaa for the 11th Bhaav
- the 9th Bhaav is Virodh Argalaa for the 5th Bhaav

Argalaa caused by a benefic (Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus): Shubh Argalaa
Argalaa caused by a malefic (Sun, Mars, Saturn, Raahu, Ketu): Paap Argalaa

A planet only gives obstructive Argalaa to a Argalaa planet in a particular quarter (see above). Argalaa from Raahu and Ketu are to be considered in the reverse manner as they are always retrograde (count anti-zodiacal).

For proper interpretation, these ten steps have to be done for entry charts as well.



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