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Budh Ashtamee Kathaa

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Budh Ashtamee Vrat Kathaa
From    Agni Puraan, Ch 184, p 372

Budh Ashtamee Vrat is dedicated to Goddess Paarvatee Jee. it is observed on all Ashtamee which fall on Budh Vaar (Wednesday). In 2010, Budh Ashtamee are falling on April 21, September 1, and September 15. It may fall in Krishn Paksh or Shukla Paksh, doesn't matter, but it should fall on Wednesday only, then only it will be regarded as Budh Ashtamee. Devotees keep fast and worship Paarvatee Jee on this day. On September 1 is Krishn Janmaashtamee also, that is why it is very auspicious day this year, so the fast becomes more meritorious and significant this day.

There was a Braahman named Dheer. His wife's name was Rambhaa and his son's name was Kaushik. He had a daughter also named Vijayaa. He had a bull named Dhanad. One day the Braahman's son Kaushik took his bull to a grassland for grazing with some herdsmen. He started taking bath in Gangaa River, that somebody took away his bull. When Kaushik came out of the river, he didn't see his bull so he started searching for it with his sister Vijayaa. While searching he saw a group of Dev women in a pond. He was feeling hungry so he asked them for some food. On that day it was Budh Ashtamee. At this those women said - "Today you are our Atithi, so do Vrat and then take food." So Kaushik did Budh Ashtamee Vrat and then took food.

On the other side,  Dheer came to the guard of the forest, took his bull and came back home. Dheer married his daughter Vijayaa at proper time. Later Dheer died and went to Yam Lok. Because of his Budh Ashtamee Vrat Kaushik became the king of Ayodhyaa. When Vijayaa saw his parents' bad condition, she went to Yam Raaj.

Once Kaushik went to the forest for hunting, he asked - "How my parents can be free from Narak?" Yam Raaj appeared then and there and said to him - "By the fruit of two Budh Ashtamee Vrat, they can be free from Narak." Then Kaushik did two Budh Ashtamee Vrat and offered their fruit to his parents. After that his parents went to Swarg. Later Vijayaa also did this Vrat with the desire of pleasure and Moksh.

Budh Ashtamee Dates
2012  -  February 15,  July 11,  November 7,  November 21.



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