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Ke-1-Devtaa and Yaksh

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Ken Upanishad

Dialog Between Devtaa and Yaksh
It is the dialog between Devtaa and a Yaksh about Devtaa's egoism.
The same story is given in Chhaandogya Upanishad also

Once in the fight with the Asur, the Devtaa defeated them. The Devtaa thought that they did so with their own power and prowess and forgot that it was Divine help which brought this victory to them. Lord Brahmaa wanted to teach them a lesson. He knew their idea of being puffed up with vanity, so he appeared before them in the form of a Yaksh (Great spirit) the beginning and end of which were not visible. They did not know Him (the Yaksh).

They asked Agni - "O Jaatvedaa, Find out what this great spirit is?" He said, "Yes" and ran up to Brahmaa Jee and Brahma Jee asked him - "Who art thou?" He replied - "I am verily Agni, I am verily Jaatavedaa." Brahmaa Jee asked Agni - "What power hast thou?" Agni replied - "I can even burn whatsoever there is on the Earth." Brahmaa Jee placed a blade of grass before Agni and said - "Burn this." Agni approached it with all its power, but he could not burn it. He came back ashamed.

Next Indra sent Vaayu Dev so came Vaayu Dev (the god of wind) to Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee asked Vaayu Dev - "Who are you and what power hast thou? Vaayu replied - "I am Vaayu Dev and I can blow away all the Universe and all that is on the Earth." Brahmaa Jee again placed a blade of grass before Vaayu Dev and said - "Blow this away." Vaayu approached it with all his power but was not able to make it move even an inch from its place.

Last of all the chief of the Devtaa, Indra himself came. But when he reached the spot, he found that the Yaksh had vanished. Indra was in a state of great dilemma. He was confused and perplexed. When he was thus standing there, bewildered and ashamed at their defeat, Umaa (Haimaavatee), the daughter of Himvaan (Himaalaya) and the consort of Lord Shiv appeared before him and revealed to him the real identity of the Yaksh. Then only Indra knew the spirit to be Brahmaa Jee.

He verily became excellent before the other gods on account of the grace of the Mother Umaa. "On account of egoism, you think that you do everything and so you are bound. Feel that you are an instrument in the hands of God. God works through your hands, beholds through your eyes, hears through your ears, smells through your nose. If you will know this, you will be freed from egoism and the bondage of Karm. You will attain peace and become one with God. This is the secret of Karm Yog and Bhakti Yog."

This is the truth of Brahm in relation to nature and Man. Whether it is the flash of lightning, or the wink of the eyes or the thinking of the mind, the power that is shown is the power of Brahm. For this reason should a man meditate upon Brahm all the time. The sudden Reality that strikes Man as the power behind everything, must be transformed into a permanent Realization.



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