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Chhaandogya Upanishad

Satyakaam Jaabaal-2
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This is the story of Satyakaam Jaabaal as produced in Chhaandogya Upanishad---

The boy Satyakaam's only qualification was truthfulness and this was sufficient for the Guru to accept him as his disciple even without knowing his birth details, parentage, Kul, Varn etc. To his question regarding his Gotra his mother simply answers - "While I was young I was working as a maid servant in a number of houses and I do not know who your father was. Your name is Satyakaam and I am Jaabaalaa. So, you are Satyakaam Jaabaala." Child Satyakaam went to his Guru and told the same thing to him. When he told the same thing before the learned sage Gautam, he so much appreciated the brave and truthful child that he readily agreed to make him his own disciple and said - "No one is born of a Brahman would dare tell such an unpleasant truth. So, I shall initiate you into Brahmacharya because whatever may happen, you have clung fast to truth".

Once in the Aashram, one day, the Guru summoned Satyakaam and gave him 400 lean, weak and poorly fed cows and asked him to come back to the Aashram only after the cows become 1000. Satyakaam went to the forest and lived there seeing Brahm in the songs of birds, cycle of seasons, birth, growth and decay of life around, etc. He realized Brahm in touch, hearing, speech, sight, taste, beating of heart, in waking and in dreams. Then one day, he found that the herd of his cows has grown to 1000 and so, he returned to the Aashram.

Preaching of a Bull - He stopped at a place for night. There a bull said - "I will tell you something about Brahm." “Say on, Sir,” said Satyakaam. Then the bull said - "The East is a one quarter of the world, the North is one quarter of the world, Lord, so is the West, and so is the South. The four cardinal points are the four parts of Brahm. This one quarter is "Prakaash-vat" (shining). Fire will also teach you another foot of Brahm.” Satyakaam proceeded further towards his Guru's Aashram. When the night fell, he stopped for the night and lit the fire, sat down behind the fire facing the East.

Preaching of Fire - Fire was a great symbol in those days, and every student had to procure fire and make offerings. So on the following day, Satyakaam started for his Guru’s house, and when in the evening he performed his oblation, and worshipped at the fire, and was sitting near it, he heard a voice come from the fire - "O Satyakaam." "Speak, Lord,” said Satyakaam. "O Satyakaam, I have come to teach you a little of Brahm. This Earth is one quarter of that Brahm. The sky is another quarter and Heaven is another quarter of the Brahm. This ocean is also one quarter of Him. And this foot is called Anant-vat (endless). he who klnows this and meditates on this, consisting of four quarters as endless becomes endless on the Earth. He who meditates on this foot of Brahm, becomes endless." Then the fire said that a Hans (swan) would also teach him something.

Preaching of Swan - Satyakaam continued his journey and on the next day when he had performed his evening sacrifice a swan came to him and said - “I will teach you something about Brahm. This fire which you worship, O Satyakaam, is a part of that Brahm. The Sun is a part, the Moon is a part, the lightning is a part of that Brahm too and this foot of Brahm is called Jyotish-mat (luminous). He who knows this and meditates on this foot of Brahm, becomes luminous on the Earth Now a bird called Madgu (diver bird) will tell you more about it."

Preaching of Madgu - The next evening that bird came, and a similar voice was heard by Satyakaam - "Satyakaam." "reverend, Sir." "I will tell you something about Brahm. Breath is a part of Brahm, sight is a part, hearing is a part, and the mind is also a part of Brahm. This is one foot of Brahm consisting of four quarters. THis is called Ayatanaavat (having support). Who knows this and meditates on this foot of Brahm possesses support (home) on the Earth. he conquers the worlds which offers a home"

Preaching of Guru - Then the boy arrived at Guru's Aashram and presented himself before him with due reverence. No sooner had the Guru saw his disciple's brilliant face he understood that he has already realized Brahm. Guru said - "Satyakaam." "Revered Sir." "You shine like you know Brahm. Who has taught you?" Satyakaam said politely - "But I wish, you should teach me, Sir, because I have heard that if the Guru gteaches the knowledge leads to the highest good."

The young man impressed the Guru that by the Guru's grace, he got the communion with nature. The Guru then gave the final touches with his voice of experience and Satyakaam Jaabaal realized his dream of acquiring full knowledge of Brahm, the ultimate reality.

"This is the result of speaking truth."

"Praan is the Supreme. It rules over our entire body. If it is not there we cannot live."
In Part 5/2 of the Chhaandogya Upanishad it is written that, Satyakaam told the doctrine of Praan (given in the same part) to Goshruti (the son of Vyaaghrapaad) - "If one will tell this to even to a dry stump, branches would grow and leaves spring forth." - then a Karm Kaand is given to attain greatness.


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