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Prashn Upanishad

Pippalaad's six pupils are :-
(1) Son of Katya - Kabandhi
(2) Descendent of Bhrigu from Vidarbh - Bhaargav
(3) Son of Ashwal - Kausalya
(4) Descendent of Garg - Sauryayanee
(5) Son of Shibi - Satyakaam
(6) Son of Bharadwaaj - Sukesh

(1) The first question is asked by Kabandhi - "What is the root cause of this world?" He wants to know where from these people are born? Pippalaad says - "To become Prajaapati, first one has to be engaged in severe Tap and created Praan and Rayi to create the world." The term "Rayi" can be interpreted as all subtle and gross physical matter and Praan may be taken as intangible spirit or active life force. He further stresses the importance of Praan and Rayi may be taken as food which in turn turns into semen and from semen all people are born.

(2) The second question is asked by Bhaargav - the relation between Praan and senses. Pippalaad says that Praan is the main sustainer of the body. He asks, "How many Divine elements make up the body? Which one among them keeps body alive? In fact none of them. Then Praan says "I keep the body alive." Different forms of Praan are described in the answer.

(3) Then Kausalya asks - "From whom Praan originates and how does he come to the body? How hw leaves the body and how does he support inner and the outer worlds?" Pippalaad says that Praan originates from Aatmaa (Soul). He comes to the body in five forms by Aatmaa's will - Apaan, Udaan, Samaan, Vyaan and Praan Vaayu. Udaan Vaayu circulates Praan in the whole body. Udaan carries life to Heaven or Hell after death according to one's Punya or Paap; and even to Earth if he has done both. It is only Praan which keeps body in working condition."

(4) Then asks Sauryayanee, "Which elements in human being actually sleep, and which ones are awake at that time? Among these who sees the dream and who feels the bliss in it? And in whom all of them mingle finally?" Pippalaad says - "As all sun rays go back to the Sun at the time of sunset, in the same way all these senses go back to their master - "Mind"; but still the five Praan are awake. Mind sees the dream. During dreamless deep sleep, the Mind merges with Supreme Reality, which is the final refuge of the elements. Then Self feels bliss."

(5) Fifth question is asked by Satyakaam, "Who meditates on "OM" till death, what fruit does he get?"
Pippalaad says, "He will merge into Par Brahm."

(6) The sixth and the last question is asked by Sukesh, "Who is Shodash Kalaa Purush (the Divine Being with 16 attributes)?" Pippalaad says that "That Purush is inside our body and as far as I know, nobody is greater than Him."

The Kingdom of God is achievable by those who keep away from fraud, untruth and unrighteous actions.

He is the Fire, He is the heart, and he is the light giving Sun. He is the rain, He is the wind and the earth. He is everything, visible and invisible, and He is eternal.

It is you, the Lord of Creation, who m oves in the womb of the mother and who takes birth in due course. To you, O Life-giver, the one who resides in our body as life itself, we offer our salutations

O Life, the mind absorbs through the faculties of seeing and hearing and mind expresses through the faculty of speech. use these faculties to earn grace (Shiv). Do not abuse these faculties to deform yourself.

Out of the Supreme Soul comes the individual soul. the individual soul is dependent on the Supreme soul just as his shadow is dependent on the person. the individual soul comes to a body because of the will of the Lord.



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