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Flowers in Hindu Mythology
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Normally Hindu have a concept of offering flowers to their Devee and Devtaa. And not only Devee Devtaa they are offered to guests also as they are considered as Devtaa. So every time they worship their Deity they use a flower. Thus flower is a part of Panchopachaar Poojaa. People think that a specific flower for a specific Deity is based on what he or she likes, but it is not so. In fact a flower has a particular color and a special fragrance. On a subtle level the color and fragrance particles present in the flower have a capacity to attract the principles of a specific Deity which benefits the worshipper. That is the principle behind offering specific flowers to a Deity and not because they like it.

Although many kinds of flower names are mentioned in our scriptures in various references, but some have special significance. Those flowers are described here.

Paarijaat Flower
This is the foremost and most important flower among all the flowers. It came out of Saagar Manthan and was planted in Indra's garden Nandan Van for the beauty of his garden. It is a divine flower and it never fades. Indraanee wears its ornaments.

Kamal Flower (Lotus)
See about its detailed description Kamal

Tulasee Flower (Manjaree)
This flower is special to Vishnu. If this flower is offered to Him while worshipping Him, no other flower is needed. Tulasee leaves are used with the Naivedya offered to Vishnu. That is why all Vaishnav people have a Tulasee plant in their house, as they have to use it at least twice a day.

Dhatooraa Flower
This flower is very dear to Shiv Jee and specifically offered to him on worshipping him.

Some Red Flowers
--A red color flower is for Ganesh Jee. Red Gudahal (red Hibiscus) flower is of many colors, but red Gudahal flower is especially dear to Ganesh Jee.
--Red colored flowers are for Devee worship too.
--Red Kachanaar flowers are for Lakshmee Jee
--Red Karaveer flowers are for Soorya Dev.

Maalatee Flower
Maalatee flower (Chamelee, or Mallikaa, or Jasmine) is just special flower as Paarvatee Jee herself gave its seed to Devtaa to detach Vishnu from the sorrow of Vrindaa's death. Read her story here "Vishnu and Tulasee".

Some Special Flowers

Netra Dosh Nivritti Pushp
Netra Dosh Nivritti Pushpam” (which translates literally to: Nethra-eyes, Dosha-problem/sin, Nivrittii-to cure, Pushpam–flower) – such a flower blossoms once in three years at Kolli Malai forest ion Tamil Naadu. If one takes the juice of that flower and pour one drop a day in the eyes, and apply that oil in the head, his eyes maybe all right.

Some Stories About Flowers

(1) Durvaasaa Gives Flower Garland to Indra
Once Durvaasaa Rishi was coming from Vaikunth. he had a flower garland in his hands as Prasaad. He saw Indra coming on his Airaavat elephant from opposite side. He thought who could be a better person than Indra for this garland, so he threw that garland on Indra. Indra was very pride of his powers, so he caught the garland and threw on his elephant. Now elephant did not know that the garland was so holy, he threw it on the ground and crushed it under his feet. This made Durvaasaa angry and he cursed Indra.

(2) Raavan Keeps Seetaa in Ashok Vaatikaa
When Raavan had abducted Seetaa from Panchvatee, he kept Her in Ashok Vaatikaa - a garden of Ashok flowers.

(3) Draupadee Requests Bheem to Bring Flower
When Paandav were spending time in exile, Arjun went to take Divine weapons to Swarg. Once Draupadee saw a flower ( MBH, G-4-Van/26), a 1,000 petal lotus. Draupadee liked it very much and requested Bheem to bring more flowers .like it.

(4) Rukminee Outweighed Krishn With a Tulasee Leaf
Although we are talking about flowers here, but normally Tulasee's flowers are not used (except in some medicinal uses). Only its leaves are used. Read the full story how Rukminee out weighed Krishn with a Tulasee leaf - "Satyabhaamaa and Rukminee - Tulaa Bhaar"

(5) Krishn Brings Paarijaat for Satyabhaamaa
A story comes in Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u8, that once Satyabhaamaa asked Krishn to bring Paarijaat tree for her palace garden. So when Krishn went tot kill Narakaasur, He took Satyabhaamaa also with Him. He wanted to fulfill two aims with her - only she could kill Narakaasur and she had to go Indra Puree also to bring Paarijaat tree. After killing Narakaasur, krishn took her to Indra Puree. there he returned the items which Narakaasur had taken from Devtaa and asked Indra to give Him Paarijaat tree. When Indra refused to give, He uprooted it from his garden, kept it on Garud and brought it to Dwaarakaa. It was planted in Satyabhaamaa's palace garden. When Krishn went to His Lok, it also went back to Indra Puree along with other things. Read this story here.

(6) Gajendra Offers Lotus Flower
Gajendra offered a lotus flower to Hari to save him from Graah (crocodile) and prayed Him. Read this story in Bhaagvat Puraan, 8/2.

The Largest Flower of the World

The largest flower in the world was blossoming in Blanco, Veracruz, Mexico - 2 meters high and weighing 75 kilos, it has the peculiarity of blooming only during three days every 40 years. You'd only see it once or twice in a lifetime. Amorphophallus Titanum (Araceae), also called "Cadaverous flower" has the peculiarity of blooming only during three days every 40 years, a privilege that Mother Nature bestowed on this town in Veracruz .



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