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3-Other Shishya

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3-Other Shishya

Praag Jee
The glowing example of Praag Jee Bhakt's endeavors is an ideal for all spiritual aspirants. From the day Gunatitanand (pronounced as Gunaateetaanand) Swami promised him with the spiritual knowledge, provided he restrained and punished his body and senses and surrendered himself totally to him. Praag Jee Bhakt resolved to become worthy and eligible of Swami's blessings. Gunatitanand Swami said to him - "Praag Jee I want to mold you in such a way that no affliction or insult can penetrate and disturb you." And so he pledged to do whatever his Guru commanded.

So one day his Guru asked him to mix lime and water with his feet. Many warned him that he would turn blind but Praag Jee said - "No matter what may happen to me I have sacrificed and surrendered myself to Gunatitanand Swami and I want to please him." So without any fear of blindness Praag Jee mixed the lime and water with his bare feet making them mortar.

At the word of Gunatitanand Swami he labored incredibly, day and night, for the construction of the new mansion on the Mandir premises. Once, Gunatitanand Jee told him that he had engaged himself in hard physical labor but he needed to fast to tame his senses. The Swami told him to fast for two consecutive days and then eat only once on the third day. Praag Jee agreed. He labored during the day and at night listened to Gunatitanand Swami's discourses and slept for an hour only. He served in such a manner for 3 years.

On one occasion Gunatitanand Swami told him to fetch 200 spades and 500 baskets. Though Praag Jee knew there weren't that many in the Mandir, he did not argue but brought as many as he could find and fulfilled the wish of the Guru.

On another occasion, Swami told him to call Mt. Girnar. Praag Jee rushed to call the mountain. People criticized him for not using discretion in following the Guru's command. They remarked - "How could a mountain come?" Praag Jee replied, "I will obey Swami's command and call Girnar Mountain. If he doesn't come then its up to him, but I don't want to fail in obeying Swami's word."

It was Praag Jee Bhakt's determination, resolute obedience, and undoubting faith in the Guru's words that eventually earned him the grace of Gunatitanand Swami. This ideal Guru-disciple relationship demonstrates the process of molding and ultimate elevation.

Yogee Jee
In 1956, when Yogee Jee Mahaaraaj was traveling by train from Gondal to Bochasan, he was welcomed by a throng of devotees at each station. A youth, in the next compartment, was simply watching this and was amazed by this. He asked Yogee Jee Mahaaraaj why so many people were attracted to him and how he had attained such greatness.

Yogee Jee Mahaaraaj humbly replied - "By cleaning utensils I have attained this. It is all due to the grace of our Guru, Shastree Jee Mahaaraaj." For 40 years Yogee Jee Mahaaraaj had unflaggingly served his Guru's every command and wish and so he was blessed by the Guru.

Pramukh Swaamee
Pramukh Swaamee Mahaaraaj, through his absolute dedication and obedience, became the recipient of the grace and blessings of Shaastree Jee Maharaj and Yogee Jee Mahaaraaj. Pramukh Swaamee once said, "I have always abided by the wish of Shaastree Jee Mahaaraaj and Yogee Jee Mahaaraaj and never failed in obeying their commands."

The Gunatit Gurus are born great and there is no process of molding for them, and their lives are a source of immense inspiration for all spiritual aspirants.

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