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1-Where Does God Live?

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1-Where Does God Live?

The following is a story about the dialog between the God and His Angles (Nature). This story may help us to find God.

A legend goes like this that once God thought that if He lived somewhere else, very far from the people, how His people would find Him? So He thought to hide Himself inside His creations, so that His people could find Him soon or maybe the soonest whenever they want to see Him, but still after some efforts. What might be the best way to do so? To get some ideas He called His assistants - the Angels, and asked them to suggest some way to hide among His creations. He said to the Angels gathered around him - "I want to hide myself in my Creation. I need to find a place that is not very easy to be found, at the same it should not be too easy also to be found, so that in their search, the human beings can first develop spiritually with wisdom, and then only they can see Me quickly."

"Why don't you hide deep in the earth?" suggested the first Angel after thinking for a while. God also contemplated for a while then answered - "No, That is not such a good idea. It wouldn't take so much time for them to know how to mine and dig up all the treasures hidden inside the earth, and then they'll find me in a flash. They'd have no time to grow by then."

"Why don't you hide in the Moon?" advised the second Angel. God thought of this idea too for some moments then said - "No, t may take them quite a little while, but it wouldn't be long enough before they'll figure out ways to fly to the outer space. They'll land on the Moon, explore all its secrets, and in the end would be able to find me in too short time. They'll have not enough time yet to develop."

The Angels have run out of ideas about the good hiding places so they were silent for quite some time.
"I know!", rejoiced one of His last Angels. "Why don't you hide inside their heart? They would never think of searching you there."

"Truly correct!" God said. God was pleasantly happy with this idea. Since then God hid Himself in the heart of each of His Creation. Until the time comes for His creations to undergo their spiritual development so as to be ready to embark on their own perilous journey in their search of God, to be united as one again with the Creator once and for all.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/9/09
Updated on 10/01/13