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4-Bhakt Priest

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4-Bhakt Priest

Once there was a king who built a Krishn temple and appointed a priest in that temple to worship Bhagavaan. The priest started worshipping Bihaaree Jee daily with a great devotion. He gave a good bath to Him, adorn Him with flowers, offer Aaratee and Prasaad, made Him sleep and felt satisfied. Serving like this the priest became old. The King daily sent a flower garland in the temple for Krishn through his servant, the priest put it in the neck of Krishn idol, and when the King came there for Darshan, he put that garland in the neck the King. The King put it in the neck, folded his hands in gratitude and went away. This routine continued for long time.

One day the King sent the garland to the priest and and asked his servant to tell him that he had lots of work to do, so he would not be able to come to the temple. The servant went to the temple, delivered the message of the King and came back. The priest heard it, put the garland in the neck of Bihaaree Jee and greeted Him. He thought - "Today's day is good for me, Bihaaree Jee has shown a great grace on me. The King will not be here today, why not I should wear this garland myself?" So he took out the garland from Bihaaree's neck and put it in his neck and bowed down to Him.

At the same time a servant of the King came and informed the priest that the King was coming to the temple for Darshan. Priest thought - "This is very bad. If the King will see me wearing this garland, he will be very angry, let me put this garland in Bihaaree Jee's neck again." So he immediately took off the garland from his own neck and put it in Bihaaree's neck. In the meantime the King also came there. He did Darshan of Bihaaree Jee and the priest took off the garland from Bihaaree's idol and put it in the neck of King. By chance the King found a grey hair in that garland. he understood that the priest had worn that garland before he gave it to him.

The King got angry seeing this and he asked the priest - "Pujaaree Jee, Whose grey hair is this?" The priest thought - "If i will speak the truth, the King will be angry." So he said - "This gray hair is of Bihaaree Jee." Now Raajaa got angrier than before thinking whether Bihaaree Jee's hair is also grey? and said to the priest - "Pujaaree Jee, I will come tomorrow at the time of Bihaaree's adornment (Shrigaar), then I myself will see whether He has grey hair or black. If Bihaaree's hair will be black, the you will be hanged tomorrow." Having said this the King went away, and the priest started weeping and repenting that why did he commit such a blunder for just momentary pleasure. But nothing could be done now. The whole night passed crying over the matter. When the night passed, the priest did not know, he woke up from his trance when the King's servant informed him that the King was coming to have Darshan of Bihaaree Jee.

The King said - "I myself will see whether Bihaaree Jee's hair black or white." Saying this as soon as he lifted the crown from Bihaaree's head, he saw that Bihaaree Jee's all hair was grey. The King thought that perhaps the priest has done this to save himself, so he got angrier than ever before and in anger he uprooted a hair from Bihaaree Jee's head to check whether it was real or fake, but as he uprooted it, blood started oozing out of that place. The King felt very embarrassed that a voice came from the idol of Bihaaree Jee - "O King, You have regarded me as an idol only, that is why I am only an idol for you, but this Pujaaree has served me as his Bhagavaan, that is why for him I am his God."

[Anybody, whether he is mother, father, or god, is whatever for him whatever he is regarded by somebody, that is why to please somebody one should regard him as he is for him. For example if you regard somebody as your friend, observe all the rules to make him understand that he is your friend, then only he would behave with you like your friend.]



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