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Story No 8

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8-A Scorpion and a Braahman

One day a Braahman was worshipping Soorya Devtaa in a river that a scorpion fell from a tree in the river in wounded condition. It didn't know swimming so it was drowning with the waves of the river. The Braahman was very kind, he picked it up in his hand and tried to drop it on the river bank. But as he picked it up, scorpion stung his hand. Braahman cried with pain and the scorpion fell in the river. It again started to drown.

Braahman again picked it up in his hand, the scorpion again stung his hand, the Braahman again cried with pain, and the scorpion again fell in the water. It happened several times. Neither Braahman left his nature of kindness, nor scorpion left its nature of stinging.

A man was standing on the bank, he was looking at this for a few minutes, he said to Braahman - "Hey Braahman, This is scorpion. Whenever you will pick it up it will sting you. You are doing good for it and it is stinging you all the time. Leave it in the river. There is no use to do good to a bad person."

Braahman spoke - "Brother, When it does not leave its bad habit even when he was caught between life and death, how can I leave my divine habit being born as a human being." Should I forget my divine nature?" At last Braahman succeeded in picking it up and dropping it on the bank.

[This is a saint's characteristic: A bad person does however bad to a saint, but saint always does good to him. Our Dharm is to be kind, pure, honest, giving, sharing and caring. Others, due to ignorance, lack of understanding or due to the way in which their own karmic drama is unfolding, may act with malice, deceit, selfishness and indifference. But we must not let their actions or their ignorance deprive us of fulfilling our dharma. We must not allow ourselves to be lowered by their ignorance, their habits or their greed. The darkness in their heart should not be allowed to penetrate into the lightness of our hearts.]



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Created by Sushma Gupta on January 15, 2002
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