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Story No 5

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5-Lazy Children

There lived a man who had four sons. His sons were very lazy and did not do any thing. The man was a farmer. He used to work hard on his farms and earn his living. His sons were really a rogue for him. They did not do anything, they did not want to go to school, they did not want to learn any thing for living.

Gradually they grew, but still they were very lazy. Sometimes they were found sitting in the market place, or at anybody's house, or fighting with other people. Their father was very worried seeing all his, but he could not set them right to learn anything or to do anything.

Gradually the man grew old and fell ill. When he was dying he called all his sons and told them, as his final try, that he had hidden lots of money in his field, so when he has died, they should not forget to dig it out of that field. The sons immediately asked him - "Father, The field is very big, where exactly have you hidden that money?" But he died before he could answer their question.

The sons performed his last rites with sad heart and then set out to the field in search of the money hidden by their father. They dug out the whole field but could not find a single penny there.

They spent a few days in digging that field, and couldn't find anything, so they were very disappointed. They were tired too. They were just sitting near the field that what they should do next, that a man appeared there and said to them - "I have not seen this field dug for a couple of years, since now you have dug it, why not sow the seed in it?"

The four sons unwillingly sowed the seed in it. After sowing the seed they went home and forgot about it. After a few days it rained, and after a couple of weeks the seeds sprouted, and in a few weeks more the seed sprouts grew in plants. And a few weeks more, the plants started bearing grains. Later the four boys harvested it and sold it in the market. They earned a lot of money out of that crop. They were very happy with that money.

Now they understood what their father meant with his words, "I have hidden lots of money in the field. You must take it out after my death." It was the real money which was recurring, not in the form of paper or coins or gold which will finish soon. Next season they started farming again. They had become good hard working men.

[Behave with the people according to their nature. You won't get anything from them if you stick to your own principles.]



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