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Story of Srinjaya
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[Here this story is told by Vyaas Jee to Yudhishthir when he was grieving for Abhimanyu.
This story has been repeated in brief by Krishn too when Yushishthir was grieving in Shaanti Parv for the warriors slain in the battle.
This story comes in Bhavishya Puraan, 4/6 also in reference to Bhadraa fast.]

When asked by Yudhishthir about other kings, Vyaas Jee said to him - "There was a king named Swaitya. He had a son named Srinjaya. Rishi Naarad and Parvat were his friends. One day they came to pay a friendly visit to Srinjaya. Srinjaya worshipped them both and pleased with him they lived there happily. Once when Srinjaya was sitting with them, his beautiful daughter came to him. She saluted them and stood by the side of her father. Seeing her Parvat asked Srinjaya - "Whose daughter is she? Is she the daughter of Soorya or Agni? Or any of these - Shree, Hree, Keerti, Dhriti, Pushti, Siddhi or Chandramaa?" Srinjaya replied - "She is my daughter and desires for my blessings." Naarad Jee said - "If you wish for your good, then give your daughter to me." Srinjaya gave her daughter to Naarad Jee happily.

At this Parvat said - "I had chosen her for me before you asked for her, so you will not go to Heaven as you wish." Naarad Jee said - "The husband's heart and speech and the giver's consent and speech, the actual gift made by rituals, these are the indications of a husband. Even walking seven steps with husband is also necessary, so without these your purpose is unaccomplished. Since you have given me Shaap, so [I also give Shaap to you] you will also not go to Heaven." Thus both continued to live there with each other's Shaap.

Now Srinjaya desired a son so he was taking more care of those Braahman with food and clothes. After sometime they got pleased with his services. So Naarad Jee and Parvat Muni came to Srinjaya, and Parvat Muni said to Naarad Jee - "Give this king a son." Naarad Jee said - "So be it. We are pleased with you so you ask for Var as what kind of son you want?" Srinjaya desired of a son who possessed all kinds of qualities. Then he further asked that his urine, excreta, phlegm and sweat should be of gold. In due course Srinjaya had a son who was named Swarnishthivi (whose excreta is of gold). The boy started increasing his father's wealth by leaps and bounds. Now everything in Srinjaya's house was of gold, even his palace was of gold.

It so happened that some thieves decided to steal some money from the King. Some said - "We will capture the King's son himself, he is the mine of gold." So one day those senseless idiots took Srinjaya's son away but didn't know what to do of him. So they slew him but didn't find any gold inside him. They cut him into many pieces still didn't find any gold. They started fighting with one another and died, and so also the prince. Seeing the condition of his son Srinjaya got very sad. Naarad Jee came there and said to him - "You will also have to die without having fulfilled your desire, although we Rishi live in your house.

(1) Avikshit's son Marutt also had to die. Mahaadev have already given you wealth as high as Himvant mountain. King Marutt did Yagya with his wealth. All Devtaa used to come in that Yagya and distributed food to beggars. Everything was made of gold. After doing the Yagya he ultimately went to highest regions. When that king has died who was superior to you [then what is your son?]? Do not grieve for your son who did not do any sacrifice."

(2) Naarad Jee further said - "King Suhotra also had to die. He was a great virtuous king. He also had a lots of gold but in the end he also did a sacrifice at Kurujaangal and gave away his wealth to Braahman before completing his sacrifice. He performed a thousand horse-sacrifices, a hundred Raajsooya Yagya, and many other sacrifices and gave away very precious gifts to Braahman. Such a king also had to die."

(3) Naarad Jee further said - "Even Paurav also had to die. When he did horse-sacrifice, many learned Braahman came from all sides. They received many costly gifts from the king. He gave away many cattle, gems, clothes, male slaves, female slaves etc to Braahman. When such a virtuous king died then you should not be sad for your son.

(4) Usheenar's son Shivi also died. He did many Yagya. In those Yagya there were lakes of milk and yogurt and mountains of food. Everywhere, "take" and "give away" words were heard. He got many Var and when his time came he left for Heaven. When he who was much superior to your son, died then why do you become sad for your son?

(5) Even Raam, Dasharath's son, also died. He lived for 14 years in forest with His brother Lakshman and wife Seetaa at the command of His father. There lived Raavan. Raam killed him as nobody else could kill him. He performed hundred horse-sacrifices called Jaruthya. His ruling period was full of virtues and righteousness. He ruled for 11,000 years. But when His time came He also left for Swarg with His four kinds of subjects. So don't weep for your child.

(6) Even Raajaa Bhageerath who brought Gangaa on Earth, also had to die. He built golden steps on the shores of Gangaa. Surpassing all the kings and princes. He gave to Braahman a thousand times, 1,000 girls adorned with gold, each sitting in a chariot, Every chariot had four horses. Behind each chariot were 100 cows, behind each cow were many goats and sheep. He was much superior to you, and much more superior to your son, then why do you weep for your son?

(7) Raajaa Dileep, the son of Haveel, was also very virtuous. At the time of his sacrifices the roads were made of gold. He gave away this earth to Braahman. In his city, Khattang, five sound were always heard - sounds of Ved recitation, twang of bows, drink, eat and enjoy. So he was much superior to you or your son then why do you weep for him?

(8) Yuvanaashwa's son Maandhaataa also had to die. His father once went for hunting. He felt thirsty, he saw some smoke in the sky, he went there and drank the sacred butter that lay there. As he did that, he conceived. Ashwinee Kumaar had to do surgery to take out the child. Now whose milk it will drink? Indra said "Mine" and he gave his index finger in his mouth. It gave him milk as sweet as honey. In 12 days time he became 12 cubits tall. He won the whole Prithvi in one single day. He performed 100 Ashwamedh Yagya, 100 Raajsooya Yagya and he gave to Braahman Rohit fish made of gold that were 10 Yojan in length and 1 Yojan in breadth. He offered lots of various kinds of food to their satisfaction. When he died who was superior to you and much superior to your son then why do you weep for your son? He did not make any sacrifice or gifts.

(9) Even Yayaati (Nahush's son) had to die. He did 100 Raajsooya, 100 Ashwamedh, 1,000 Pundreek, 100 Baajpeya, 1,000 Atiraatra Yagya, innumerable Chaaturmaasya, various Agnishtom and many other kinds of sacrifices. He even fought for Devtaa in Dev-Asur wars. At last he found that the desires could not be fulfilled even if all the comforts of the Earth are available to one, so he retired to woods with his wives. When he was much superior to you and much more superior to your son, then why do you weep for your son?"

Thus Naarad told him several other stories of such kings - (10) Naabhaag's son king Ambareesh, (11) king Shashbindu.

Then he told about King (12) Gaya (son of Amartaraya). For 100 years he ate nothing except the remains of the sacrificial clarified butter. Agni Dev, pleased with him, bestowed him with several Var. He did many kinds of sacrifices, Chaaturmaasya and others for 100 years. Every year he used to give 160,000 cows, 10,000 horses, and 10 million gold coins (Nishk) to Braahman. Gaya's sacrifice altar was 30 Yojan long, 26 Yojan wide and 20 Yojan deep; and it was made entirely of gold studded with pearls, diamonds and gems. When he died who was superior to you and much superior to your son, then why do you weep for your son?

(13) Raajaa Rantidev (son of Srinjaya) also died, He had 200 cooks to distribute raw or cooked food. He did so many sacrifices that innumerable animals were sacrificed in those Yagya. A river was formed because of these skins and thus was called Charmanvatee (identified as modern Chambal River) River. He gave innumerable gold coins (Nishk) to Braahman. For a 100 years, every fortnight he used to give a golden bull followed by 100 cows and 800 gold coins to Braahman. He thought if he would not give the wealth to Braahman then it would be his and he did not want that. He gave away everything, from pots to mansions, trees etc everything, which he used for Agnihotra and other sacrifices to Braahman. People used to say, "We have not seen such treasure even with Kuber leave human beings." When such a superior man died, why do you weep for your son?"

(14) Naarad Jee further said - "Dushyant's son Bharat also died. When he was a child, he used to check teeth of tigers which were fiercer than ordinary tigers. He used to tame other wild beasts also that is why he was called "Sarvdaman" (controller of all). At last his mother forbade him to torture animals. He did 100 Ashwamedh Yagya, 100 Raajsooya Yagya and other sacrifices like Agnishtom, Atiraatra etc. His sacrificial altar was 100 Vyaam (Vyaam is the space between the two arms spread at their fullest). He gave 10,000 billions gold coins to Kanv Rishi who brought up his mother. When he died why do you weep for your son?

(15) Vane's son Prithu also died. He was the father of Prithvi. He inhabited earth with cities and towns. He asked Prithvi to give everything to all to their hearts. He made it flat by the tip of his bow named Ajagav (Shiv's bow). He made the golden images of all articles on Earth and gave them away to Braahman. He made 66,000 elephants of gold and gave to Braahman. Even this whole Earth he gave away to Braahman. When he died then why do you weep for your son?

(16) Even Raam, the son of Jamadagni, will also die without being contended with his life. He slew 640,000 Kshatriya. In this one are included 14,000 Kshatriya also who hated Braahman, 3,000 Haihaya people, and 10,000 Kshatriya whom he killed with his axe, and thousands of millions of Kshatriya and brought all the 18 islands (of which Earth is composed of) brought under his control. Then he did many sacrifices. His sacrifice altar was also made entirely of gold. Then in the last he donated this Prithvi of seven islands to Kashyap Jee. Then Kashyap Jee ordered him to go out of the Earth, so he created an ocean with his bow around them and went to live on Mahendra Parvat. This famous son will also die. He is very supreme to your son, so do not grieve for him."

Naarad Jee asked Srinjaya if he could understand what he wanted to explain to him. He nodded and said "Yes". Naarad Jee asked him to ask for anything from him, but Srinjaya refused to ask for anything as he was satisfied with what Naarad Jee had told him. Then Naarad Jee returned his son alive. Srinjaya got extremely happy seeing him. Then Srinjaya did many sacrifices. Since his son did not fulfill the purpose of his coming on Earth - no children, no sacrifices, not died in battle, that is why he could be brought back.


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