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Story of Raajaa Nal-6

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Story of Raajaa Nal-6
Ch 73-79
Branched from  G-4-Van-7;     G-4-Van-14
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Nal in Vidarbh Desh

Brihadaashwa said - "Rituparn arrived in Vidarbh Desh in the evening. People informed Bheem about his coming and at Bheem's invitation Rituparn entered Kundin Pur filling the ten direction with the sound of his chariot. Damayantee also heard the sound of his horses. Both felt as if Nal had come in the city. Even animals cried with joy. Damayantee was especially happy to hear the sound. She said to herself, "If I did not see his face today I will die; if I did not hear his voice, I may not live." Thinking like this, she went to the terrace of her palace and looked at the vehicle of the King Rituparn. She saw Rituparn, Vaarshneya and Baahuk. She saw Baahuk and Vaarshneya unyoking the horses from the chariot and parking the vehicle at a proper place.

Rituparn also got down from the chariot and came to King Bheem. Bheem welcomed him, but without any special occasion, he could not think the reason of his coming there. On the other side, Rituparn also looked here and there but could not see any trace of Swayamvar arrangements. At last Bheem asked him unaware of the fact that he had come there on the invitation of his daughter to have the hand of his daughter, "May I know what is the occasion of your visit now?" Since Rituparn did not see any sign of Swayamvar, he just said -"I just came to pay my respects to you." But Rituparn's reply cold not satisfy Bheem, "Why should he come there over a hundred Yojan just to pay respect to me? Maybe I will know it later." Bheem thought to send him to take rest, so he said to him, "Please take rest, you must be tired." Rituparn also honored him and he went to his prescribed place.

After Rituparn had gone with Vaarshneya, Baahuk took the chariot to the stables and after freeing the horses sat down on one side of the chariot. Meanwhile Damayantee saw Rituparn, Vaarshneya, and Baahuk, but she could not see Nal anywhere, "then whose chariot's sound it was? Did Vaarshneya drive the chariot and since he learnt this art from Nal, he could drive it like him; or Rituparn drove it like that?"; so she sent a female messenger in search of Nal.

Damayantee said to Keshinee - "O Keshinee, Go and find out who is that who is sitting on the chariot? Try to find out about him usually but truly. I strongly feel that this man is the King Nal. When you have found out about him, repeat the words which I told Parnad. and then try to understand and analyze his answer he gives." So she went to Baahuk and said to him - "Welcome, O Man, Now hear the words of Damayantee. When did you start from your country and why have you come here? Speak the truth as the Princess of Vidarbh herself wants to know about it."

Baahuk replied - "The King of Kosal heard from some Braahman that Damayantee is going to hold her second Swayamvar, that is why he has come here with his horses which could go hundred Yojan with the speed of wind. I am his charioteer." Keshinee asked - "And who is the third one? Whose son is he? And whose son are you?" Baahuk answered - "That is the charioteer of virtuous Nal, and his name is Vaarshneya. After Nal had left his kingdom, he came to the son of Bhangaasur. Since I am skilled with horses, I was appointed as the charioteer of the King. Rituparn himself has chosen me as his charioteer and cook."

Keshinee said - "Then perhaps Vaarshneya must be knowing where Nal has gone. Baahuk, Has he talked anything to you about him?" Baahuk said - "After bringing the children of Nal he went to the place where he was supposed to stay. He does not know where Nal is. In fact nobody knows where Nal is because the king wanders around in disguise. Only Nal knows about Nal." Hearing all this from Baahuk, Keshinee repeated the Braahman's words which he was taught by Damayantee. Hearing those words, Nal got very sad and his eyes filled with tears. Weeping he said - "Chaste women, though in distress, protect themselves and thus attain Heaven. Although they have been deserted by their husbands, still they do not get angry because of that. They lead their lives virtuously. She need not to be angry. A beautiful woman should not be angry with a man whose cloth has been taken away by birds in order to procure food." Hearing all this Keshinee went back to Damayantee and reported everything to her.

Nal Meets Damayantee

Brihadaashwa said - "Hearing everything Damayantee became very sad. She still had a doubt that Baahuk was Nal, so she sent Keshinee back to him to keep a watch on his activities and instructed her that whatever he asks for, she should give it to him without any delay; and if she sees any human or super-human or anything else special in him she should come and tell her. Keshinee went back and watched Baahuk's behavior and reported to Damayantee - "I have never seen such a man who has control over the elements. When ever he comes to any low passage, he never bends down, rather the passage grows higher and gives passage to him. At his approach impassable narrow holes become wider. King Bheem has sent many kinds of food for Rituparn and many vessels have been placed to wash the meat, but as he looks upon them they fill with water. To cook that meat he just took a handful of grass, held it in the Sun and the fire set in it. I was so surprised to see this. Another thing I saw that he touched the fire but he was not burnt. At his will water flows in a stream. And he took some flowers, pressed in his hands, but they did not lose their luster, rather they became fresher and more odorous than before."

Hearing all this Damayantee was getting surer and surer that Baahuk was Nal. She started weeping. She said to Keshinee - "O Keshinee, Please go there once more and bring some meat which has been boiled and dressed by him but bring it without his knowledge." Keshinee went there immediately and came back soon carrying some meat as Damayantee wanted her to bring. Damayantee tasted the meat and she was sure that Baahuk was her Nal. She started weeping loudly. Then she wiped her tears and sent her two children with Keshinee to Baahuk. Seeing them Baahuk took them in his lap and embraced them warmly. He started weeping taking them in his lap. Then he left the children and said to Keshinee - "O Keshinee, These children are just like my children. Since I saw them suddenly, my eyes were filled with tears. If you will come here repeatedly, people might think otherwise, so please go from here."

Brihadaashwa said - "Damayantee then sent Keshinee to her mother saying that she was sure that Baahuk was Nal but for appearance. I want to test him myself, so either let him come to my palace or let me go to him. It can be with or without my father's knowledge. Damayantee's mother told this to King Bheem and Bheem permitted her to do so. Damayantee invited Baahuk to her palace. As Baahuk saw Damayantee unexpectedly, he was overwhelmed with grief and sorrow and broke into tears. Damayantee also grieved to see him in this condition. Damayantee, wearing a red cloth and matted locks spoke to Baahuk - "O Baahuk, Have you ever seen any man who knows his duty and went away leaving his sleeping wife alone in the forest? Who, except Nal could do this? What was my mistake that he did that to me? Why did he do it to me when I chose him over Devtaa? In the witness of the Fire he said to me, "I will be yours", where that vow went at the time of leaving me in the forest?"

Weeping Nal also said - "O Beautiful, neither the loss of my kingdom, nor leaving you in the forest was in my hands. Both actions were because of Kali's affect. You were always sad with me in the forest and so was cursing Kali, so he started to live in my body. Later I overcame him with my austerities, now since he has left me, I have come here. I am here only for your sake, I have no other purpose to come here. But can any other woman choose a second husband like you? By the order of the King your messengers have been announcing all over the earth that "Bheem's daughter is choosing a second husband." Hearing this the son of Bhangaasur has arrived here."

Damayantee said - "Please do not doubt me, I have chosen you over Devtaa. It happened so that when Braahman went around to bring you here, one of them Parnad found you in the palace of Rituparn singing my words I asked him to sing. When he received a favorable response of that song from you, then only I devised this scheme to call you here; because I knew that no one else than you could come here in one day time. I can swear touching your feet that I have not committed any sin. Let the three Dev who sustain the three worlds declare it true or let them forsake me." At the same time Vaayu Dev said - "O Nal, She has committed no sin, we are the witness, as we are protecting her for three years. It is to get you only that she thought of this scheme, because she knew that nobody else could come here, 100 Yojan (900 miles) far, on horses, in one day only."

Flower started showering from sky, and hearing this Nal's all doubts were removed. Nal, remembering the Naag, wore that celestial cloth and regained his original form. Damayantee embraced Nal and Nal embraced Damayantee with great happiness. Children also got happy to get their father. Damayantee's mother told Bheem whatever happened between their daughter and son-in-law. Bheem said - "Let him rest today with Damayantee, I will see him tomorrow in the morning." Both Nal and Damayante told their stories to each other and they stayed there for some time. It was in the fourth year that Nal was reunited with his wife.

Brihadaashwa said - "After passing that night, next day in the morning he wore his royal clothes and jewels and saw the King Bheem. Everybody was very happy, Rituparn also came to know that Baahuk was Nal and now he was reunited with his wife Damayantee. He called Nal and asked for his forgiveness, Nal did the same to Rituparn too. Then both exchanged their skills - Rituparn taught Nal the dice knowledge and the mysteries of equestrian science; and Nal imparted him the knowledge of horses. After this Rituparn went to his country, and Nal also went to his own not long after Rituparn left for his own county.

King Nal learnt the art of throwing dice from King Rituparn (in 5th generation from Bhageerath) after he had lost his everything to his brother Pushkar. After learning that art, ak played again with him, won him, but he returned his kingdom to him, as he had already experienced losing the kingdom, so he did not want that his brother should experience the same.

Nal Takes His Kingdom Back

Brihadaashwa said - "Nal left Kundin Pur after living there for a month in one white chariot along with 16 elephants and 600 infantry. As he arrived in his city, he said to Pushkar - "Come, Let us play again, as I have earned a lot of wealth. This time let Damayantee and all else I have, be on stake and from your side your whole kingdom be on stake. Let us put on stake all we have along with our lives. Or if you do not want to play with dice then let us play with weapons. O Pushkar, Choose any of them. let us decide everything in one throw."

Pushkar said - "Yes, It is all your good luck that you have earned a lots of wealth, Damayantee's ill-luck has come to an end, you are still alive. This time I will surely win Damayantee, as she has always been in my mind." Hearing this Nal in anger wanted to cut his head, but he said - "Let us play, whatever you want to say, say it later." And the game began and in one throw Nal won Pushakar's everything. He then said to Pushkar - "Your previous victory was not of yours, because you don't know anything of dice. It was Kali who did it all. Now you cannot even look at the Princess of Vidarbh. I will not punish you for the fault of others. Live happily as you choose, I grant you your life. I grant you your portion of the paternal kingdom with all necessaries. And I love you still the same as before. You are my brother, live for hundred years." Thus Nal permitted him to go to his town and Pushkar also happily went from there saying - "Let your fame be immortal and you who granted me my life and refuge, live for 10,000 years.

Brihadaashwa said - "Festivities started in the town and Nal then called Damayantee and his children also and lived happily. In the same way, O King, you will also live happily. Nal suffered all alone, but at lest you have your brothers and Krishnaa. You meet Braahman daily, so you should not worry at all. This story destroys evil." After this King Yudhishthir sad to Brihadaashwa - "I wish to learn dice techniques from you." Brihadaashwa taught him the dice techniques and then went to Hayasheersh for bath.


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